As soon as last year’s tour draws to an end, Bill Wyman starts recording his new solo album at The Sol Studios in Cookham, England

11th: Neighbours"/"Hang Fire" single is released in the U.S. It reaches Number 20 in the charts.
                  7“ single
                  A: Hang Fire (MJ/KR)
                  B: Neighbours (MJ/KR)

1st: Mick turns down a role and the production of the film Kalki, based on a book by Gore Vidal, despite the fact that Alec Guinness is involved

3rd: Mick and Keith work with director Hal Ashby in Los Angeles to oversee editing the new Stones concert film planned to open in European cinemas late-Summer and America early next year

18th: Ronnie Wood joins Soul legend Bobby Womack on stage at the New York Ritz, followed by a jam session with Wilson Pickett and Steve Marriott.

21st: Back at The Ritz in New York, Ronnie joins Chuck Berry on stage for “Johnny B. Goode.”

25th: It is reported that Mick has hired a ghost-writer for his much-rumored autobiography. Literary Editor of the Sunday Times, John Ryle is named as the most likely candidate

1st: Mick and Keith mix tapes from the previous American tour for a live album at the Power Station studio in New York.

4th: The readers of Rolling Stone vote the Stones as Best Band of the previous year, their album “Tattoo You” is Best Album, “Start Me Up” is Best Single, Jagger/Richards are the Best Songwriters, Mick is the Best Male Vocalist and Keith is Best Instrumentalist. The magazine’s writers vote the band Artists Of The Year and their album and single both Best Of The Year

5th: A new solo single by Bill is released 'A New Fashion'/ 'Girls'.

                   7" single
                   A: A New Fashion (BW/Terry Taylor)
                   B: Girls (BW)

18th: Ron and Keith join a recording session by Reggae-legend Jimmy Cliff at New York’s Hit Factory for Cliff’s new album

25th: In New York’s Odeon, Mick and Charlie attend a dinner party thrown for Fred Hughes by Lord Jermyn

26th: Bill Wyman releases his self-titled new solo-album, which also comes out as a limited edition picture disc


26th: Keith Richards joins Jazz-diva Etta James once again in New York, this time on stage at The Other End-club, playing guitar on Big Bill Broonzy’s “Rock Me Baby


1st: All of The Stones except for Bill Wyman attent a mixing session in NYY for the new live album with songs from the American ’81 tour

17th: Ronnie Wood joins legendary Reggae-outfit Toots And The Maytals on stage at The Ritz in New York where he plays six songs with them, including “Funky Kingston.”

28th: Mick announces the launch the Rolling Stones’ European tour at the small club Le Beat Route, off Oxford Street, London. At the Pres conference, he announces that the new tour will open in Rotterdam, Holland. The tour schedule comprises 10 more main European countries. Mick says that the American act The J. Geils Band will open for them on the tour as well as George Thorogood & The Destroyers, plus some assorted local bands. The band’s additional players will be ex-Faces’ Ian McLagan and Chuck Leavell on keyboards, and Bobby Keys and Gene Barge on saxophone.


Dates: Capitol Theatre, Aberdeen, Scotiand (26); Apolio Theatre, Glasgow, Scotland (27); Green's Playhouse, Edinburgh, Scotiand (28); The 100 Club, Oxford Street,London (31).


7th - 24th: Stones rehearse at Shepperton Studios in London for the upcoming European Tour.

26th May - 25th July: THE ROLLING STONES. European Tour 1982.

26th: The Stones'tour opens in Aberdeen. Advance copies of their new album, 'Still Lite' are available for sale at
the venue.

27th: The Stones play the Apollo Theatre, Glasgow, for another rehearsal preceding the tour’s opening night kicking off in The Netherlands

28th: It’s the last small date in Scotland at Green’s Playhouse in Edinburgh. New to the set is the Big Bopper cover “Chantilly Lace.”

