10th: Keith is present at Aylesbury Crown Court charged with possession of cocaine and LSD. The previous year, he crashed on a motorway in Buckinghamshire and the police turned up and searched his Bentley. Mick attends the hearing and joins the celebration in a local pub when Keith is partly cleared (of the LSD charge) and let off with a 1,000 Pound finepluscosts

22nd: The British tabloid The News Of The World strikes again and obtains some disturbing stills from Robert Franks’ film “Cocksucker Blues,” of the 1972 tour. Mick, Keith, Charlie and Bill take out an injunction against the publication of them

Cocksucker Blues film director Robert Frank tells The News Of The World of the pressure he’s under to return his copy to The Stones’ lawyers, which he refuses to do

 2nd: Charlie Watts and Ian Stewart join a solo project by Ronnie Lane and Pete Townshend at London’s Olympic Studios.

 5th: The Stones finish mixing their new live album and Mick goes to check out the band Queen at New York’s Madison Square Gardens in the company of Elton John’s lyricist Bernie Taupin.

16th: Mick finalizes a new deal for Rolling Stones Records. They will now be distributed by EMI Records worldwide, except the USA and Canada, for another six albums, plus the back catalogue. The new doublelive album will be the last to complete the distribution deal the Stones have with WEA.

24th: Keith and Anita are stopped by customs officials upon their arrival in Toronto and ten grams of cannabis and traces of heroine are found in Anita’s luggage. They find nothing on Keith

27th: Keith and Anita Pallenberg are busted for drugs in Toronto, where the Stones were to play a series of lowkey dates at the El Mocambo club that were to become part of the live album Love You Live. The 22 grams of heroine and a fifth of an ounce of cocaine found on Keith put paid to the lowkey plans. The world’s media converge to hear the Canadian police charge Keith not just with possession, but trafficking – an indictment that carries a sentence of life imprisonment. To make matters potentially worse for the guitarist, Margaret Trudeau, wife of the Canadian Prime Minister, is regularly seen cavorting with the Stones


4th : The Stones with Keith play the tiny El Mocambo Club in Toronto twice. The 300 fans in the audience are the winners of a local radio competition. Both sets are spiced up with notoftenaired live material such as “Route 66,” “Let’s Spend The Night Together,” “Around And Around,” “Luxury,” and “Little Red Rooster.” The band also add rarely played songs such as “Mannish Boy,” “Crackin’ Up,” “Worried Life Blues,” and “Dance Little Sister, ” and the obscure outtake “Worried About You” (which would eventually be released on Tattoo You). Afterwards, Mick comments: “I wish we could make money doing gigs like this.” First Canadian Lady Margaret Trudeau attends the shows and throws an afterparty for the band at their hotel. She also books herself a suite at the Castle Harbour where she’s reported pursuing a particular band member through the corridors, thus creating a bit of a fuss on a national scale.

Setlist: Route 66Honky Tonk WomenHand Of FateFool To CryCrazy MamaCrackin’ UpAround And AroundMelodyStar Star Worried About You Let’s Spend The Night TogetherBand introductionLittle Red RoosterLuxury Brown SugarJumping Jack Flash

7th: Keith is in court and the Stones’ future is hanging in the balance. Mick is devastated.
9th: All band members, except Keith and Ian Stewart, fly to New York. While awaiting the trial, Keith and Ian record some poignant and haunting country and western ballads in Keith’s hotel suite

10th: Margaret’s “mystery Stone” love interest, according to the gossip press, turns out to be Ronnie Wood and not Mick Jagger, as was widely surmised. The New York Daily News says: “He can probably tell you more about where Margaret is staying than maybe even the Prime Minister!” The incident forces Mick to make an official statement dismissing the whole saga before it all fizzles out.

11th: Premier Trudeau defends his wife’s antics in the Press, saying it’s nobody else’s business. As for Margaret’s interest in a band one of whom may serve a life sentence for drugtrafficking, the premier merely states: “I don’t indulge in guilt by association

12th: Sixty Andy Warhol prints of Mick are on show at the Pigeonhole Gallery in London, going for 3,700 Pounds each

14th: Anita is fined $400 for possession. Keith is released on bail, but must come back for his trial on June 27

18th: In New York, Mick and Bianca go on a Stones “family” night out with Bill Wyman, his girlfriend Astrid and Ronnie Wood and his wife Krissie. They check out Iggy Pop and David Bowie at the Palladium before seeing The Eagles in concert at Madison Square Gardens, where Ronnie joins the band for the encore

1st: Keith and Anita are free to leave Toronto and head for New York where the Stones extend their American/Canadian record contract with Atlantic. Allegedly, the deal is worth a $21 million

4th: The Stones are almost on the verge of splitting up. A summit meeting is called between Mick and Keith to decide if and how the group should disband. Instead Mick and Keith get drunk together and vow to continue

2nd : Bianca has her birthday party at New York’s brand new Discotheque hotspot Studio 54 and makes her classic entrance on a white horse, which was Mick’s present

15th: Ron Wood goes to see his mentor Muddy Waters play at The Roxy in Los Angeles

25th: Keith’s case is going well. He’s out on bail. The Stones are holed up in New York’s Atlantic Studios up to June 20th to work on the new live album, which is put together from shows during the ’75 and ’76 tours as well as the El Mocambo club gigs. A lot of the album gets edited and overdubbed. Towards the end Mick and Keith are the last ones there, to put the final mixing, overdubbing and editing of the double album Love You Live.

