10th: Ron and Jo attend Rod Stewart's 44th birthday party at Langan's restaurant, London.

13th: Mick and Keith meet at Eddy Grant's studio in Barbados to see if they can still write songs together. Before the meeting, there's speculation as to whether the two can still remain in the same room. Two months later, they have 12 new tunes ready, plus the usual welter of unfinished ideas. Working like they did on the classic albums of the '60's and '70's -- from the groundfloor and building -- they come out with a string of gems, which are then honed and bashed into shape by the whole group at George Martin's AIR Studios in Montserrat with Chris Kimsey co-producing. The band whack everything down live in five weeks, with mixing to follow in London.

17th: Mick and Keith fly to New York from Barbados. Ron flies to New York to join them and Mick Taylor, who lives in New York, in order to accept the Rock'n'roll Hall of Fame award.

18th: The Rolling Stones are inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame. Mick, Keith, Ron and Mick Taylor are present at the ceremony held at the Waldorf-Astoria in New York. The absence of Wyman and presence of Taylor sparks rumours that the Stones will tour with Taylor replacing Wyman, and Ron Wood will move to the bass. Pete Townshend helps induct the Stones, telling them in his speech, "Guys, whatever you do, don't try to grow old gracefully. It wouldn't suit you." Mick replies in his own speech: "After a lifetime of bad behaviour, it's slightly ironic that tonight you see us on our best behaviour." Mick, Keith, Ronnie, and Mick Taylor join the now-expected all-star jam session, during which Mick duets with Tina Turner on "Honky Tonk Women," and with Little Richard on "Can't Turn You Loose" and "Bony Moronie." He then brings down the house with "Start Me Up."

19th: Charlie joins Mick, Keith and Ron in New York for a business meeting.
21st: Ron, along with Bo Diddley, Percy Sledge, Duck Dunn, Eddie Floyd, Willie Dixon, Chuck Jackson, Dr. John, Carla Thomas, Stave Cropper, Albert Collins, Billy Preston and Koko Taylor all celebrate Republican President-George Bush's victory on stage at the Convention Centre in Washington D.C. George Bush shows up to meet the musicians and be presented with a signed poster and a guitar, then Republican National Committee Chairman Lee Atwater who organised the bash, strapped on a red guitar and played 'Hi Heel Sneakers'. Out of the 8,500 attendees, there were more black people on stage than in the audience.

29th: Mick and Keith return to Barbados for a week's recording.

6th: Mick fries to London from Barbados.
8th: Keith flies from Barbados to New York.

Keith released a new single
                  A: Make No Mistake (KR/Steve Jordan)
                  B: It Means A Lot (KR/Steve Jordan)

9th: Keith makes a promo-video for his new single' Make No Mistake'/ 'Struggle'. it is shot at the North River Bar in New York and features X-Pensive Winos: Charley Dravtan, Steve Jordan and Sarah Bash, as well as members of The Memphis Horns.
10th: Mick flies from London to Barbados.
13th: Keith returns to Barbados to continue working on new songs at the Blue Wave studios with Mick.
Ron and Bill attend the BPI Awards held at the Royal Albert Hall where they presented the Best British Newcomer Award.
16th: Bill takes part in the Kampuchea Appeal concert held at the Ringwood Recreation Centre, Southampton.

In Barbados serious business discussions take place between Mick, Keith, Prince Rupert Lowenstein, Stones' US business manager Joseph Rascoff, their US music- business attorney John Branca and promoters Bill Graham and Michael Cohl, the head of CPI, who fly in from the States for the meeting.

20th: Charlie flies in to Barbados to record rough demos of the new songs With Mick and Keith.

9th: Ron and Bill fly out to join the other Stones for rehearsals in Eddy Grant's studio in Barbados.
15th: The biggest rock'n'roll contract in history is signed in Barbados between The Rolling Stones and Michael Cobl, of Concert Productions International. Toronto promoter Cohl guarantees the Stones between $65 and $70,000,000 for approximately
55 shows in the US and Canada.

21st: The Stones break for ten days. They all fly to their various homes except Bill who holidays in Antigua with girlfriend Melissa from New York.
29th: The Stones reassemble at George Martin's AIR studios in Montserrat to begin recording their next album.
31st: The Daily Express breaks the story that Bill has asked Mandy to marry him. She says, "Bill asked me to marry him on Easter Sunday and l accepted immediately. It was really romantic. I'm delighted and so is be.' Bill proposed over the telephone from Barbados.

1st: Bill holds a press conference in Antigua to announce that he and Mandy Smith will be getting married despite the fact that she is 19 and he is 52. He holds the conference in Antigua to keep the publicity away from the other Stones who are trying to gat on with recording. While be is away, Ron takes over on bass and the Stones lay down tour new tracks.
2nd: Bill flies to Montserrat to continue work on the next album.
3rd: It seems Bill and Mandy are having problems tending a church in which to get married. Bill tells the Daily Express, "Mandy is a Catholic and l am Church of England and she desperately wants the ceremony in June in a Catholic church: a white wedding with all the trimmings. But everywhere she has gone they have said 'No' because l am divorced. Surely there is a Catholic church somewhere in Britain who will make Mandy's dream come true.'