29th: The Stones rehearse for the tour in London and Blues-legend B.B. King drops by and says, “I just went to listen, not to sing at all. But you know how Mick Jagger is, I couldn’t leave without singing something.” King ends up singing on Big Bill Broonzy’s “Rock me Baby,” accompanied by the Stones

30th: The News Of The World reports that Keith has recently rekindled his relationship with his father Bert, whom he hasn’t seen for almost 20 years.

31st: The Stones play a surprise gig at the 100 Club, in Oxford Street, London which holds only 400 people. The Stones bill themselves as “Diz And The Doormen.”


Dates: Feijenoord Stadium, Rotterdam, Netherlands (2,4-5); Niedersachsen Stadium, Hanover, Germany (6-7); Waldbuebne, Berlin, Germany (8); Olympic Stadium, Munich, Germany (10-11); Hippodrome d'Auteuil, Paris (13-14); Stade de Garland, Lyon, France (16); Nya Ullevi Stadium, Gothenburg, Sweden (19-20); Newcastle United Football Ground, Newcastle-upon- Tyne, Northumberland (23); Wembley Stadium, Wembley, Middlesex (25-26); Bristol City Football Ground, Bristol, Avon (27); Festhalle, Frankfurt, Germany (29-30).


1st: On Ronnie Wood’s 35th birthday, the Still Life album is released. There is also a limited-edition picture disc of the album on sale. The live single "Going To A Go-Go"/"Beast Of Burden"  is also released. The album reaches Number 2 in the U.K. and Number 5 in the U.S. The single reaches Number 20 in U.S. and Number 19 in Britain.

On the tour front, a cunning conman pulls a fast one in Liverpool by “staging” a non-existent Stones-show at the Empire Theatre, complete with fake concert posters. 2,000 false tickets are sold before the conman is discovered and arrested by the police


                   7“ single                
                  A: Going To A Go Go (William Robinson/Marvin Tarplin/William P. Moore/ Robert Rogers)   
                  B: Beast Of Burden (MJ/KR)


                  LP ‘STILL LIFE’ Live-album,

                  A:  Intro: Take The A-Train (Billy Strayhorn) by Duke Ellington
                        Under My Thumb (MJ/KR)
                        Let’s Spend The Night Together (MJ/KR)
                        Shattered (MJ/KR)
                        Twenty Flight Rock (Eddie Cochran/Ned Fairchild)
                        Going To A Go Go (William Robinson/Marvin Tarplin/William P. Moore/ Robert Rogers)
                  B:   Let Me Go (MJ/KR)
                        Time Is On My Side (Jerry Ragavoy)
                        Just My Imagination (Norman Whitfield/Barrett Strong)
                        Start Me Up (MJ/KR)
                        Satisfaction (MJ/KR)
                       Outro: Star Spangled Banner (John Smith/Francis Key) by Jimi Hendrix]

2nd: The band begin their European tour in Rotterdam, Holland, on Charlie’s 42nd birthday. The crowd sing “Happy Birthday” after the drummer’s band introduction

3rd: In-between the gigs in Rotterdam Mick joins support act George Thorogood & The Destroyers at the small club Paard Van Troje in The Hague, Holland. He takes care of the main vocals on the Chuck Berry covers “Around & Around” and the medley “Let It Rock”/”Back In The USA.” Stones pianist Ian Stewart guests through out the entire 15-song set.

4th: The Stones play another two successful gigs at Rotterdam’s Feyenoord Stadium, where the fans initially throw the band off their stride during the introduction with a minutes-long football-chant of “Olé.

 12th: Mick reveals in the Press that the Stones have sent a video of one of last year’s “live” gigs to the soldiers in the British Falklands war for moral support. When asked what his point of view is on the matter, Mick diplomatically - as always - claims that it isn’t his business. A stance he and the band, have maintained since “Street Fighting Men” right up to “Undercover Of The Night,” and “Highwire.”

13-14th: Stones play L’Hippodrome in Paris and the band’s pianist Ian Stewart joins the support-act George Thorogood & The Destroyers on their full opening set

16th: In Lyon, France, at the show 400 fans faint because of the immense heat on the grounds of the Stade De Garland.

