2nd: Reggae-singer Patrick Alley is sues Mick Jagger for plagiarism. Alley claims Jagger’s “Just Another Night” resembles his song (also titled “Just Another Night”), written and recorded back in 1982 for his album A Touch Of Patrick Alley.


23rd: Keith inducts Chuck Berry into the first instalment of New York’s Hall Of Fame at the Waldorf Astoria with the words: “I lifted every lick he ever played.” To mark the event, both Keith and Ronnie join in a jam with Chuck and an “All Star” band featuring Jerry Lee Lewis, Chubby Checker, Neil Young, Steve Winwood, John Fogerty, David Sanborn, Steve Jordan, Billy Joel, and Julian Lennon among others on Waldorf Astoria Hotel, New York City.

7th: Stones shoot a video for "Harlem Shuffle" in New York with animator Ralph Bakshi, who has previously directed Felix the Cat

16th: During the trail, Jerry claims that a package for her, with no sender-address, appears on the airport desk. She asks for it to be opened, to check if it’s really for her and it turns out to be the cannabis. The customs supervisor continually lies about the issue and Jerry Hall is cleared

23rd: After a set by Ian Stewart’s old band Rocket 88, the Stones play a surprise gig at the 100 Club in London. The band plays about a dozen blues cover versions for a specially invited audience. All present are there to pay tribute to the late Ian Stewart. Among the guests who find their way to the stage are Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, Pete Townshend, Jack Bruce, and Simon Kirke (formally of Bad Company). The gig marks the first time the Stones have played together live in almost five years and it rekindles hopes of a tour in '86.

In New York, Jerry goes on TV saying that she and Mick will marry soon. Mick focuses on his new solo album, working on it at Right Track Studios until late May, when the mixing and overdubbing take place. Musicians include Jeff Beck, G.E.Smith, Dave Stewart, and The Chieftains' Paddy Maloney. Mick and Dave Stewart co-write several songs together, including “Kow Tow,” “Let’s Work,” and “Say you Will.”


25th: The Stones rent an entire floor of London’s Royal Garden Hotel to accommodate crews from TV stations from across the world promoting the new single and album. The various Stones members walk from room to room, giving interviews one on one and other times spontaneously teaming up to the delight of the interviewers.
At roughly 3:00 am in London's Roof Garden club, the Stones are presented with the Grammys' Lifetime Achievement award by Eric Clapton. The acceptance is beamed via satellite to the U.S. Jeff Beck, Eurythmics' Dave Stewart, and Keith's mum are among the small gathering in London.


26th: The single "Harlem Shuffle"/"Had it With You" is released. Almost a quarter century since their start as an R&B cover band, the Stones come full circle with their rendition of the Bob & Earl classic. In the U.K., it reaches Number 7. In the States it makes it to Number 5

                  7“ single 
                   A: Harlem Shuffle (Bob Relf/Earl Nelson)
                   B: Had It With You (MJ/KR/RW)

24th: The Stones new album 'Dirty Work' is released a day early because copies of the album were stolen from a truck in New York and quickly reached radio stations in the US and Europe who immediately began and playing it. It enters the British charts at No. 12 and gets to No. 3. In America it enters at No. 21 reaches No. 4.


                 LP ‘DIRTY WORK’ 
                  A:  One Hit (MJ/KR/RW)
                        Fight (MJ/KR/RW)
                        Harlem Shuffle (Bob Relf/Earl Nelson)
                        Hold Back (MJ/KR)
                        Too Rude (Lydon Roberts)
                  B:   Winning Ugly (MJ/KR)
                        Back To Zero (MJ/KR/Chuck Leavell)
                        Dirty Work (MJ/KR/RW)
                        Had It With You (MJ/KR/RW)
                        Sleep Tonight (MJ/KR)
                        Key To The Highway (Big Bill Broonzy/Charles Segar) -STU only, uncredited  tribute of unknown origin

The "Dirty Work"album follows and is dedicated to Ian Stewart. It closes with one of Keith's most moving ballads, "Sleep Tonight." Again there is no tour although Charlie takes the big band across the States later that year and repeats the exercise during lulls in the Stones' schedule from then on.

The Dirty Work album, co-produced by the Glimmer Twins and Steve Lillywhite, is finally released, marking the Stones' first-ever LP for CBS Records.

4th: Mick starts work on the title-track for the Disney film “Ruthless People” in London, out in July.

15th: According to USA Today newspaper, Mick has sent Keith a telegram saying that he’s not going on tour with the Stones to promote the new album because he’s working on a solo album. The Mick and Keith feud is now official. Later, Mick would defend his decision, claiming that the band was not fit enough to cross the street, let alone to go out on a world tour!

1st & 2nd: With Russell Mulcahy directing, the Stones shoot a video for "One Hit To The Body" at London's Elstree Studios. Mick and Keith jokingly play up to the rumors of band friction by staging an on-camera scuffle during the song's guitar break


20th: "One Hit to the Body"/ “Fight” single is released. It reaches Number 28 spot in the States

                  7“ single 
                   A: One Hit (MJ/KR/RW)
                   B: Fight (MJ/KR/RW)


21st: Ron Wood joins Miami Vice-star Don Johnson for the recording of a solo album at the Criteria studios in Miami! He plays guitar on “Heartache Away” and sings back-up on “Love Roulette.” The album Heartbeat is released in October.



