7” single
                  A: Almost Hear You Sigh (MJ/KR/Steve Jordan)
                  B: Break The Spell (MJ/KR)

25th: Mick and Jade attuned the opening night of Bus Stop at the Palace Theatre, Watford, where Jerry Hall is playing the lead role of Cherie.

Dates: Korakuen Dome, Tokyo, Japan (14,16-17,19-21, 23-24, 26-27).

5th: Keith and Ron Wood fly into Narita Airport, Tokyo, Japan, from London and check into the Okura Hotel.
6th: Mick and Charlie fly into Narita Airport, from New York and check into the Okura Hotel. Bill is delayed in England because his father is very ill.
9th: The Stones hold a press conference at Korakuen Hall, next door to the Korakuen Dorne where they appear flanked by an honour guard of Samurai warriors. Bill misses the conference. The Stones begin rehearsals at the Mza studio, Tokyo.
11th: Bill flies into Tokyo.

12th: The Stones hold their first full rehearsal with a full line-up.
14th: Set designer and architect Mark Fisher meets with Mick and Charlie to finalise the design for the Urban Jungle set to be used during the Stones' European tour.

The Stones tour Japan for the first time with 10 sold-out shows at Tokyo's Korakuen Dome, playing to 50,000 a night.
Opening night at the Korakuen Dome. Keith tells the sell out audience 'I feel better than Mike Tyson."

17th: Sony hosts an après-gig party for the Stones at the Okura where they receive gold C0s for Steel Wheels.
After the party, Ron, Bernard Fowler and Lisa Fisher spend the night drinking lizard Juice in the Red Shoes Bar in Roppongi.
21st: Patti Hansen's mother, who is with Keith and Patti on the tour, suffers a heart attack and is rushed to hospital. Keith goes with her, takes a break to play the gig, then returns to the hospital. They keep her there for two weeks before she is allowed to fly back to New York.
22nd: Mick, Keith and Ron all take their children to the Korakuen Amusement Park next door to the Dome.
26th: Just before he goes on stage, Bill Wyman is informed that his father has dead.

                  7” single
                  A: Terryfying (MJ/KR)
                  B: Wish I’d Never Met You (MJ/KR)

27th: The Stones attend the end-of-tour party.

28th: Bill flies to London to attend his father's funeral. Over the next few days, the Stones leave Japan. Mick flies to England (and Paul McCartney moves into his suite at the Okura, ready to play the Korakuen Dorne), Ron flies to Eire, Charlie to England and Keith stays in Tokyo for a few days where he spends one night visiting with Paul McCartney before flying to Antigua.


17th: Keith in New York for Patti's birthday and to visit his mother-in- law in hospital.
18th: Keith celebrates the birthday of his daughter Theodora.

22nd: The Stones European tour is announced at a press conference held at the Tabernacle Club in London during which Mick trips over his microphone lead and is cut short by the ringing of his own telephone.
Keith flies back to Antigua from New York.

30th: The Stones begin two weeks of rehearsals for the forthcoming European leg of the world tour at the Château du Dangu, near Paris, using the dining room as their studio.

Dates: Feijenoord Stadium, Rotterdam, The Netherlands (18-19, 21); Niedersachsen Stadium, Hanover, Germany (23-24); Wald Stadium, Frankfurt, Germany (26-27); Mungersdorfer Stadium, Cologne, Germany (30-31).

12th: The Stones check into the Rotterdam Hilton.

18th May - 25th August: The Urban Jungle European Tour

For Europe, Steel Wheels gives way to Urban Jungle -- partly because European stadiums aren't big enough for the huge set, partly because they just fancied a change of scenery. The new stage resembles a post-nuclear tropical ruin, with giant inflatable dogs appearing during "Street Fighting Man." It hits London's Wembley Stadium in July 4, then again in August at the end of the tour, with the resurrection of the Steel Wheels set. Over the past year, the Stones have played 115 shows to over six million people.

20th: Charlie visits the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam.
22nd: The Stones check into the intercontinental Hotel, Hanover,

Dates: Olympic Stadium, Munich, Germany (2-3); Olympic Stadium, Berlin 16); Alvalade Stadium, Lisbon, Portugal (10); Olympic Stadium, Barcelona, Spain (13-14); Vicente Calderon, Madrid, Spain (16-17); Stade Velodrome, Marseille, France (20); Pare des Princes, Paris, France (22-23, 25); St Jacob Stadium, Basel, Switzerland (27).

1st: Charlie and Ron hold a joint birthday celebration in the bar of the Vier Jahroszeiten Hotel in Munich. (Charlie's birthday is actually on the 2nd).
3rd: immediately after the concert, Keith, Bill, Ron and Charlie take the train to Berlin where they stay at the Bristol Kempinski Hotel.

27th: The Stones play a Brillant set in Basle, but it pours with rain throughout.
28th: The Stones take a week off.
Mick, Bill and Charlie go to France, Keith flies to London to stay in a rented house in Wimbledon.
Ron flies to his new home in Ireland, taking Bobby Keys with him.

