18th: The Stones arrive in the Bahamas to start recordings at the Compass studios in Nassau. The sessions finish on February 12 produce songs for the new Emotional Rescue album (released the following year) as well as the Keith track “Little T&A,” which will later appear on the 1981 Tattoo You LP. “Lonely At The Top,” is one of the songs that’s set aside in the outtakes drawer. In 1985, this song resurfaces and is re-polished on Mick’s first solo album as She’s The Boss. Mick will also use it to kick off his high-powered solo-set at “Live Aid.”

23rd: A court in Los Angeles officially acknowledges Mick to be the father of Karis, daughter to Marsha Hunt

24th: Mick has recently sold his Stargroves mansion in England for 200,000 Pounds but forgot to tell his live-in caretakers and is granted an eviction order against them. Realising his error, instead of slapping them with the injunction he allows them a reasonable 28-day time period to move out

25th: The readers of Rolling Stone vote the Stones Best Band, their Some Girls as Album Of The Year and “Miss You” Single Of The Year


 8th: The Stones search for long-time road manager and aide Alan Dunn and his girlfriend Ramona who have gone missing in the Bermuda Triangle! The couple is later found safe and sound.

16th: Slightly past the festive season, Keith releases his solo single “Run Rudolph Run” / “The Harder They Come” in the U.K. on Rolling Stones Records

17th: The NME claims that Keith is uncertain about returning to Canada for the charity gigs because The Ministry of Justice is demanded a re-trial (in light of the lenient sentence was granted). Keith eventually decides to faces the music in Oshawa because he does not want to violate the conditions of his suspended sentence.


20th: The Stones will back up Keith for his “sentenced” Concert for the Blind. There’s a change of plan as the event gets enlarged and will now be staged in a bigger venue, the Oshawa Civic Auditorium where the show will take place twice, one in the afternoon and one in the evening. The hot-date is 22nd April. As soon as Keith touches down on Canadian soil, things heat up because the Justice Minister has been given the right to serve Keith a notice of appeal against his sentence

24th: Keith and Ron travel to New York. They visit Fiorucci’s, where Andy Warhol is signing copies of his magazine Interview. Warhol observes: “It was the first time I was seeing them in the daylight!” 


1st: Ron and Keith help out their friend Ian McLagan with his solo album and play on the track “Truly” and a part-reggae retake of Ronnie Wood’s ballad “Mystifies Me.” Stanley Clarke, Joseph Modeliste, and Bobby Keys lend assistance. Many people claim that the idea for Keith and Ron’s The New Barbarians group was formed during these sessions.

5th: Lawyers in New York finally manage to serve divorce papers officially to Mick, courtesy of Bianca

6th: The judge who presided over Keith’s trial defends his sentence when Keith is served with a notice of appeal as soon as he arrives in Canada. The first hearing will take place in June

20th: Ronnie Wood releases his third solo album, Gimme Some Neck in The States. The album was recorded alongside the Stones recordings for their new album and as a result features all members except Bill Wyman. Other guests on the LP are Mick Fleetwood, Nick Mason, Jim Keltner, Bobby Keys, and old Faces-mate Ian McLagan. Ronnie’s artwork is showcased on the inner and outer sleeve.

22nd: Canadian National Institute For The Blind Benefit Concerts.
The Concert for the Blind show opens with what seems to be a thrown-together outfit led by singers-guitarists Keith and Ronnie Wood, aptly called The New Barbarians. The band also features part-time Stones saxophonist Bobby Keys and ex-Faces keyboardist Ian McLagan plus Stanley Clarke on bass and Joseph Modeliste on drums. During their slot, the New Barbarians showcase songs from Ronnie Wood’s solo album Gimme Some Neck, as well as Keith’s song “Before They Make Me Run” from the Some Girls album. The event then offers a rather poignant moment when Mick and Keith perform the acoustic “Prodigal Son” together.
The Stones appear on stage to play an abridged set from their last tour. It’s the only Stones concert this year



4th: Mick is in court in London regarding his divorce with Bianca

12th: With all things relatively quiet on the Stones front, Charlie jumps at the chance to play some Boogie-Woogie with Alexis Korner’s band Rocket 88 at The Venue in London 

13th: Mick and Bill Wyman are at the Cannes Film Festival to attend a party thrown for The Who’s rock-flicks “Quadrophenia” and “The Kids Are Alright.” Mick is staying at Bill’s Rivièra residence for a while in St. Paul de Vence.