19th: The band are subjected to a humiliating but unsurprising full body and bags search at Sweden’s Gothenburg airport prior to the gigs

25th: A new solo single by Bill is released "Visions/ Nuclear Reactions"
                  7" single
                  A: Visions (BW/Terry Taylor)
                  B: Nuclear Reactions (BW)

27th: At the concert in Bristol the Stones exceed the permitted noise level by 20 decibels and in November are fined £200 by the local authority.



Dates: Festhalle, Frankfurt, Germany (1); Prater Stadium, Vienna, Austria (3); Mungersdorfer Stadium, Cologne, Germany (4-5); Vicente Calderon Stadium, Madrid, Spain (8-9); Communal Stadium, Turin, ltaly (11-12); St. Jakob Stadium, Basle, Switzerland (15); San Paolo Stadium, Naples, ltaly (17); Parc des Sportsde I'Ouest, Nice, France (20);Slane Castle, near Dublin, Eire (24); Roundhay Park, Leeds, Yorkshire (25).


2nd: Keith Richards, Ronnie Wood and Stones keyboardist Chuck Leavell sing “Sea Of Love” close-harmony in the toilet of the Hungarian restaurant “Mathias Keller” restaurant, Vienna.

7th: A proposed concert on this date at the Espanol Footbail Stadium, Barcelona, is cancelled by the Spanish footbail authorities on
June 15 for 'security' reasons after 20,000 tickets have already been sold. Another concert in Madrid on July 29, is cancelled for the same reason.

9th: The Stones fly to Nice directly after their concert in Madrid.

11th: In Turin, Mick is sporting an Italian football shirt, announcing to the crowd that Italy will beat Germany in the World Cup finals 3-1. His prediction proved to be correct.

13th: The Stones fly back to Nice from Turin. Mick has dinner with Roman Polanski at his house in Ramatuelle just outside St. Tropez.
15th: The Stones fly straight back to Nice after the concert in Switzerland.
17th:The Stones fly to Napies for that night's sell-out concert to 83,000 people.
25th: In Leeds, a thief steals a tour map presented by the Stones to tour manager Bill Graham which shows all the tour venues and is covered with messages to him from the band members.
26th: Mick throws a low-key birthday party at London’s Langan’s Brasserie
30th: Mick flies to Paris on business. Keith flies to his house in Jamaica to rest after the tour.

8th: Tour-promotor Bill Graham puts up a 1,000 Pounds for the return of his stolen tour-map which features all venues and lists all tour dates and it also includes personal written comments by the Stones themselves

13th: Hot on the heels of the last tour, The Stones hit the big screen across Europe with the ‘81 Rolling Stones concert film directed by Hal Ashby. In Germany it has the title “Rocks Off.” In other European countries such as Holland, the movie comes out in October as “Time Is On Our Side.” America has to wait until the New Year, where it’s premiered as "Let’s Spend The Night Together"

1st: Keith’s English country home Redlands is once again almost destroyed by fire when the thatched roof catchs light

13th: The live version of “Time Is On My Side” backed with the live Eddie Cochran cover “Twenty Flight Rock” is released as a single. The 12-inch contains an added live version of “Under My Thumb.

                  7“ single (Live-single)
                  A: Time Is On My Side (Jerry Ragavoy)
                  B: Twenty Flight Rock (Ned Fairchild/Eddie Cochran)

25th: Mick and his daughter Jade go and see The Who and The Clash at the JFK Stadium in Philadelphia


7th-9th :  Mick, Keith and Ronnie listen to leftovers from previous sessions and start work on the upcoming album ‘Undercover’. Pathé-Marconi Studios. Billancourt, Boulogne

13th: The British press reports that Keith is going to marry Patti Hansen. Mick will be Best Man. The ceremony is said to take place in New York


20th : Despite Press reports to the contrary, Mick and Jerry spend their Christmas break together on the Caribbean island of Mustique where they’re having a new house built.



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