3rd: Ron Wood gets married to Jo Howard at St. Mary’s Church in Denham with all Stones, except of Mick, attending. A host of celebrity-pals such as Eric Clapton, Peter Frampton and Rod Stewart also show up to the wedding

11th: At London’s Roof Gardens, Ron and Jo help Sun-columnist John Blake celebrate his successful transition to the Daily Mirror

13th: Mick premières his first solo album at a party at Chez Castel in Paris.

Quite uncharacteristically, the band embarks on rehearsal sessions to get into the swing for recording a new album. Mick arrives in Paris ready to kick off proceedings at the Pathé Marconi Studios. Keith flies in on the 11th with Woody arriving on the 20th and Bill and Charlie on the 23rd. During three separate sessions up to 2nd March, the band is mainly recording material that in the end won’t make it onto the new album. There are few new tracks, some Blues jams and plenty of covers – some Motown, Elvis and Otis Redding among them. The only song rehearsed that will make it to the new LP is “One Hit (To The Body).”


1st: One of the Master tapes for Mick’s debut solo album go missing from the studio. After two weeks, panic begins to set in and the album’s release is in doubt until the tape turns up back at the studio – reappearing as mysteriously as it vanished

4th: Mick releases his first solo single, "Just Another Night"/"Turn The Girl Loose" on CBS.

The video is directed by Julian Temple and stars Rae Dawn Chong (daughter of comic Tommy Chong of Cheech & Chong fame).

                   7" single
                   A: Just Another Night (MJ)
                   B: Turn The Girl Loose (MJ)


5th: Mick defends his solo career in the British press, claiming that “it’s kind of like having a wife and a mistress,” thus dismissing any fears of a Stones break-up

25th: The solo album, She's The Boss, is finally released in the UK. In the US, it’s released on March 4. Half the tracks are co-produced by Mick and Bill Laswell, the other half by Mick and Nile Rogers. Carlos Alomar co-wrote “Lucky In Love” and “She’s the Boss.” Guitarist Jeff Beck guests on several tracks, and Pete Townshend lends a helping hand on the Jagger/Richards tune “Lonely at the Top,” and “Hard Woman.” The legendary rhythm section Sly (Dunbar) and Robbie (Shakespeare) take on “Running out of Luck,” “Just Another Night,” and “She’s the Boss.” The album reaches Number 6 in the U.K. charts and Number 8 in America.

                  LP ‘SHE’S THE BOSS
                  A:  Lonely At The Top (MJ/KR)
                        Half A Loaf (MJ)
                        Running Out Of Luck (MJ)
                        Turn The Girl Loose (MJ)
                        Hard Woman (MJ)
                  B:   Just Another Night (MJ)
                        Lucky In Love (MJ/Carlos Alomar)
                        Secrets (MJ)
                        She’s The Boss (MJ/Carlos Alomar)


Charlie's 16-year old daughter Seraphina and another sixth form girl are reported to have been expelled from Millfield, the expensive co-cd progressive boarding school in Somerset. It is alleged that "an incident involving cannabis" was the cause.

1st: Keith flies to New York from Paris to await the arrival of his and Patti's baby.

11th: At Fulham Town Hall in London, Bill’s new ARMS charity-band Willie And The Poor Boys film a 30-minute video special to go with the release of their new album. Charlie Watts joins the line-up and Ron Wood plays saxophone

18th: Keith and Patti’s daughter Theodora Dupree is born in New York. Keith is present for the happy event

20th: Keith visits New York’s Power Station to accompany Nona Hendrix on her song “Rock This House,” for her new album The Heat, for release in August.

31st March: Bill attends the re-opening of London’s Hard Rock Café


1st: Julian Temple and Mick begin work on the video to promote his next solo single, 'Lucky In Love'.

8th - 17th June: After a slow start, the Stones reassemble in Paris to resume work on the new album at Pathé Marconi Studios. Steve Lillywhite is co- producing with The Glimmer Twins. The release date was original set for June, this is now revised to September and the album does not in fact appear until March 1986.

19th: Mick releases another solo single: 'Lucky In Love'. It enters the US charts at No. 65 and climbs to No. 38.

                  7" single 
                  A: Lucky In Love (MJ/Carlos Alomar) -7" single version
                  B: Running Out Of Luck (MJ)


1st: The Stones are approached by Bob Geldof to appear at the Live Aid charity concert and after a meeting in the Paris recording studio, the band decide not to take part. Later in the month Mick announces his participation in the event.

 Jerry Hall announces that she’s pregnant and will be having Mick’s baby in August.

24th: Bill releases the 'Willy And The Poor Boys' album on his own Ripple label as Bill I. Musicians include Charlie Watts, Jimmy Page, Andy Fairweather-Low, Chris Rea, Ray Cooper, Micky Gee, Paul Rodgers, Kenny Jones, Henry Spinetti, Steve Gregory, Geraint Watkins and Bill Wyman, who also produced it.

A single 'Baby Please Don't Go'/'Let's Talk It Over' from the 'Willy And The Poor Boys' album is also released.


The Stones finish recording at Pathé Marconi in the middle of the month. They have laid down 30 tracks.

23rd: Back at the Fulham Town Hall, Bill records a promo-video for Willie And The Poor Boys first single release. The video features Charlie on drums, Ronnie Wood on sax and also Jimmy Page and Paul Rodgers in the line-up, miming to the Otis Redding cover “These Arms Of Mine.”