Dates: Wembley Stadium, London (4,6-7) Hampden Park, Glasgow, Scotland (9); Cardiff Arms Park, Wales (16);St. James's Park, Newcastle (18); Maine Road, Manchester (20-21); Flamenio Stadium, Rome, Italy (25-26); Della Alpi, Communal Stadium, Turin, Italy (28-29); Praterstadion, Vienna, Austria (31).

3rd: The Stones check into the Mayfair Hotel for their London gigs, except Mick who stays at the Halcyon.
Bill spends a couple of nights at his house in Chelsea and Keith, Patti and children rent a house in Wimbledon for some of the time.

6th: Keith holds a party in his hotel room. Ron and his brothers Art and Ted are among the guests.
9th: Tuning up backstage in Glasgow, Keith pricks the middle finger of his left hand on a guitar string Protruding from the machine head. After playing a two and half hour set, his finger becomes swollen and he has difficulty playing.
10th: Keith's finger becomes stiff and infected and be runs a high fever, After examination in hospital he is ordered to take five days off to recover, causing two show, at Wembley Stadium and One at Cardiff Arms Park to be rescheduled, This is the first time Over that the Stones have missed a gig caused by personal illness. He stays in Wimbledon to recuperate.
14th:The Stones, except Keith, hold party at the Serpentine Gallery in Hyde Park. Among the guests were Elton John, Jeff Beck, Duran Duran, Bianca and Jade Jagger.

16th: The Stones return to London immediately after their Cardiff gig.
17th: Bill visits his wife Mandy in the Spring Hill Convalescence Home in Buckinghamshire where she has been recovering from Addison's Disease for the last two months.
26th: Mick's birthday is celebrated with a party at the Excelsior Hotel, Rome.


Dates: Eriksberg Stadium, Gothenburg, Sweden (3-4); Vallehoven, Oslo, Norway (6-7); Idraetsparken, Copenhagen, Denmark (9); Weisensee, East Berlin, Germany (13-14); Parkstadion, Gelsenkirchen, Germany (16); Strahov Stadium, Prague, Czechoslovakia (19); Wembley Stadium, London (24-25).


9th: Idraetsparken, Copenhagen, Denmark  the last performance in the old stadium


13th:            7” single 
                  A: Sad Sad Sad (MJ/KR)
                  B: Blinded By Love (MJ/KR)

17th: The Stones arrive in Prague, Czechoslovakia, and check into the Palace Hotel. Then all except Charlie get together a quiet drink with President Havel end his wife Olga in local pub.

19th: The Stones fly into London and check into the Mayfair Hotel except Mick who stays at the Halcyon.

25th: Final concert at Wembley Stadium more than 2,000,000 people had seen them perform live, grossing more than $200,000,000.
The Stones hold an end of tour at the Roof Garden in Kensington.


1st: Charlie and Shirley Watts go to Poland for a short holiday.

19th: Keith flies from New York to Jamaica.



1st: Jo Wood's father dies of a heart attack at Ran and Jo's home in Wimblodon in the middle of a conversation.

12th: Returning from his funeral in Devon, Ron and Jo and their children Leah and Tyrone are involved in a car crash on the M4 near Swindon, Wiltshire, at 7:15 on a rainy night.
Jo was driving their BMW when it skidded on oil and spun 180 degrees. The car behind hit them head on.
Jo received back injuries, Leah and Tyrone received head injuries requiring stitches. Ron hurt his left shoulder, but as he got out of the car a third vehicle hit the oil and struck the second car, trapping Ron between the second car and his
own, breaking both his legs. Ron's car phone was used to call an ambulance and the family were taken to the Princess Margaret Hospital in Swindon where Ron was kept for several days before being transferred to the Cramwell Hospital in London, across the hallway from Mandy Smith who had been there for three months recovering from Addison's Disease which had reduced her weight to a mere 70lbs,

21st: Mick and Jerry are married in Bali, Indonesia, by a holy man called Ida Banjar. Alan Dunn is best man. The marriage is of questionable validity since they are not Hindus nor did they present the required paperwork. They had been sight- seeing in India, Nepal and Bhutan for six weeks before arriving in Indonesia.

22nd: Bill announces that his seventeen month marriage to Mandy Smith is over.


2nd: Keith flies to London from Jamaica to mix the live tracks for the album, Flashpoint at Metropolis Studios with Mick.
7th: Mick's parents, Joe and Eva, celebrate their golden anniversary in what becomes a joint celebration with Mick and Jerry held at the Nayland Rock Hotel, Margate, Kent. Mick presents his parents with a gold chalice.

10th: Keith flies to New York from London.

19th: Keith held a celebration of his birthday and wedding anniversary at his and Patti's house outside New York.

20th: Ron, Jo and family fly to Ireland.
25th: Mick, Jerry and family in Mystique.

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