12th: Charlie and Ian Stewart travel back to England and play with the Bob Hall & George Green Jazz band at the Swindon Arts Centre. A live album is recorded, featuring the track “Rocket 88” – which will become the name of another band Charlie will be involved with.

27th: Keith cannot attend his Toronto hearing to fix his trial date because he is receiving treatment for heroine addiction

28th: Mick is spotted with Texan fashion model and Bryan Ferry’s exgirlfriend, Jerry Hall at a dinner party in New York

 2nd: Truth is stranger than fiction. Echoing David Bailey’s practical joke (who once announced to make a film “The Assassination of Mick Jagger”) Mick tries to stop the reallife publication of the book by David Littlejohn, “The Man Who Killed Mick Jagger,” claiming that some nuttier might just go and do it.

 18th: Mick checks out recording facilities in Paris and visits the Pathé Marconie Studios, with a new Stones album in mind.

19th: Keith again misses his appointment with the Toronto courts due to his drugs treatment. The new date is now set for December 2.

24th: The Stones are offered almost one million pounds to play in the Bahamas next May, with their gig being transmitted via Satellite to movie theaters across the world. It never happens.

 1st : ABCKO and Decca release yet another “Greatest Hits” compilation, in some countries split into Volumes 1 and 2 and others as a double album under various titles

25th: Mick and Bianca are on the Greek island of Hydra, reportedly to patch up their failing marriage. They are spotted at separate tables in the same restaurant.

13th : The Stones launch the double album Love You Live in their old stomping ground The Marquee in London. Four Stones carry an oversized Keith Richards blackandwhite photograph as the guitarist cannot be with them due to his pending Canadian court case.

14th: Mick and Ronnie Wood attend a Buddy Holly fannight, marking the 41st anniversary rock’n’roller at London’s Kilburn Theatre. Holly’s old band The Crickets play and exBeatle Paul McCartney also pops in to give his regards

23rd: Love You Live is released. The cover artwork is by Andy Warhol showing a cannibalesque picture of Mick biting what appears to be a child’s hand and The Stones biting each other.

                 DoubleLP ‘Love You Live’ (Rolling Stones Records COC 89101).
                 A:  Fanfare For The Common Man (Aron Copland)
                       Honky Tonk Women (MJ/KR)
                       If You Can’t Rock MeGet Off Of My Cloud (MJ/KR)
                       Happy (MJ/KR)
                       Hot Stuff (MJ/KR)
                       Star Star (MJ/KR)
                 B:  Tumbling Dice (MJ/KR)
                       Fingerprint File (MJ/KR)
                       You Gotta Move (Fred McDowell/Rev. Gary Davis)
                       You Can’t Always Get What You Want (MJ/KR)
                 C:  Mannish Boy (McKinley Morganfield/Ellas McDaniel/Mel London)
                       Crackin’ Up (Ellas McDaniel)
                       Little Red Rooster (Willie Dixon)
                       Around And Around (Chuck Berry)
                 D:  It’s Only Rock’n Roll (MJ/KR)
                       Brown Sugar (MJ/KR)
                       Jumping Jack Flash (MJ/KR)
                       Sympathy For The Devil (MJ/KR)

27th:  The Stones celebrate the U.S. launch of the album at Trax in New York. In England, The Stones’ old concert film Ladies And Gentlemen gets its first European screening at London’s Rainbow Theatre

3rd: Both Mick and Keith take offence to the raging Punk movement who keep describing the Stones as has-beens. Keith says: “They don’t have the stamina to be real Rock Stars.” Mick states: “I told EMI, ‘If I go on the telly do worse things and say worse swear words than The Sex Pistols, will you sack us?’ ‘Cos there’s no way you’re going to get your money back. They just said: ‘No way, Mr. Jagger…’

10th: The Stones start recording their new album at the Pathé Marconi Studios in Paris. The band record the bulk of the album, including such nuggets as “Beast Of Burden,” The Temptations-cover “Just My Imagination,” “Shattered,” and the new single “Miss You”/ “Faraway Eyes.” The band also records an acoustic version of the track “Claudine.”

17th: Bianca Jagger buys a photographic portrait of Mick on the set of the film Performance by Cecil Beaton at Sotheby’s auction in London.

2nd : Keith pleads his case in Toronto court, claiming that he has made a real effort to come off drugs. The hearing continues
5th: The band returns to Paris to record more of the album.

21st: The Stones are listed in the Guinness Book Of Records as the Loudest Band Of The Year, following the gig at the El Mocambo.
25th: Mick and Jerry Hall celebrate Christmas together in London.
28th: Mick and Jerry secretly fly to Barbados and register their flight respectively under “Mr. Jagger Beaton” and “J. Hall Beaton.”



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