29th: The Stones finish recording at AIR Studios. The band recorded the basic tracks in only five weeks, recording everything live in the studio.

1st: The Stones, working with producer Chris Kimsey, begin mixing their new album at Olympic Studios in Barnes.
2nd: Mick arrives in an outsize limo to watch a match at the Oval cricket ground.
9th: An advance opening party is held at Bill's new restaurant, Sticky Fingers, in Kensington. Among Bill's guests are Mandy, Ron and Jo, Chris Jagger, James Hunt, Ringo's wife actress Barbara Bach and actress Emma Samms. Bill has filled the walls of the restaurant with Rolling Stones memorabilia, including Brian Jones' Gretsch guitar.
15th: The Stones hold business meetings in Amsterdam. The evening ends in a brawl when Mick wakes Charlie at 5:00am by calling his room and yelling "Is that my drummer boy? Why don't you get your arse down here?' Charlie comes to Keith's room, approaches Mick, yells, 'Don't ever call me your drummer again - you're my fucking singer!' and knocks Mick out with a single punch to the head.

17th: Bill's restaurant, Sticky Finger opens in Kensington.

2nd: Bill Wyman marries Mandy Smith in Suffolk, England

16th: Bill collapses, complaining of heart pains during rehearsals in Washington, Connecticut. The Stones' doctor diagnoses food poisoning.
19th: The residents of Washington, Connecticut, form a "Roll The Stones Out Of Town' pressure group, complaining of harassment from Stones' security.
26th: The Stones have a barbecue at the Mayflower Inn in the small town of Washington to celebrate Mick's 46th birthday.


Dates: Toad's Place, New Haven, Connecticut (12); Veterans' Stadium, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (31).

 The three-disc box set Singles Collection: The London Years contains every single the Stones released during the '60s, including both the A- and B-sides. It is the first Stones compilation that tries to be comprehensive and logical -- for all their attributes, the two Hot Rocks sets and the two Big Hits collections didn't present the singles in chronological order. In essence, the previous compilations were excellent samplers, where Singles Collection tells most of the story (certain albums, like Aftermath, Beggars Banquet and Let It Bleed, fill in the gaps left by the singles). The Rolling Stones made genuine albums -- even their early R&B/blues albums were impeccably paced -- but their singles had a power all their own, which is quite clearly illustrated by the Singles Collection. By presenting the singles in chronological order, the set takes on a relentless, exhilarating pace with each hit and neglected B-side piling on top of each other, adding a new dimension to the group; it has a power it wouldn't have had if it tried to sample from the albums. Although it cheats near the end, adding singles from the Metamorphosis outtakes collection and two singles from Sticky Fingers, this captures the essence of the '60s Stones as well as any compilation could. Casual fans might want to stick with the Hot Rocks sets, since they just have the hits, but for those that want a little bit more, the Singles Collection is absolutely essential

3rd: The Stones tape a video for "Mixed Emotions".

12th: The marquee outside Toad's Place in New Haven, Connecticut reads "Rock Dance Party with the Cruiser." Inside the club, the Stones preview their Steel Wheels tour for 700 people. For a $3.00 cover charge, those fans get to watch The Stones run through 11 songs in 56 minutes.

13th: The Stones decamp from Washington, Connecticut and check into the Garden City Hotel to continue their rehearsals at the Nassau Coliseum, in Long Island, where they can test out their stage and lighting. They play before a select audience of a 100 or so people each night at the Coliseum.
Mandy, whom Bill has hardly seen since he married her, is reported assumable to join him because she is suffering from a serious allergy.

17th: 'Mixed Emotions'/'Fancyman Blues' is released. It enters the UK charts at No. 41 and gets to No. 33. In the States it enters at No. 4 and climbs to No. 5.

                   7 single
                   A: Mixed Emotions (MJ/KR)
                   B: Fancy Man Blues (MJ/KR)

24th: Thirteen love letters from Bill to 'Babs' written in 1964 along with a gold bracelet inscribed "To Barbara, in gratitude, Bill Wyman 1967' are sold at Christie's rock auction in London for 1,430.
26th: The Stones fly into Philadelphia and check into the Four Seasons Hotel for three days of rehearsals.

29th: "Steel Wheels" album released in US, and puts the group back onto the world's charts.
Steel Wheels is a Stones classic. A complete album of new stuff, as opposed to touched up old demos like much of the late-'70's and '80's output. The sound is raw and bristling on tracks like the first single, "Mixed Emotions," but the album also proves the band can still deliver gorgeous ballads like "Almost Hear You Sigh," or Keith's lovely "Slippin' Away."
While the album is generally acclaimed as the group's best in years, the group make it a double whammy with the awesome scope and spectacle of the "Steel Wheels" tour. The stage set is the biggest ever, a surreal post-nuclear nightmare factory, all girders, funnels and catwalks bathed in ferocious lighting and walls of fire and smoke. The set straddles the Stones' entire career in over two hours with every song a piece-de-resistance -- from the giant inflatable "Honky Tonk Women" to Mick's materialization one hundred feet above the stage for "Sympathy." The group play like their lives depend on it, and also like they were having a total blast.

