• January

4th: Charlie, Shirley and Seraphina dine at le Caprice in MayFair.
Bill sighted at Tramp with Fergie Duchess of York.
6th: Ron, Jo and family fly to London from Ireland. Keith fries to London from New York.
7-26th: The Stones are in the Hit Factory CBS Studios London to record a new single, 'Highwire' and 'Sex
Drive'. Mick and Keith finish mixing Flashpoint, the live album of the Steal Wheels  Urban Jungle tour.
12th: Ron and Jo go to Kenya on safari
l6th: The Stones record 'Highwire' on the day that allied aircraft first bomb Baghdad.
24th: Keith fries to New York

  • February

2nd: Keith and Patti spend the month on vacation in Antigua.

14th: Mick flies to Atlanta, Georgia, to prepare for filming his part as the 21st century bounty hunter, Vacendak, in the Sci-Fi thriller Freejack.

16th: Ron joins Bob Dylan on stage at the Hammersmith Odeon, London, for three numbers including 'Like A Rolling Stone'.
17th: Ron and George Harrison walk on stage during Bob Dylan's show at the Hammersmith Odeon, London, to present him with a bunch at yellow roses. When he ignores them they stuff the flowers down his shin front.
18th: Mick begins filming his part in Freejack.
26-27th: Charlie Watts records his solo album 'From One Charlie' at the Lansdowne Studios, London.
Ron attends Eric Clapton's concert at the Royal Albert Hall.
28th: Ron and Charlie fly to New York to film the video for 'Highwire' and check into the Plaza.

  • March

Keith spends the month in New York working on material for his next solo album.
1st: The Stones, except Bill, are in New York to shoot the promo-video for 'Highwire'.
Bill attends Eric Clapton's concert at the Royal Albert Hall, London, with Phil Collins.

4th: "Highwire" released in USA.

                  7” single
                  Highwire (MJ/KR)
                  2000 Light Years From Home (MJ/KR) -live, Barcelona 13.6.90

5th: Ron and Jo fly to London,

7-14th: Ron and Jo holiday in Ireland.
"Highwire' released in the UK where it causes controversy because some critics claim its lyrics are critical of the Gulf War.

  • April

2nd: 'Flashpoint', the live album of the Stones' recent world tour, released in the USA.

8th: 'Flashpoint', the live album of the Stones' recent world tour released in the UK.

                 CD ‘FLASHPOINT’ Live-album 
                   Intro/Continental Drift (MJ/KR)
                   Start Me Up (MJ/KR) -Clemson 26.11.89
                   Sad Sad Sad (MJ/KR) -Atlantic City 19.12.89
                   Miss You (MJ/KR) -Jacksonville 25.11.89
                   Rock And A Hard Place (MJ/KR) -Jacksonville 25.11.89
                   Ruby Tuesday (MJ/KR) -Tokyo 27.2.90
                   You Can’t Always Get What You Want (MJ/KR) -Jacksonville 25.11.89
                   Factory Girl (MJ/KR) -London 6.7.90
                   Can’t Be Seen (MJ/KR) -Clemson 26.11.89
                   Little Red Rooster (Willie Dixon) (MJ/KR) -Atlantic City 19.12.89
                   Paint It Black (MJ/KR) -Barcelona 13.6.90
                   Sympathy For The Devil (MJ/KR) -Tokyo 26.2.90
                   Brown Sugar (MJ/KR) -Torino 28.7.90
                   Jumping Jack Flash (MJ/KR) -Tokyo 27.2.90
                   Satisfaction (MJ/KR) -Clemson 26.11.89
                   Highwire (MJ/KR) -Hit Factory Studios
                   Sex Drive (MJ/KR) -Hit Factory Studios


  • May

1st: In Atlanta, Georgia, Mick completes work on Freejack and flies back to New York.

4th: Mick and daughter Karis see the Broadway play, Hate Hamlet at the Walter Kerr Theatre.
9th: Mick flies to London from New York.
14th: Mick flies to France to attend the Cannes Film Festival.
19th: Keith flies to London to make the video for 'Sex Drive'.
21-22nd: The Stones shoot a promo-video for 'Sex Drive' at Twickenham Studios with Julien Temple once again directing.
                  7” single
                  A: Ruby Tuesday (MJ/KR) -live, Tokyo 27.2.90
                  B: Play With Fire (MJ/KR) -live, Clemson 26.11.89

30th: Mick attends a Lenny Kravitz concert at the Zenith in Paris and duets on 'No Expectations'

                   Ruby Tuesday (MJ/KR) -live, Tokyo 27.2.90
                   Harlem Shuffle (Bob Relf/Earl Nelson) -live, Tokyo 27.2.90
                   Winning Ugly (MJ/KR)

  • June

1st: Ron celebrates his 44th birthday in Ireland.
2nd: Charlie flies to New York and checks into the Mark Hotel on 72nd Street. It is his 50th birthday and ha celebrates by having a quiet dinner with the men in his band.
4th: Bill holds a party at his restaurant, Sticky Fingers, to celebrate its second anniversary. His latest girlfriend, Charlotte Walden, is at his side.
7th: Charlie dines at Keith and Patti's house in New York.
8th: Charlie flies to London from New York.

                   Sex Drive (MJ/KR) -Club Version
                   Sex Drive (MJ/KR) -Club Version Edit
                   Sex Drive (MJ/KR) -Single Edit
                   Undercover Of The Night (MJ/KR) -Atlantic City 19.12.89

13th: Ron is at the 20th anniversary party for the Hard Rock Café in London.

17th: Ron visit the Limelight, London, for the launch party for John McEnroe and Pat Cash's new CD.

19-20th: Charlie and Shirley have a brief holiday in Germany.

21st : Stones tape a video for the song "Sex Drive" at Twickenham Studios in London with director Julien Temple. The video is banned by MTV because of scenes featuring women in see-through cellophane dresses

23rd: Mick watches cricket at lords, meets his parents and Jade at the Imperial War Museum then takes them to see the new house he's bought: Downe House, a Georgian mansion on Richmond Hill has six reception rooms, Adam ceilings, a gym, a Jacuzzi and a nursery. Bay windows overlook the Thames and box hedges keep the rose garden in place. It cost £2,200,000.
Bill and Ron jam in a tent after the charity cricket match at Blenheim Palace gets rained off.
25th:Mick and Jerry attend the opening night of Tosca at Earls Court, London.


  • June
  • August

4th: Ron arrives in Ireland to prepare artwork for a show to tour Japanese galleries in September.

  • September
  • October

25th :  Premiere of the movie ‘At The Max’. Concert-film specially made for IMAX- cinemas
California Museum Of Science And Industry, Los Angeles.

19th: At the London office of the Stones' financial advisor Rupert Loewenstein, Mick, Keith, Charlie, Ronnie are present for the signing of the Stones' deal with Virgin Records.


                  7” single
                  A: Jumping Jack Flash (MJ/KR) -live Tokyo 27.2.90
                  B: Tumbling Dice (MJ/KR) -live London 24.8.90

Virgin releases Keith Richards And The X-Pensive Winos Live At The Hollywood Palladium, December 15, 1988 on CD and video. They simultaneously release a box set (numbered and limited to 10,000 copies) containing both the CD, the video, and a photo booklet of Keith and the Winos.





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