Charlie buys a 17th century Grade 11 listed building near Barnstaple in North Devon. It has three reception rooms, six bedrooms and enough stabling for Charlie and Shirley's ten horses. Thora are 20 acres of meadows surrounding it.

9th: Mick, Keith and Jerry Hall arrive in Los Angeles.

14th: In LA, Mick takes the lead role in a Showtime TV production of the famous fairytale “The Nightingale.” He plays the Chinese Emperor. Jerry Hall also has a part.

18th: All the Stones, bar Bill Wyman, attend the première of their concert film “Let’s Spend The Night Together” in New York at Loews's Astor Theatre in New York, followed by a promotional party at The Tavern On The Green. A rare promotional 7”-single of “Let’s Spend The Night Together” (live) is released in the U.K. to celebrate the event

30th- 10th February: The Stones visit Paris to work on the next album. New songs for the album include the single “Undercover Of The Night” and the Reggae-tinted “Feel On Baby.


25th: After auditioning a number of writers, Sunday Times literary editor John Ryles is hired as "technical " writer" for Mick's autobiography for a fee of £50,000.

Bill and Astrid, after living in France for 11 years, take a three month trip around the world, stopping in Los Angeles, Maui, Hawaii, Fiji, Australia, Bali and spend a month in Japan before moving back to Gedding Hall in Suffolk, England. Not long after returning to Britain, they buy a house on Mulberry Walk, Chelsea.

10th: Mick and Jerry holiday in Mystique where Mick checks out the building of his new house and starts work on his autobiography-outline

11th: Ron Wood joins Bob Dylan at New York’s Power Station studio for the recording of Bob’s new album Infidels, which is scheduled for release on November 1. Ron plays guitar on the tracks “Neigbourhood Bully” and “I And I.” Ex-Stones guitarist Mick Taylor also guests on other tracks

28th: The Stones’ godfather Alexis Korner celebrates his “Silver Jubilee” over two nights at The Marquee in London, surrounding  himself with friends Mel Collins, Ruby Turner, Jaki Graham, Georgie Fame and  Charlie, Bill, and Ian Stewart.

Mick, Keith, and Ronnie Wood sporadically visit the Hit Factory, New York, to mix and overdub songs for the upcoming  Undercover album

1st: Keith records the solo song “Crazy Arms” at The Hit Factory in New York, with Ronnie Wood gusting

4th: Keith flies to San Francisco to join Patti Hansen who is filming Hard To Hold.

9th: Mick and Ron begin mixing and editing the new album at the Hit Factory in New York. Keith returns later in the month to join them.

1st: Mick, Keith and Woody put the finishing touches to Undercover at Compass Point Studios in the Bahamas. By the end of the session, only Mick remains. Rumours are that Mick and Keith have fallen out. Keith would later describe the impending bust-up between singer and guitarist as "World War III."

1st: EMI, CBS, MCA and Atlantic Records all start bidding to be the next Stones distributor

2nd: Mick throws a party for birthday-girl Jerry Hall at Mr. Chow’s in New York

16th: Keith joins rock’n’roll legend Jerry Lee Lewis for a live TV special on American TV. They play “Your Cheatin’ Heart,” “Little Queenie,” “High School Confidential” and “Whole Lotta Shakin’ Going On.” Mick Fleetwood joins in on drums

25th: The Who’s guitarist and long-time pal Pete Townshend writes an honorary piece in The Times, titled: “Jagger: A Butterfly Reaches 40.”

26th: Mick indeed reaches 40 and spends the day quietly in Vermont with Jerry Hall claiming that he’ll punch anyone in the mouth who dares to mention the “b” word

10th: Keith celebrates his son Marlon’s 14th birthday party at his old house in Long Island, where Anita Pallenberg still lives

20th: Ron Wood got a son (Tyrone) with Josephine
24th: Mick and Keith are in New York to start work on the new album’s promo videos
25th: The search for a new distribution deal comes to an end after The Stones’ business manager Prince Rupert has sounded out all offers. An agreement is reached and signed at 3:00 AM in Paris' Ritz Hotel by Mick Jagger, Keith Richards and CBS head Walter Yetnikoff. The deal is reportedly worth $28 million and calls for The Stones to deliver four studio albums
27th: It’s announced in the Press that Jerry is pregnant with Mick’s baby, due in five month’s time.

