Dates: Keith and The X-Pensive Winos tour: The Arena, Seattle, Washington (17); The Orpheum, Vancouver, Canada (19); Civic Centre, San Francisco, California (21); Universal Amphitheatre, Los Angeles, California (23); Golden Hall, San Diego, California (26); American West, Phoenix, Arizona (28); Auditorium Theatre, Denver, Colorado (30).

Ron Wood's solo tour: Koseinenkinkakan "Osaka, Japan (10); Sun Palace, Fukuoka, Japan (11); Aichi 'Kaunakakai, Nagoya, Japan (13); Budokan, Tokyo, Japan (14).

6th: Bill officially leaves The Rolling Stones.

On the London Tonight news programmer Bill tells viewers:
"I really don't want to do it anymore".
l have many special memories, it's been wonderful. But l thought the last two tours with them were the best we have ever done, so l was quite happy to stop after that.

11th: After his Sun Palace concert, Ron spent the evening at a karaoke bar called Tremoille, singing along with The Platters' 'Only You'.
14th: After two weeks of rehearsal, Keith and The X-Pensive Winos fly to Seattle to begin their tour.


25th: Mick releases 'Sweet Thing'/'Wandering Spirit.



26th: Ron releases 'Somebody Else'

                   Somebody Else Might (RW/Bernard Fowler)
                   Ain’t Rock’n Roll (RW/Bernard Fowler)

30th: Mick sighted with supermodel Elle McPherson at Club USA in New York.


Dates: Keith and The X-Pensive Winos tour: Wilkins Auditorium, Minneapolis, Minnesota 12); Aragon Ballroom, Chicago, Illinois 14); Massey Hall, Toronto, Canada (6); Fox Theatre, Detroit, Michigan (8); Constitution Hall, Washington, D.C. (10); Orpheum Theatre, Boston, Massachusetts (12-14); Beacon Theatre, New York (19-20, 22-24).

Mick Jagger solo: Webster Hall, New York City (9).


8th: Mick's solo album, 'Wandering Spirit', is realised an East West Records in the States and an Atlantic in Europe.

 Wired All Night (MJ)
 Sweet Thing (MJ)
 Out Of Focus (MJ)
 Donít Tear Me Up (MJ)
 Evening Gown (MJ)
 Put Me In The Trash (MJ/Jimmy Rip)
 Use Me (Bill Withers)
 Mother Of A Man (MJ)
 Think (Lowman Pauling)
 Wandering Spirit (MJ/Jimmy Rip)
 Hang On To Me Tonight (MJ)
 Iíve Been Lonely For So Long (Posie Knight/Jerry Weaver)
 Angel In My Heart (MJ)
 Handsome Molly (Trad.)

9th: After playing Webster Hall to an invited audience of press and corporate people, Mick goes an to the end of tour party (one gig only) at Tatou.

19th: Keith sets up X-Pensive Winos headquarters at the Mayflower for the week they are in New York.
25th: Keith flies to St. Barts for a vacation.


The story breaks that Patsy Smith, 46, the mother of Bill's ex-wife Mandy, is to marry Bill's son Stephen, 30, which would make Bill not only the father-in-law of his former mother-in-law but also the step-grandfather of his former wife.

Mick and Keith get together to work on songs for a new album, the Stones' first without Bill Wyman.



1st: Mick releases CD-single.
                   Don’t Tear Me Up (MJ)
                   Put Me In The Trash (MJ/Jimmy Rip)
                   Everybody Knows About My Good Thing (Miles Grayson/Lemont Horton) -live in London 28.6.92
                   Sweet Thing (MJ)

20th: Mick and Keith arrive in Barbados to work an material for the Stones' next album.
21st: Bill marries Californian fashion designer Suzanne Accosta in St. Paul de Vence, in the South of France.

Bill is 56, Suzanne is 33. None of the Stones attend.

30th: Charlie joins Mick and Keith in Barbados to lay down some tracks for their new album.

30th: Ron joins Guns n' Roses on stage at the Milton Keynes Bowl to join an their version of 'Honky Tank Woman'.

1st: Ron celebrates his 46th birthday with a few drinks at Cook's Cafť in Dublin.
2nd: Keith and Mick are inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame at a ceremony held at the Sheraton Hotel in New York. Mick is in London so Keith represents them both.

9th:  Mick releases CD-single " Out Of Focus"


16th: Mick holds his 50th birthday party ten days early at Walpole House, a neo-Gothic mansion in Twickenham.
300 of Rock'n 'roll's elite dance until dawn dressed as characters from the French Revolution: Jerry Hall as Marie Antoinette.

26th:  MJ’s 50th birthday.



28th: Ron releases CD "Slide On Live"  Recorded live in New York 31.10.92, Boston 3.12.92 and Tokyo 14.1.93.



JUMP BACK is released to coincide with the Stones' catalogue moving to Virgin Records, as well as the accompanying remastering of their Rolling Stone Records catalog (1971's Sticky Fingers through 1989's Steel Wheels -- actually 1991's Flashpoint, which is the last Rolling Stones Records release, but isn't featured here),

 Start Me Up (MJ/KR)
 Brown Sugar  (MJ/KR)
 Harlem Shuffle (MJ/KR)
 It's Only Rock 'n Roll (MJ/KR)
 Mixed Emotions  (MJ/KR)
 Angie (MJ/KR)
 Tumbling Dice  (MJ/KR)
 Fool to Cry (MJ/KR)
 Rock and a Hard Place (MJ/KR)
 Miss You (MJ/KR)
 Hot Stuff  (MJ/KR)
 Emotional Rescue  (MJ/KR)
 Respectable (MJ/KR)
 Beast of Burden (MJ/KR)
 Waiting on a Friend (MJ/KR)
 Wild Horses  (MJ/KR)
 Bitch (MJ/KR)
 Undercover of the Night  (MJ/KR)

18th: KR’s 50th birthday, celebrates in Metropolis restaurant, New York City.

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