5th: Ronnie joins an “All Star” line-up at the Storyville Jazz Hall in new Orleans for a TV-special featuring Fats Domino, Jerry Lee Lewis and Ray Charles. Ron plays guitar on “A Certain Girl,” sharing singing duties with Paul Shaffer

6th: Keith plays with Chuck Berry at the Annual Blues Festival in Chicago on “Johnny B. Goode,” “It Hurts Me Too” and “Reelin’ And Rockin’.”

7th: Keith jams with Chuck Berry and Dr. John at Billy Mulligan’s in Chicago before moving the party to The Checkerboard Lounge where Keith plays with Chuck and Junior Wells

8th: Keith is on stage with Etta James, guesting on the Stones’ “Miss You” at L.A.’s Vine Street Bar.

11th: Keith attends New York’s Panavideo studios to tape a session with Paul Schaffer, featuring many Stones songs for the American TV program “Friday Night Videos

20th: Mick showcases his “Dancing In The Street” duet with David Bowie live at the Prince’s Trust concert at the Wembley Empire Pool. Paul McCartney, Phil Collins, Tina Turner, and Eric Clapton also perform at the show in the presence of HRH’s Charles and Diana.

25th: Ronnie Wood plays with Chuck Berry at the New York Ritz. He opens the first part of the show on his own, warming up the crowd with a selection of Faces, Stones and solo songs including: “Ooh La La,” “Am I Groovin’You?,” “F.U.C. Her,” “Love In Vain” and “Outlaws,” before Chuck joins him from “Around And Around” onwards. They play a second show the same day, with Woody opening with: “Ooh La La,” “I Can feel The Fire” and “F.U.C. Her,” followed by Chuck joining on “Roll Over Beethoven” and the rest of the set

5th: Ron joins a reunion concert by The Faces at Wembley Stadium. Bill Wyman joins the band towards the end of the show while the Ronnie Lane (currently stricken with MS) sings back-up vocals.

7th: Keith and Ronnie visit United Sound Studio in Detroit to add guitar on Aretha Franklin’s version of “Jumpin’Jack Flash” as part of the soundtrack for Whoopi Goldberg’s new film which has the same title. Keith also produces the song while Steve Jordan and Chuck Leavell play.

12th: Keith goes to St. Louis to visit Chuck Berry to propose a film project celebrating the Berry’s life. Keith guests on three songs with Chuck at the local Phoenix Club

15th: Ron Wood joins Bob Dylan for three nights at New York’s Madison Square Gardens. On the 17th, he joins Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers in their support slot on “Johnny B. Goode.”


21st: Mick's "Ruthless People," the title song for the Bette Midler/Danny De Vito film, is released as a single by Epic Records. On the B-side is a new song by Mick called “I’m Ringing.”
                   7" single
                   A: Ruthless People (MJ/Daryl Hall/Dave Stewart)
                   B: I’m Ringing (MJ)

28th: Patti and Keith’s daughter Alexandra Nichol is born in New York

30th: Ron and Jo pack up their New York apartment and move back to London, where they buy a house in Wimbledon


3rd: The News Of The World uncovers the story of Bill and his teenage lover Mandy Smith. A true scandal of epic tabloid proportions ensues since Mandy was under-age when Bill started dating her.

12th: Ronnie Wood jams at an after-show party thrown by Prince at the Busby’s club in London.

14th: Ronnie joins Prince on stage at Wembley Arena during a cover of the Stones’ “Miss You.”

26th : Mick's long-form video, Running Out Of Luck, is released on CBS-Fox. 

10th: Keith travels to St. Louis to start work on the Chuck Berry bio-pic “Hail! Hail! Rock ‘N’ Roll,” which he oversees, produces, and appears in. Rehearsals show Keith jamming with 60 year-old Chuck on “Come On,” “Carol,” “I’m Through With Love” and other songs

16th: It’s showtime in St. Louis as Chuck and his band, along with Keith all take to the stage for the filming of “Hail! Hail! Rock ‘N’ Roll” over the span of two concerts

The Stones release one more single off their Dirty Work album in Canada only: “Winning Ugly” (different mixes, no B-side, on 7-inch and 12-inch formats
                  12“ single
                   A: Winning Ugly (MJ/KR) -London Mix
                   B: Winning Ugly (MJ/KR) -New York Mix


17th - 18th December: Mick starts recording his next solo-album in Holland

23rd: Keith plays on “Layla” and “Cocaine” during Eric Clapton’s gig at the New York Ritz

28th: Bill attends the “Say No To Drugs” charity do in London in the presence of Lady Diana

29th: Charlie releases his album “The Charlie Watts Orchestra Live At Fulham Town Hall,” and kicks off an eight-date American tour

1st:  Ron Wood records some tracks with Bobby Womack and Jeff Beck at his home studio in Wimbledon, South London, including “Must Be Love” and “Show Me,” which will appear years later on his 1991 solo album Slide On This

28th: At New York’s Giant Sound studios, Keith plays guitar on The Neville Brothers track “Midnight Key,” out in June next year

28th: Keith joins ex-Rolling Stone Mick Taylor on stage at The Lone Star Café in New York to play on “Key To The Highway” and the Stones’ “Can’t You Hear Me Knocking

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