20th: Charlie and Bill join an “All Star” line-up for two charity shows at London’s Royal Albert Hall to help raise money for research into Multiple Sclerosis, (the disease which Ronnie Lane is suffering from). Eric Clapton and Steve Winwood each lead a set before they come together for a series of encores with Jimmy Page and Jeff Beck, and of course Ronnie Lane himself

8th: The band plays a surprise gig at Baines-Douches, a nightclub in Paris as part of a video for the new single, "Undercover of the Night."

26th - 30th: Videotaping continues in Mexico City, as Mick and Keith smash up a church for a scene in the "Undercover" clip, directed by Julian Temple. The song's theme of South American political unrest dominates the epic video. Mick's execution scene stirs some controversy, not helped by scenes of Keith sporting a skull mask and a gun. The BBC in Britain bans the video on the grounds that it is too violent.

1st: The "Undercover of the Night"/"All The Way Down" single released. A 12-inch version is released on vinyl as well as on cassette with Keith’s reggae song “Feel On Baby.” In the U.K. the single will reach Number 8. It makes it to the Number 9 spot in the US

                  7“ single
                  A: Undercover Of The Night (MJ/KR)
                  B: All The Way Down (MJ/KR)

                  12“ single
                   A: Undercover Of The Night (MJ/KR)
                   B: Feel On Baby (MJ/KR) 

7th: Undercover album is released. The sleeve shows a semi-naked woman on the cover. The American edition comes with peel-off stickers. It’s The Stones’ very first album to be released on the brand new CD format. The album gets to Number One in Britain and Number 4 in the States.

                  LP "UNDERCOVER"
                  A:  Undercover Of The Night (MJ/KR)
                        She Was Hot (MJ/KR)
                        Tie You Up (MJ/KR)
                        Wanna Hold You (MJ/KR)
                        Feel On Baby (MJ/KR)
                  B:   Too Much Blood (MJ/KR)
                        Pretty Beat Up (MJ/KR/RW)
                        Too Tough (MJ/KR)
                        All The way Down (MJ/KR)
                        It Must Be Hell (MJ/KR)


25th: Decca release the Stones’ first three EPs, “The Rolling Stones,” “Five By Five” and “Got Live If You Want It” on the 12-inch Maxi-single format. In Japan, they are released with a condom attached!

28th: Bill takes his “All Stars” project on the road to the States for a short tour. They play the Reunion Arena in Dallas, where Joe Cocker joins the second set.

1st : The ARMS “All Stars” play San Francisco’s Cow Palace, with Paul Rodgers and Jan Hammer

5th: Bill’s charity gig reaches the Los Angeles Forum

8th: Ron Wood joins the ARMS “All Stars” for two nights at New York’s Madison Square Gardens. He plays guitar on “Cocaine” in Eric Clapton’s set and “Seven Days” and “Feelin’Alright” during Joe Cocker’s set. Ian Stewart joins Jimmy Page and Paul Rodgers on “Boogie Mama.” Ron Wood stays on for the encores and joins in on “Layla,” “With A Little Help From My Friends,” “April Fool,” and “Goodnight Irene.”

16th: Mick flies into Mexico, landing in La Paz, and heads for Cabo San Lucas for Keith and Patti’s wedding.

17th: Mick and Keith play Mexico at the latter’s bachelor party and go through a back-catalogue of classics

18th: On his 40th birthday, Keith marries Patti Hansen at the Finisterra Hotel in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. It’s a low-key ceremony with Keith serenading his new bride on guitar, singing “Nearness Of You.” Mick attends the ceremony. Inspired by the whole event, Keith records a substantial amount of solo songs in his hotel room, dubbed “The Honeymoon Tapes.

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