The Stones take the year off to recharge their batteries. Meanwhile Richards records and releases his second solo album, Main Offender, on Virgin. He tours Europe and then goes where no Stone has gone before -- Argentina, where the X-Pensive Winos play to a Buenos Aires crowd of 40,000.  

12th: Jerry Hall gives birth to Georgia May at the Portland Hospital, London, a private clinic patronised by the Royal family. Mick was present at the birth.
14th: Mick flies to Los Angeles to attend the premier of Freejack.

15th: The Stones press office refuses to comment on the fact that Bill Wyman will not sign the band's new £25,000,000 contract with Virgin Records saying only that 'Bill Wyman has made no decision as to his future with The Rolling Stones.' However, in the February issue of Vanity Fair, Mick speaks as though Bill has already gone, 'it's a terrible thing. l don't know how I'm going to live with it. l think Bill's kind of had enough of it really. l don't know, he seemed alright on the last tour. He's got enough money and I suppose he feels he's done it.

16th: Mick attends the premier of Freejack at Mann's Chinese Theatre. Afterwards he and David Bowie go to the Asylum club. He stays in Los Angeles another week, jamming in the S.I.R. studio and partying with Jack Nicholson.

14th: The Stones' concert film, At The Max  is premiered in Britain at the Bradford National Museum of Film and Photography, the only place in Britain with a screen big enough to take the giant IMAX format which requires an 80 feet high screen. Bradford's screen is 52 feet by 64 feet but could be used. The film, which features footage from five shows an the Steel Wheels I Urban Jungle tour, will play in Bradford until July. Even in the States there are only 15 cinemas capable of showing it.

15th: Mick arrives at Narita Airport, Tokyo, to promote the film Freejack. Despite the fact that he has toured the country in 1988 and 1990, the Japanese refuse to allow him entry. He spends 38 hours in the Rest House Hotel at the airport while Japanese bureaucrats study the details of a 22 year old drug conviction.
17th: The Japanese decide that Mick Jagger is not a threat to the security of the State and allow him into their country.
19th: Mick parties at the Lexington Queen club with Axl from Guns' Roses in the Roppongi district.
20th: Mick flies to Phuket, Thailand, where he stays at the Amanpuri Hotel and is frequently seen in the company of a teenage girl. Jerry Hall later complains to the Daily Mail, 'I confronted him and asked who be was with in Thailand A man is supposed to be with his woman when she's just had a baby."
22nd: Keith flies into New York after a two week vacation in Antigua with his father, Bert.
23rd: Mick flies to Los Angeles.

10th: Ron and Jo arrive in Los Angeles to mix Ron's solo album.
13th: Ron attends lan Mc Lagan's set at the Coconut Teaser club and joins him an stage for a few numbers.
Keith holds a party for Patti at Metropolis in New York.
18th: Keith flies into San Rafael, California, with The X-pensive Winos after weeks of rehearsals in New York. He begins recording immediately at The Site studio.
27th: Ron completes the mixing of his solo album.
28th: Ron reveals his new solo album, 'Slide On This', to a couple of dozen friends at A&M Records. Phil Spector, lan McLagan, Ginger
Baker, Herbie Hancock and Spencer Davis are among the guests.
31st: Ron and Jo fly to Antigua from Los Angles.

2nd: Keith flies to New York from San Rafael, California.
26th: Ron and Jo fly to London from Antigua.

18th: Charlie slips on a newly polished floor at his home and fractures his left elbow, causing the cancellation of a May 20-30 tour of Germany.
Mick joins The Red Devils on stage at the King Kong Club, Los Angeles.

21st: Ron, Jo and the children attend the premier of Wayne's World in London.

24th: Mick flies to the East Coast to attend his daughter Karis's graduation ceremony at Yale.
Mick and Jerry visit with Karis's mother, Marsha Hunt.

2nd: Mick spotted dining with friends at the Hollywood Cantina.

22nd: Mick and Jerry attend a party for Prince at Tramp in London.
24th: Georgia May, Mick and Jerry's six month old daughter, is christened at St. Andrew's Church in Ham, Surrey. Charlie is named as her Godfather.

2nd: Mick's daughter Jade gives birth to a daughter Assisi - The father is her fellow art student Piers Jackson. Mick visits her in hospital and says he is 'delighted'. That evening, Mick throws a party for Jerry's birthday at their house in Richmond. The party has a Moroccan theme and is held in a large marquee in the garden. Ron, Charlie and Billy Connolly all arrive dressed as Arabs.
26th:Jerry throws a party for Mick's birthday in London al the recently opened 41 Beak Street Club in Soho.

29th: Mick flies to Los Angeles where, according to press gossip, he is visiting one of the many women he is seen with in night-clubs around the world.

3rd: Ron hosts a press party at Tattoo in New York to plug his new album. Keith arrives to give moral support for half an hour before returning to Studio 900.

8th: Mick is among the guests at a party at Rick Hubin's house in Los Angeles when the police break it up after neighbours complain about the noise.
10th: Ron Wood's solo single 'Show Me' from his forthcoming solo album 'Slide On This' released.

                   Show Me (Jerry Williams)
                   Breathe On Me (RW)


14th: Ron visits lan McLagan at Sonora Recording Studio in Los Angeles and sings an a vocal track for an upcoming Who tribute album.
16th: Bill organises a charity cricket match at Penshurst Place, Kent, in aid of the Royal Marsden Hospital.
18th: Ron visit ex-Face Rod Stewart in Los Angeles.
22nd: Mick and Jerry are spotted dining at Mansion an Turtle Creek in Dallas, Texas. They are staying at Jerry's ranch in Mesquite, Texas.

