7-8th: Ron is still in Miami. Mick Taylor joins him on stage at Woody's On The Beach for two nights in a row.
20th: The Beatles are inducted into the Rock'n'roll Hall of Fame and Mick introduces George Harrison and Ringo Starr to the audience
at the Waldorf Astoria in New York. Mick joins George and Bruce Springsteen on stage for 'I Saw Her Standing There', plays with Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen on 'Like A Rolling Stone' and performs 'Satisfaction' backed by Jeff Beck.

Mick begins rehearsals for a Japanese tour at the SIR studios, in New York.
Ron Wood and Martin Adam mix the live tapes of Ron Wood and Bo Didley recorded at the Ritz, New York.
20th: Through his AIMS charity, Bill organises a benefit for the Great Ormond Street Hospital for Sick Children Wishing Well Appeal at the Royal Albert Hall, London. The top five young AIMS bands are featured, along with Elvis Costello, Chrissie Hynde, Chris Rea, and Bill's all-star band featuring himself, Ron Wood, Phil Collins, Terence Trent d'Arby, Eddy Grant, Ray Cooper, Kenney Jones and lan Dury. Bill writes in his autobiography, 'Harvey Goldsmith presented the concert and we raised over £30,000, which we gave to the Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital. Harvey sent the cheque and Harvey got the letter of thanks."

Dates: Mick Jagger solo tour: Osaka Castle Hall, Osaka, Japan(15-19); Karakuen Dome, Tokyo, Japan (22-23); Nagoya International Exhibition, Japan (25).

Ron Wood end Bo Didley 'Gunslingers' tour: Two week tour of Japan 12-15); Los Angeles Palace, California (18); Magic Mountain Amusement Park, Los Angeles (26).

12th: Ron and Mick meet in Mick's hotel room in Osaka. Ron is playing there, Mick is rehearsing.
23rd: Tina Turner joins Mick on stage at the Kerakuen Dome to sing 'Brown Sugar' and 'it's Only Rock'n'roll'.
27th: Mick joins Tina Turner on stage at the Osaka Castle Hall to sing 'Honky Tonk Woman'.
Ron visits an exhibition of his paintings in Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles, California.

6th: Despite legal action by Bill, Phillips Auction Homes in London sell a three-track acetate of the Stones recorded in October 1962 at Curley Clayton's Studio in London for £6,000. They perform Muddy Waters' 'Soon Forgotten', Jimmy Reed's 'Close Together' and Bo Didleys 'You Can't Judge A Book'. Tony Chapman is the drummer and the original session was arranged by Bill Wyman.

18th: Proceedings open in Federal Court, White Plains, New York in a copyright in fragment case in which Jamaican reggae musician Patrick Alley claims that Mick Jagger's song 'Just Another Night' plagiarised his song 'Just Another Night' which first appeared on his album 'Just A Touch of Patrick Alley' in 1982. He is suing both Mick and Columbia Records for $7,000,000 in estimated profits from Mick's 1985 'She's The Boss' album claiming that Mick copied both words and music. Mick is in court to defend his case.

22nd: Mick sings a number of songs in court and plays demo tapes of 'Just Another Night, showing its development through various stages of completion.

13th: Mick puts his toot down and stops Jade from appearing as a young prostitute in a film.
18th: The Rolling Stones hold a business meeting at the Savoy Hotel in London to discuss their future plans and projects. They decide to work together again in 1989, make a new album and consider the possibility of another tour.
27th: The Daily Telegraph reports that Jade Jagger has been expelled from St. Mary's, her exclusive boarding school in Caine, Wiltshire, after sneaking out to meet her boyfriend Josh Astor after hours.

26th: Jerry Hall plays the lead as Cherie in Bus Stop at Montclair State College Theatre in Montclair, New Jersey. The role was originally made famous by Marilyn Monroe. Afterwards they celebrate her first night and Mick's birthday with a party at Ten Park, in New York City.

19th: Mick flies to London from New York to work with Ron on new songs.
22nd: Mick flies to New York from London. At Heathrow Airport he tells the press that the Stones will make a new album next year and do a tour.
23rd: Mick and Keith meet in New York to discuss future projects and writing the material for the proposed new album.
Ron, Jo and family fly to Antigua for a vacation.
24th: Mick flies to San Francisco to begin rehearsals with his backing group for his forthcoming solo Australian tour.

Dates: Mick Jagger solo tour: The Kardomah Café, Sydney, Australia (17); Bonduel Entertainment Centre, Brisbane, Australia (22-23); Entertainment Centre, Sydney, Australia (26-27, 29).

