The History

The Rolling Stones define rock 'n' roll. They are the longest running act in the history of rock music, having remained wildly popular and prodigiously productive over their 40-year career. The group was formed by Mick Jagger and Keith Richards, who met as schoolmates in Dartford, Kent. The legend has them bumping into each other on the platform at Dartford railway station, where Keith notices a blues album under Mick's arm. A bond is struck immediately and the pair go on to form a band with a variety of personnel, who eventually include a boogie-woogie pianist called Ian Stewart and a gifted blonde blues guitarist from Cheltenham called Brian Jones (although at the time he is calling himself Elmo Lewis for added authenticity).

From rock revolutionaries to the pinnacle of musical aristocracy,
The Rolling Stones are the greatest band of all time. But it hasn’t
all been plain sailing. Read their fascinating stories right here.
Formed in London, when Liverpool was fashionable, playing
Blues when R&B was hip, the Stones had to work for
every one of the millions of sale and thousands of concerts that
make their history so rich.

This page delves into the detail that has made Brian Jones,
Satisfaction, Altamont, Honky Tonk Women, drug busts,
exotic marriages and never-ending comebacks the stuff
of reality rather than rock fantasy. It might read like a dream
but the history of the world’s famous rockers, The Rolling Stones,
makes compulsive reading for everybody.




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