29th: Mick and David Bowie had origin planned to perform a duet for Live Aid with one in the UK and the anther in the USA but the technical problems were too difficult overcome. instead they go to a London recording studio and cu 'Dancing In The Street' in just 12 hours. After the session they film video for it in London's East End to be screened during the Live Aid concert.

13th : During Live Aid, there’s a worldwide video première of the Mick and David Bowie special single release “Dancing In The Street.” The two singers wanted to synchronise a “live” presentation with Mick in the States and David in the UK but the time-delay in sound and vision wouldn’t allow it.
Later in the day, a solo Mick performs at Live Aid in Philadelphia with the Hall & Oates band. Introduced by Bette Midler, Mick kicks off with “Lonely At The Top,” “Just Another Night,” and “Miss You,” (with two Temptations) before finishing the slot with Tina Turner on stage, performing a raunchy medley of “State Of Shock”/”It’s Only Rock ‘N’ Roll,” during which Mick tears off Tina’s mini-skirt, revealing only a bodice.
Soon afterwards, Keith, Ronnie, and Bob Dylan appear on stage in Philadelphia for a raucous version of “The Ballad of Hollis Brown.”

15th: Mick is in Los Angeles to shoot a video for his next single, 'Hard Women'.
16-17th: Mick, Keith and Ron begin mixing the tapes for the new album at RPN Studios in New York City. While the are there, Jimmy Page drops by an overdubs guitar on to a couple of tracks.

26th: A party is held for Mick's 42nd birthday in the Mike Todd Room of the Palladium Club in New York City.


4th: Keith and Patti visit with Marion, Keith's father and Anita Pallenberg at Anita's Long Island house.

6th: This was the planned date of the first try-out show of The Stones’ 1985 Tour of the Americas, originally scheduled to take place at the New York Palladium, with opening gigs on 12 and 13 September at Madison Square Gardens

8th: At Media Sound studios in New York, Keith teams up with ex-Stray Cat Slim Jim Phantom and his new band (including Rocker and Slick) to play guitar on the track “My Mistake,” which will be featured on their album for release in October.

15th: Charlie falls in the cellar of his house in Devon and breaks his leg in three places. His doctor orders him to rest it for throe months.
17th: The Stones take a throe week break from mixing the. album.

19th: Mick and David Bowie’s charity duet “Dancing in the Street” is released on EMI Records and enters the Top 10 in most countries worldwide, going straight to Number One in the U.K.

                   7" single 
                   A: Dancing In The Street (Ivy Hunter/William Stevenson/Marvin Gaye)  
                   B: Dancing In The Street (Ivy Hunter/William Stevenson/Marvin Gaye) Instrumental

23rd: Mick and David Bowie's version of' Dancing In The Street released worldwide as EMI America EA 204.
In the UK it enters the charts at No. I. In the States, where !t is advertised by 20,000 posters and the promo-video is shown in 5,000 cinemas, it enters at No. 25 and gets to No. 7.
28th: At Lennox Hill hospital in New York City, Jerry Hall gives birth to James Leroy Augustine Jagger.

15th: Mick, Keith and Ron resume work, mixing the new album.

30th: On BBC-TV's Terry Wogan Show Jerry Hall says that Mick makes their new baby sleep by jumping up and down singing 'Jumpin' Jack Flash'.

18th: Ronnie Wood joins Bobby Womack on stage for a rendition of “It’s All Over Now” at New York’s Beacon Theatre

25th: Ron Wood jams with Bo Didley and Chuck Berry in L.A. during the “30th Anniversary Of Rock ‘N’ Roll All Star Jam,” which also features Bobby Keys, Mick Fleetwood, John Mayall, Mitch Mitchell and John Hammond among many others.


                    7" single
                    A: Hard Woman (MJ)
                    B: Lonely At The Top (MJ/KR)

5th: Mick turns up to support Jerry (and is seen combing her hair) at London’s Royal Albert Hall as she takes the catwalk at the “Fashion Aid” extravaganza

8th: Mick and Jerry’s son James Leroy Augustine is christened at St. Mary Abbott’s church in Kensington, London. The Stones’ business adviser Prince Rupert Loewenstein, Mick’s personal aide Alan Dunn and actress Angelica Huston all attend

18th: In order to prevent London’s Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club from closing down, Charlie offers to take a 30-piece Jazz band, named “The Charlie Watts Orchestra” into the venue free of charge for a week, performing two shows daily. Mick, Keith and Ian Stewart are in the audience at opening night and Bill pops by later in the week

30th: Mick returns the Live Aid favour by joining Tina Turner on stage at her show in Charlotte, USA. They duet on The Stones’ "Honky Tonk Women."

12th: Keyboard player Ian Stewart, the legendary Sixth Stone, dies of a heart attack in London

18th: Keith celebrates his birthday by having a low-key dinner at San Lorenzo’s restaurant in London, with Charlie an Bill among the guests.

20th: Ian Stewart's funeral is held at Randall's Park Crematorium, leatherhead, Surrey. All of the Stones attend, flying in from various parts of the world. Ian's ex-wife and 14-year son, Giles are there as well as Bill Wyman's ex-wife Diane and many of his musician friends, Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, Glyn Johns, Kenney Jones and many others.
The band are visibly affected, Mick with tears in his eyes. Keith says to Ron at the funeral: "Who's going to tell us off now when we misbehave?"
Keith and Ron fly to New York to join Patti and Jo for Christmas. Mick flies back to Mystique where Jerry and the children are waiting for him. Bill and Charlie, retire to their country houses.

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