6th: Mick and Jen fly from Mystique to Barbados where Mick continues work on his solo album at Blue Wave Studios

21st: Jerry drives to Grantley Adams Airport in Barbados to collate a package of clothes and make-up forwarded from Mustique.
An employee of Mustique Airways says that another package has been delivered at their desk for her but that it is not addressed to her and they suggest that she open it to make sure it is in feat hers.
She does so and is immediately jumped on by police and Customs officials who charge her with importing 20ibs of marihuana
She is locked in a ceil overnight and Mick, who is recording, is not told of her arrest for six hours.


1st: Keith begins recording solo tracks at Studio 900 in New York.
Ron Wood continues work an his solo album in the studio at his home in Wimbledon.
13th: Jerry appears in court in Barbados, picas innocence and the trial is adjourned for three days.
16th: Jerry is back in court again in Barbados. it soon becomes obvious that police and Customs officers are guilty of a crude attempt to fix Jo" up. Customs supervisor Casper Walcott admits perjury and now tells the court that he had been asked by detectives to be an the look out for a package containing marihuana and changes the evidence he previously gave the court in a number of important details. Despite overwhelming evidence of Jerry's innocence, the magistrate Frank King, seems strangely reluctant to end the case and adjourns the trial for a further two days to consider the 'complicated legal arguments" before pronouncing his verdict.
Jerry bursts into tears.
20th: Jerry appears in court again in Barbados to hear the verdict. The magistrate takes eight minutes before pronouncing her' Not Guilty'. As soon as the case is over Mick and Jerry fly to New York where she tells the press that she has last 130,000 in last modelling jobs by being forced to stay in Barbados for this ridiculous affair and is very forceful in her opinions about Barbados in general. The unfit- unite losers in the situation are Blue Wave Studios in Barbados because Mick transfers all further work an his solo album to the Right Track Studio in New York.

Mick Jagger and Keith Richards fail out over Jagger's solo tour plans

1st: Jerry, Bianca, Mandy Smith and Bill Wyman all attend the International AIDS day concert at Wembley Arena in London
8th: Fire interrupts Keith's final night of recording his solo album at Studio 900, an Eight Street, New York, one of many studios he is using to lay down tracks. Keith, lan Neville and drummers Steve Jordan and Charley Draylon salvage their equipment and jam in the street, waiting for the fire dept.
12th: Keith flies to Jamaica for two month holiday, taking his mother Doris and his daughter Angela with him.

26th: Ron and Jo fly to Italy where Ron spends nine days as an interviewer for the Italian RAI TV ‘Estate Rock’..
His guests include David Bowie, Peter Gabriel, Genesis and Prince.
27th: Keith flies to Los Angeles from Jamaica for discussions with Virgin Records about signing with them for solo work and distributing the soundtrack to Hail Hail Rock'n'roll.

14th: Keith finishes work on the soundtrack album from the film Hail Hail Rock'n'roll at Electric Lady studies in New York City.
23rd:Keith and Patti with Mick Taylor see Charlie's big band play Lincoln Centre.

13th: Keith and Richard Branson meet at the Westbury Hotel in New York to conclude discussions about Keith joining the Virgin label for solo work.
15th: Bill organises a fund-raising banquet at the London Hilton in aid of his AIMS charity. All the Stones attend with the exception of Keith who is negotiating his contract with Virgin in New York.
20-21st: Mick in New York City filming a promo-video for his next single, 'Let's Work'.
27-28th: Mick in London films a promo-video for his solo track 'Say You Will'.

Keith and The X-Pensive Winos begin recording at Le Studio in Montreal, Canada.
29th: Keith and Patti drive back to New York from Montreal.

31st: Mick release 'Let's Work' 'Catch As' It enters the US charts at No. 75, climbing to No. 39. In the UK it enters at No. 35, but gets no higher.

                  7" single 
                  A: Let’s Work (MJ/Dave Stewart)
                  B: Catch As Catch Can (MJ)

Mick and Jerry are among the guests at Dave Stewarts marriage to Siobhan Fabey of Bananarama.


                  LP PRIMITIVE COOL
                  A:  Throwaway (MJ)
                        Let’s Work (MJ/Dave Stewart)
                        Radio Control (MJ)
                        Say You Will (MJ/Dave Stewart)
                        Primitive Cool (MJ)
                  B:   Kow Tow (MJ/Dave Stewart)
                        Shoot Off Your Mouth (MJ)
                        Peace For The Wicked (MJ)
                        Party Doll (MJ)
                        War Baby (MJ)

It enters the UK charts at No. 23 and gets to No. 18. In the States it enters at No. 81 but only reaches No. 41.

25th: Bill and Ringo Starr are both present at the opening of the La Brassiere night-club in Atlanta, Georgia, in which they have both invested. Bill and Ringo later jam with Jerry Lee Lewis.

7th: Keith and Patti attend the West Coast premier of Hail! Hail Rock'n'roll which is held at the AMC Century in Hollywood.
20th: Mick records a promo-video of his next single, 'Throwaway' live on stage at the Country Club, Los Angeles

3rd: Mick's solo single 'Throw Away'/' Peace Of The Wicked' is released

                   7" single
                  A: Throwaway (MJ)
                  B: Peace For The Wicked (MJ)

9th: Mick's solo single 'Say You Will' /'Shoot Off Your Mouth' is released.                 

                  7" single
                  A: Say You Will (MJ/Dave Stewart)
                  B: Shoot Off Your Mouth (MJ)


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