19th: Mick jams at George Harrison’s wedding in New York. Other guests who end up on stage are Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, Eric Clapton, Denny Laine, and the groom. The combo plays Eddie Cochran’s “Something Else” among other songs.

26th: Mick and Charlie attend Eric Clapton’s reception after his wedding to Patti Boyd (former wife of Beatle George Harrison). The gathering takes place at Clapton’s home in Surrey, near London.



1st :A hastily put-together mish-mash compilation album of Stones songs is released. "Time Waits For No One" The Anthology 1971 - 1977 is the last LP under the Rolling Stones Records distribution deal with the WEA label

2nd: A Los Angeles court orders Mick to a monthly payment of 1,500 Pounds to Bianca until the divorce is finalised

10th - 7th July: The Stones resume recordings for the new album, this time at the Pathé Marconi Studios in Paris. Songs recorded are for both the next album as well as 1981’s Tattoo You LP

27th: The hearing against Keith’s sentence opens in Toronto before five Appeal judges. The guitarist’s lawyers argue that Keith is no longer on drugs but that a prison sentence may cause a relapse. The prosecution maintain they want to see Keith behind bars. No judgement is passed in the end.


6th: Mick travels to London regarding his divorce and he is seen sporting a smart beard – the first beard he’s sported since his role in Ned Kelly.

15th: At the famous North Sea Jazz Festival, in The Hague, Holland, Charlie plays with Rocket 88. The band features Alexis Korner, Jack Bruce, Bob Hall and also includes George Green in the line-up.

20th: Mick and Jerry Hall meet with Andy Warhol at a Paris restaurant


11th: Ron and Keith play with The New Barbarians onstage at the prestigious Knebworth Festival in Reading, just outside London.


2nd: Bill performs with an All-Star band featuring Ringo Starr, Todd Rundgren, Dave Mason, and Kiki Dee on the American “Jerry Lewis Muscular Dystrophy Telethon.” They play “Money,” “Twist And Shout” and the Stones’ “Jumpin’Jack Flash” among other songs.

17th: The judges throw out the appeal against Keith’s Canadian sentence. They found enough evidence that ‘Keith is clean’ to uphold the original lenient sentence


10th: Charlie appears on the American “The Cleo Laine show,” taped in Paris, doing a song called “The Drum.”

15th: The Stones may play China after Mick is reported to have met the Chinese ambassador in Washington. Mick comments at the time: “We’re all looking forward to playing to people who haven’t to any large degree been exposed to rock music,” but the tour of the People’s Republic never happens

19th: The band finish recording in Paris their new album, which eventually comes out as Emotional Rescue.

21st: While in New York, Mick lends his vocals and guitar skills to a cover of his song “Heart Of Stone” by Swedish rocker Neon Leon

22nd: The Stones attend Ronnie’s daughter Leah’s first birthday party in Paris.


2nd: Bianca is granted custody of daughter Jade Jagger.

10th: Charlie and Ian Stewart team up with old mates Brian Knight and Geoff Bradford, who used to rehearse with Brian Jones’s embryonic Stones at The Bricklayer’s Arms pub in Soho back in the early Sixties. At London’s Matrix studios, they record the track “Trouble In Mind” for Knight’s new album Dark Horse


18th: Rocket 88, with Charlie, is back in London from their brief European stint, to play The Venue. Keith has his birthday party at New York’s Roxy Roller Disco> here he meets model Patti Hansen for the first time. Before his night out, Keith attends a recording session at Blue Rock Studios by the legendary Screamin’Jay Hawkins, and adds guitar to a re-take of the classic, “I Put A Spell On You” as well as the comically titled “Armpit No. 6.” The two songs are released as a single in February the next year.

31st: The Press reports that Mick and Jerry Hall bump into Bianca Jagger at a New Year’s party thrown by Woody Allen in New York.


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