16th: The New Barbarians show is forced to briefly enter the Eighties for a one-off as they have to catch up one more show in Milwaukee as part of a legal settlement

 1st: Mick is seen at a campaign-do for presidential candidate Edward Kennedy in New York

 8th: Ex-Faces and part-time Stones keyboardist Ian McLagan releases his solo album Troublemaker, featuring Ron and Keith with the rest of The New Barbarians line-up among others.

22nd: Ron Wood and Jo Howard are arrested on St. Maarten in the Dutch Antilles for alleged possession of 200 grams of coke. Four days later, charges are dropped and it's claimed in the local Press that the police planted the drugs!

 1st : Mick and Andy Warhol join author William Burroughs for dinner in New York.

13th: Bill visits London’s Pye Studios to mix the recordings of him playing at The Montreux Jazz Festival with Buddy Guy and Junior Wells’ All Stars, back in ’74, for an album release this year

18th: Mick is still in New York, sampling the party scene. He turns up at a do thrown by one Diane Von Furstenberg. Other guests include Bryan Ferry, Richard Gere, and the ever-present Andy Warhol. That same night, he jams with The Jimmy Rogers Blues Band at The Trax

28th: The Stones shoot a revolutionary new video in New York for their new single “Emotional Rescue.” The band is filmed by a thermo graphic camera, picturing them by body heat only. Around the same time, Mick and Keith finalize mixing the new album at Electric Ladyland. They mix a sanitized version of the song “She’s So Cold,” which features the word “Goddamn” so it’s fit for radio airplay. It appears that the new album has to be delayed because of the inclusion of the song “Claudine” which contains lyrics about a Miss Longet who shot dead her lover back in ’76. This track was originally set for inclusion on Some Girls. In the end, Atlantic Records lawyers strongly advised the Stones to drop the song, even though copies of the album with the offensive track had already been produced.

27th : Mick turns up at Averil Meyers’ birthday party in New York, also with his table was Diane Vreeland from Vogue.

4th: In Germany, the Rolling Stones compilation LP “Collector’s Only” appears on the market with the Otis Redding cover “I’ve Been Loving You Too Long,” sung by Mick. The song was previously found on the 1966 Got Live If You Want It! album as a fake live track, against a backdrop of a pre-recorded sea of screaming girls


18th: Mick and Jerry attend an all-red party thrown by millionaire Nelson Seabra in Paris. Bianca turns up with Andy Warhol.

20th: Emotional Rescue"/"Down In The Hole" single released. It reaches Number 8 on the charts in the U.K. and Number 3 in The States.

                     7“ single
                    A: Emotional Rescue (MJ/KR)
                    B: Down In The Hole (MJ/KR)


23rd: The Stones launch their new album Emotional Rescue in London at the Duke of Yorks’ Barracks. Charlie turns up late because he’s held up in traffic and Keith is “lost” -- last spotted in New York. The album is released with special thermo graphic photographs on the cover and a supplementary poster. Eagle-eyed journalists notice a steel plate in Keith’s nose as the heat-sensitive prints work like an X-ray. The album goes to Number One on both sides of the Atlantic, notching up 18 weeks in the UK charts and 20 weeks in the U.S.


                      'EMOTIONAL RESCUE' LP
                   A:  Dance (MJ/KR)
                         Summer Romance (MJ/KR)
                         Send It To Me (MJ/KR)
                         Let Me Go (MJ/KR)
                         Indian Girl (MJ/KR)
                   B:   Where The Boys Go (MJ/KR)
                         Down In The Hole (MJ/KR)
                         Emotional Rescue (MJ/KR)
                         She’s So Cold (MJ/KR)
                         All About You (MJ/KR)

26th: To celebrate, Stones hold a press party at Danceteria in New York. When Charlie misses his plane from London and is unable to attend, tabloids start the latest break-up rumours, with headlines like "Charlie Watts: `I hate rock'n'roll!'

Following the promo-party at New York’s Danceteria, Keith polishes off the night by joining Jim Carroll on stage at the Trax, on the song “People Who Died.”

26th: Mick celebrates his 37th birthday in Tangier, Morocco, with his daughter Jade and Jerry Hall.

2nd: Bill Wyman is once again reported to be leaving the band. Mick simply states to the press: “I don’t mind…What can I do? If people want to leave the band they just do.”

21st: Mick is quoted in Rolling Stone magazine saying, “I’m afraid Rock ‘N’ Roll has no future. It’s only recycled past.”

16th: The infamous Cocksucker Blues film is shown by its director Robert Frank at New York's Whitney Museum. Admission is $2.00. Within a week, half the population of the US claim to have witnessed the exclusive screening. The infamous “groupie orgy” scene on The Stones’ touring plane causes a lot of fuss in the boulevard press across the globe. It turns out to be a great publicity coup as, years later, Stones aide Alan Dunn goes on to explain that that particular scene was “very much manufactured” to deliberately spice up the flick!

18th: Mick buys La Fourchette, a castle-type residency in the French Loire Valley for 2 million francs.

19th: "She's So Cold"/"Send It To Me" single is released. The song is not a major hit; in the U.K. it reaches Number 23 on the charts, while in The States it reaches Number 21

                    7“ single
                    A: She’s So Cold (MJ/KR)
                    B: Send It To Me (MJ/KR)


1st: Earl McGrath resigns as President of Rolling Stones Records. He’s succeeded by Vice-President Art Collins

2nd: Mick and Bianca attend the High Court in London for the judgement on their divorce settlement. The amount is kept secret but it is thought that Bianca receives £1,000,000 plus costs. The question of custody of 9-year old Jade will be decided at a separate hearing.

11th - 12th November: The Stones return to the Pathé Marconi Studios in Paris and carry on recording. The songs “Heaven,” “Neighbours,” and “Slave” are amongst the tracks for the new album. They also have another stab at the 1972 Goats Head Soup outtake “Waiting On A Friend,” originally still with Mick Taylor. Towards the end of the sessions only Mick and Keith remain, for mixing and dubbing duties

25th: Mick and Keith start work at the Pathé Marconi Studios near Paris on the new Stones compilation album, which is titled Sucking In The Seventies. The album includes re-mixes of several tracks and some never before released songs

8th : After hearing that John Lennon has been murdered, Bill Wyman telephones WNEW-FM from his home in France to talk about John live on the air.

22nd: Andy Warhol comes round for tea to Jerry’s new apartment to visit Mick and Jerry. He returns to Jerry’s apartment only two days later, accompanied by record bosses Earl McGrath and Ahmet Ertegun

27th: Mick travels to the Peruvian jungles to begin three months of filming Fitzcarraldo with director Werner Herzog. Due to other commitments, he never completes his role.


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