Mick Jagger works on his next solo album in Paris, France.

30th: Mick Jagger  open the Mick Jagger Centre, dedicated to arts and music, at his old school the Dartford Grammar School

18th: Production starts in England for the film Enigma., with Mick Jagger as producer

8th: Mick Jagger is in the Netherlands for the shooting of Enigma

Mick hold a song writing sessions for the upcoming album Goddess In The Doorway

18th: Mick’s 78-year-old mum dies from a heart condition. During the services at St Andrew’s Church in South-West London, Mick and family are joined by Keith, Ronnie, and Charlie. Mick and brother Chris Jagger sing the gospel song, "Will the Circle Be Unbroken."

26th: The Stones gather in England at Mick's mother, Eva Jagger's funeral.

30th: Ron Wood checks into an alcohol rehabilitation at Priory Clinic in London, England.

Mick Jagger holidays in France

13th: A court rules the marriage between Mick Jagger & Jerry Hall was never valid

30th: Death of Bert Richards, Keith Richards' father.

11th: Mick and Jerry host a fund-raiser for the Kabbalah Centre. The invitation list includes Patty Clapton, former wife of Eric Clapton, Beatle member George Harrison, and Bill Wyman, Ron Wood and his wife Jo. Mick, Ronnie (on washboard), Bill Wyman and Dave Stewart jam in the tiny “Irish Bar” with The Chris Jagger Band, churning out classics such as “Little Red Rooster” and “Bo Diddley,”.

14th: Re-release of the classic movie from 1970 DVD ‘Gimme Shelter’, fully restored.

27th: Mick Jagger attends a concert by The Who at the Royal Albert Hall in London


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