It enters the charts at No. 44 and reaches the top.

                  CD/Vinyl STEEL WHEELS album
                   Sad Sad Sad (MJ/KR)
                   Mixed Emotions (MJ/KR)
                   Terrifying (MJ/KR)
                   Hold On To Your Hat (MJ/KR)
                   Hearts For Sale (MJ/KR)
                   Blinded By Love (MJ/KR)
                   Rock And A Hard Place (MJ/KR)
                   Can’t Be Seen (MJ/KR)
                   Almost Hear You Sigh (MJ/KR/Steve Jordan)
                   Continental Drift (MJ/KR)
                   Break The Spell (MJ/KR)
                   Slipping Away (MJ/KR)

31st: The Stones begins the biggest rock' n'roil tour of the time. Over 2,000,000 people applied for tickets for the two Philadelphia concerts and some rich fans are so desperate they are paying forty times the ticket price to sealers. 55,000 people see each show. There are minor skirmishes outside the auditorium when drunken fans clash with police, resulting in 52 injuries and 28 arrests.
Mid-way through 'Shattered' the 550,000 watts sound system goes dead. It takes the stage crew three minutes to locate the problem and fix it. The Stones drop 'Shattered' from their set.

Dates: Veteran's Stadium, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (1); Exhibition Stadium, Toronto, Canada (3-4); Three Rivers Stadium, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (6); Alpine Valley Stadium, East Troy, Wisconsin (8-9, 11); Riverfront Stadium, Cincinnati, Ohio (14)Carter-Finicky Stadium, Raleigh, North Carolina(16); Busch Stadium, St. Louis, Missouri (17); Cardinal Stadium, Louisville, Kentucky (19); Carrier Dome, Syracuse, New York (21-22); R.F.K. Stadium, Washington, D.C. (24-25); Municipal Stadium, Cleveland, Ohio (27): Sullivan Cleveland, Ohio (27); Sullivan Stadium, Boston, Massachusetts (29).

3rd: The Stones play their first concert in Canada in twelve years to an audience of 60,000.
6th: The Stones play 'Mixed Emotions' live on MTV for the Video Awards ceremony via a satellite link to the Three Rivers Stadium in Pittsburgh.
10th: Ron goes on stage at Buddy Guy's concert at Legends in Chicago to greet the audience but does not play.

11th: 'Steel Wheels' is released in the UK. It enters the British album charts at No. 12 and gets to No. 2.

Dates: Sullivan Stadium, Boston, Massachusetts (1-2); Legion Field, Birmingham, Alabama (5); Cyclone Field, Arles, Iowa (7); Arrowboad Stadium, Kansas City, Missouri (8); Shea Stadium, New York City (10-11); Los Angeles Coliseum, California (18-19, 21-22); Shea Stadium, New York City (25-26,28-29).


9th: Charlie and Shirley celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary with a party at the English Speaking Union in New York. All the other Stones attend as guests.
11th: Bill, Ron and Charlie fly to Los Angeles directly after their final Shea Stadium concert

24th: Bill celebrates his birthday with a party at the Hed Zone Club in New York.


Dates: B.C.Place, Vancouver, Canada (1-2); Alameda Stadium, Oakland, California (4-5); Astrodome, Houston, Texas 18); Texas Stadium, Dallas, Texas (10-11); Superdome, New Orleans, Louisiana (13); Orange Bowl, Miami, Florida (15-16); Tampa Stadium, Tampa, Florida (18); Grant Field, Atlanta, Georgia (21); The Gator Bowl, Jacksonville, Tennessee (25); Death Valley Stadium, Clemson, Utah (26); Metronome, Minneapolis, Minnesota (29-30).

4th: The Stones' Oakland concert is delayed because Mick is viewing the devastation in Watsonville which was the hardest hit by
the October earthquake. He flies in by helicopter and spends an hour talking with residents and viewing the damage. The Stones donate $500,000 to help rebuild the town.

20th: 'Rock And A Hard Place'/'Cook Cook Blues' released in the UK.


26th: A concert in Death Valley Stadium in Clemson, South Carolina, is added to the Stones tour after Hurricane Hugo strikes and $500,000 is donated to hurricane victims.


Dates: Skydome, Toronto, Canada (3-4); Hoosier Dome, Indianapolis, Indian (6-7); Pontiac Silverdome, Detroit, Michigan (9-10); Olympic Stadium, Montreal, Canada (14); Convention Centre, Atlantic City, New Jersey(16-17, 19-20).

20th: The final concert of the US leg of the tour is transmitted live over radio and cable TV simulcast. Eric Clapton gets up and jams
and Axl Rose and lzzy Stradlin of Guns n' Roses do their Junior Glimmer Twins imitation on 'Salt Of The Earth'.


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