5th: Mick plays cricket in Los Angeles.
6th: Keith finis his work on his solo album at Studio 900 in New York.
8th: 'Slide On This', Ron Wood's latest solo album, is released.

                   CD Album ‘SLIDE ON THIS’

                    Somebody Else Might (RW/Bernard Fowler)
                    Testify (George Clinton/D. Taylor)
                    Ain’t Rock’n Roll (RW/Bernard Fowler)
                    Josephine (RW/Bernard Fowler)
                    Knock Yer Teeth Out (RW/Bernard Fowler/Julian Lloyd)
                    Ragtime Annie (Trade.)
                    Must Be Love (Jerry Williams)
                    Fear For Your Future (RW/Bernard Fowler)
                    Show Me (Jerry Williams)
                    Always Wanted More (RW/Bernard Fowler)
                    Thinkin’ (RW/Bernard Fowler)
                    Like It (RW/Bernard Fowler)
                    Breathe On Me (RW)

9th: Mick presents Van Halen with the Best Video Of The Year award at the MTV awards ceremony held at the Pauley Pavilion, Los Angeles.

Dates: Ron Wood's' Slide On This' tour: The Sting, New Brighton, Connecticut (28); Toad's Place, New Haven, Connecticut (30); The Ritz, New York (31).

1st: Mick and Jerry fly to an undisclosed destination for a "second honeymoon'.

Mick is back in London, recording his third solo album at Olympic Studios in Barnes.

9-10th: Keith shoots a promo-video for 'Wicked As It Scams' in a shabby part of Los Angeles..
10th: Mick and Jerry" attend the Chelsea Arts Bail at the Royal Albert Hall, London.
13th: Keith flies to Paris for five days of press for his new album.
15th: Ron and Jo arrive in New York and check into Loew's Hotel.

16th: Ron plays at the Bob Dylan Tribute concert at Madison Square Garden.
18-26th: Ron rehearsing his band at S.I.R. studios, New York, ready for his solo tour.
20th: Keith's second studio album 'Main Offender' is released.

                  CD ‘MAIN OFFENDER’
                   999 (KR/Steve Jordan/Waddy Wachtel)
                   Wicked As It Seems (KR/Steve Jordan/Charley Drayton)
                   Eileen (KR/Steve Jordan)
                   Words Of Wonder (KR/Waddy Wachtel/Steve Jordan)
                   Yap Yap (KR/Steve Jordan/Waddy Wachtel)
                   Bodytalks (KR/Steve Jordan/Charley Drayton/Sarah Dash)
                   Hate It When You Leave (KR/Steve Jordan/Waddy Wachtel)
                   Runnin’ Too Deep (KR/Steve Jordan)
                   Will But You Won’t (KR/Steve Jordan)
                   Demon (KR/Steve Jordan)


Dates: Keith and his X-Pensive Winos: Velez Sarsfield Stadium, Buenos Aires, Argentina (7);
K.B.Hall, Copenhagen, Denmark (27) Sportshalle, Cologne, Germany (29)

Ron Wood's 'Slide On This' tour: Electric Lady, New York City (2); I Roxy, Atlanta, Georgia (4); Jannu: landing, St. Petersburg, Florida (5) Cameo Theatre, Miami, Florida (7) Tipitina's, New Orleans, Louisiana (10); The Tower Theatre, Houston Texas (11); The Terrace, Austin, Texas (13); The Agora, Dallas, Texas (14); The Rhythm Café, San Diego California (16); Hollywood Palace Los Angeles, California (18); The Rhythm Café, Santa Ana, California (19); Warfield Theatre, San Francisco, California (21); Parker's, Seattle, Washington (23), The Commodore, Vancouver, Canada (24); The Vic, Chicago, Illinois (27); The Ritz, Detroit, Michigan (28); Concert Hall, Toro Canada (30).



2nd: Keith and his band arrive in Buenos Aires and check into the Sheraton. They rehearse in a discothèque for several days.
7th: Keith and The X-Pensive Winos play to a sell-out audience of 45,000 in Buenos Aires.
9th: Keith flies back to New York for two weeks of rehearsals with The X-Pensive Winos.
12th: Keith and Patti attend Rolling Stone Magazine's 25th anniversary celebrations at the Four Seasons restaurant, New York.
21st: Van Morrison joins Ron an stage at his concert at the Warfield Theatre, San Francisco.

Dates: Ron Wood's 'Slide On This' tour: la Brique, Montreal, Canada(1);
The Avalon, Boston, Massachusetts (3); Chostnut Cabaret, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (5).

Keith and his X-Pensive Winos: The Marquee, London (2); The Ahoy, Rotterdam, Netherlands (4); The Zenith, Paris, France (7); Zeleste, Barcelona, Spain 19-10); The Aqualung, Madrid, Spain (13-14); Town & Country Club, London, (17-18), The Academy, New York (31).

2nd: Keith plays a surprise date with The X-Pensive Winos at London's Marquee Club an Charing Cross Road. Mick and his brother Chris
are in the audience but leave early because fans hassle Mick.
4th: Mick and Jerry attend a charity event at the Intercontinental Hotel, London.
25th: Mick, Jerry and their family spend Christmas in Mystique.

31st: Keith and The X-Pensive Winos play The Academy, New York City.
He brings in the New Year with "Time Is On My Side'.

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