9th: Mick and his backing group arrive in Sydney, allowing themselves plenty of time to recover from the severe jet lag caused by the flight.
14th: Mick holds a press conference in Sydney and says he will stop touring when be is fifty: 'You can't be nineteen forever. I'll just want to sit back in a chair." Mick is 45.
17th: Mick launches his Australian tour with a surprise gig held at the Kardomah Café in Sydney which only seats 400.

22nd: Keith is in Paris for press interviews to promote his forth- coming single and album.
23rd: Keith's solo single 'Take It So Hard' (Richards, Jordan) /'l Could Have Stood You Up' (Richards, Jordan) is released.

                  7" single 
                  A: Take It So Hard (KR/Steve Jordan)
                  B: I Could Have Stood You Up (KR/Steve Jordan)

29th: Ron has a party at the Hamilton Gallery in Mayfair to launch a hook of his paintings, 'The Works'.
Anita Pallenberg, Marion and Mick's brother Chris are among the guests.

Dates: Mick Jagger solo tour: Entertainment Centre, Sydney, Australia (1-2); International Tennis Centre, Melbourne, Australia (6-7); Burswood Superdrome, Perth, Australia 110-l l); International Tennis Centre, Melbourne, Australia (14-15,17); Entertainment Centre, Sydney, Australia (21); Stadion Utama Senayan, Jakarta, Indonesia (30).


4th: Keith's first solo album, 'Talk Is Cheap' is released. It enters the US charts at No. 75 and gets to No. 24.

                  LP ‘TALK IS CHEAP

                  A:   Big Enough (KR/Steve Jordan)
                        Take It So Hard (KR/Steve Jordan)
                        Struggle (KR/Steve Jordan)
                        I Could Have Stood You Up (KR/Steve Jordan)
                        Make No Mistake (KR/Steve Jordan)
                        You Don’t Move Me (KR/Steve Jordan)
                  B:   How I Wish (KR/Steve Jordan)
                        Rock awhile (KR/Steve Jordan)
                        Whip It Up (KR/Steve Jordan)
                        Locked Away (KR/Steve Jordan)
                        It Means A Lot (KR/Steve Jordan)

6th: Keith rehearses his solo touring band, The X-Pensive Winos, at the American Sound Studios in New York City, ready for their upcoming tour.

16th: Keith, whose house in Jamaica suffered hurricane damage, guests at the "Smile Jamaica" hurricane relief benefit   concert at the Dominion Theatre, London. He plays two songs with U2-- "Love Rescue Me" and "When Love Comes To Town."

28th: Keith gives a press conference at the Hard Rock Café in New York to announce his solo X-Pensive Winos tour.

Dates: Mick Jagger solo tour: Western Springs Stadium, Auckland, New Zealand (S).

Keith Richards 'X-Pensive Wines tour: Fox heater, Atlanta, Georgia (24); New Daisy Club, Auditorium, Memphis, Tennessee (25); Constitution Hall, Washington, D.C. (27); Beacon Theatre, New York (29).

3rd: Keith attends the tenth anniversary party of Beggars Banquet, the official Rolling Stones fanzine, held at the US Blues Club in New York.
4th: Keith and Patti take the kids to the circus.
9th: Jerry Lee Lewis joins Ron on stage at Woody's On The Beach in Miami. David Bowie is in the audience but does not sit in.
10th: Keith and Patti fly to Antigua for a week's holiday prior to Keith's X-Pensive Winos tour.

24th: The X-Pensive Winos play their first gig at the Fox Theatre in Atlanta. Keith's line-up consists of Waddy Wachtel an guitar, Bobby Keys an saxophone, Steve Jordan an drums, Charley Drayton an bass, Ivan Neville an keyboards and Sarah Dash singing back-up vocals.
29th: After the audience leaves the Beacon Theatre, Keith holds a party in the lobby. Among the guests are Carole King, Brooke Shields, Steve Van Zant and Matt Dilion.
30th: Keith does a record signing session at Tower Records on Broadway.

Dates: Keith Richards X-Pensive Winos tour: Tower Theatre, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 1-2, Orpheum Theatre, Boston, Massachusetts (3-4); Music Hall, Cleveland, Ohio (7); Fox Theatre, Detroit, Michigan (8) Aragon Ballroom, Chicago, Illinois (10); Henry J. Kaiser Convention Centre, Oakland, California (13); Universal Auditorium, Los Angeles, California (14);The Palladium, Hollywood, California (15) Brendan Byrne Arena, New Jersey (17).




13th:Mick, Jerry and their family leave London to spend Christmas in Mustique.
14th: There is a backstage party after Keith's Los Angeles gig. Among the guests are Dan Aykroyd and Bill Murray.
17th: Keith's tour end party is held in the bar at the Brendan Byrne Arena. Patti Hansen, Anita Pallenberg and the three children are among the guests. Keith is presented with a gold album for 'Talk Is Cheap'.

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