3rd: Mick wins the New Musical Express’s vote for Best Dressed Musician Award

10th: The Stones and Ronnie Wood hold a formal business meeting in New York.

18th  - February:  Final mixing for the upcoming album Black And Blue at Atlantic Studios, New York.

7th: Ron Wood poses with the Stones on a beach in Florida for the inner-sleeve photo of the new album

20th: BW promotes his new album Stone Alone.


28th: Ronnie Wood officially joins The Rolling Stones


26th: Tara, second son to Keith and Anita is born in Geneva, Switzerland. Sadly, the baby dies after only ten weeks. -(died 4th Jun -76)
26th: The Stones let the world know that they’re going to hit Europe on a new tour.
31st: A Los Angeles radio station plays the new Stones album without permission. Fearing that bootleggers will release the album before they do, the Stones have the broadcast stopped.

Dates: Festhalle, Frankfurt, Germany(28-29); Munsterland Halle, Munster, Germany (30).


6th: Due to the overwhelming demand, three more London dates are added to The Rolling Stones’ European tour

12th - 24th: The Stones are in the south of France to rehearse for the upcoming Tour Of Europe ‘76

20th April: The Stones release the Black and Blue album and the single "Fool To Cry"/"Crazy Mama.” The song “Hot Stuff” is the B-side in the States. Because the album is recorded during the great guitarist hunt, the eventual winner, Ronnie Wood, is only heard on two songs. On one of these songs, “Hey Negrita,” Ronnie is credited as “inspiration.” The album goes to Number One in The States and climbs to Number 2 in the U.K. The single “Fool To Cry” reaches Number 9 in the U.S. and Number 4 in the U.K.

                  7“ single (Rolling Stones Records RS 19121).
                  A: Fool To Cry (MJ/KR)
                  B: Crazy Mama (MJ/KR)


                   LP ‘Black And Blue’ (Rolling Stones Records COC 59106).
                  A:  Hot Stuff (MJ/KR)
                        Hand Of Fate (MJ/KR)
                        Cherry Oh Baby (Eric Donaldson)
                        Memory Motel (MJ/KR)
                  B:   Hey Negrita (MJ/KR)
                        Melody (MJ/KR)
                        Fool To Cry (MJ/KR)
                        Crazy Mama (MJ/KR)

25th: The Stones complete rehearsals and go their separate ways before the tour begins three days later in Frankfurt.

Dates: Osteenhalle, Kiel, Germany (2); Deutschlandhalle, Berlin, Germany(3); Stadthalle, Bremen, Germany (4); Forét Nationale, Brussels, Belgium (6-7); The Apollo, Glasgow (10-11); Granby Hall, Leicester (15); New Bindley Hall, Stafford (17-18); Earls Court, London (21-27);Footbail Stadium,  The Hague, Netherlands (29-30).


1st: British tabloid interest is still focused on the Stones. The Daily Mirror asks Keith if he and Anita plan to get married. He says, "I have been asked so often by the press and by bath our families when are we going to get married that I thought we might as well. There are so many papers we have to producer especially when we trace with the children, that it right just simplify things to have the same name on our passports.'
2nd: The authorities in Hamburg refuse to allow the Stones to play the Congress Centrum, so the concert is switched at the last minute to Kiel. In an interview in the Sunday Mirror, Ron Wood says he is planning to quit Britain. He feels persecuted by the police, particularly after they kicked his door down. "I love Britain, but l haven't lived there since last year mainly because i wouldn't feel safe in my own bed.'

8th : The Stones travel back to London and Mick is seen at David Bowie’s gig at the Wembley Empire Pool. The band then departs for Scotland where they play Glasgow on the 10th and 11th.

19th: Keith crashes his car on the M1 motorway in England and police find cocaine in the vehicle. Keith is once again forced to appear in court.
21st: Mick is made an offer he can’t refuse and becomes godfather to Stones assistant Anna Menzies’ son Jean-Paul. The christening takes place in Clapham, London. Later that day, the Stones open their prestigious seven-date showcase at Earl’s Court. It’s the pinnacle of Stones madness -- promoter Harvey Goldsmith receives a million-or-so postal applications for tickets (which would mean that the band would have to play Earls Court 67 times). Sadly, Earl’s Court provides some particularly lousy acoustics and afterwards Mick goes on record, saying: “This is the worst toilet I’ve ever played in and I’ve seen toilets!” Princess Margaret visits one of the shows and meets Mick

4th: Tara, Keith and Anita's ten week old son, dies of a "flu virus" in the hospital in Geneva where he was born.

17th: Feminists in Los Angeles object to posters of the Stones’ Black ‘N’ Blue promotional campaign which shows a tied-up and battered Roxy Music-style cover-girl in torn underwear with legs wide-apart and suspended over the fold-out sleeve with the band’s faces in close-up

22nd: The Rolling Stones play Yugoslavia for the very first time. They appear at the Domsportova Hall in Zagreb

23rd: Final date of the European tour at the Stadthalle in Vienna, Austria.

30th: Mick, Keith, Charlie, and Ronnie turn up at New York’s Electric Ladyland Studio at five in the morning just when Eric Clapton is about to end the session. Instead, the players jam until midday

26th : Mick celebrates his 33rd birthday in low-key style at his house in Montauk with neighbour Andy Warhol among the guests


Date: Knebworth House (21).

2nd: Ron Wood announces that he and Krissie are moving to Los Angeles and that she will have her child there. When they returned from a holiday in France, Krissie was stopped and searched for drugs.
Keith appears in court in Newport Parnell on three driving affiances and possession of cocaine and cannabis. He is remanded until September 6 and released on bail.

21st : The Stones headline the Knebworth festival, topping a bill that includes Lanyard Skynyrd, 10CC, Todd Rundgren’s Utopia and Hot Tuna. The crowd is whipped into a frenzy as The Stones don’t get on stage until 11.30pm -- half an hour after the festival’s official closing time – and the set contains so many numbers (the most the band has ever played before or since) that the show doesn’t close until 1.40 in the morning. Opening with “Satisfaction,” the band treat the more than patient 200,000 audience to rare live performances of “Around And Around,” “Little Red Rooster,” “Stray Cat Blues,” and “Let’s Spend The Night Together,” not played on tour since the Sixties



 2nd: Mick and Ronnie Wood mix the chosen live tapes at Atlantic Studios, New York. They drop by the TV recording of an episode of the cult music/comedy show “Saturday Night Live” featuring Joe Cocker. Soon enough, they’d be starring in it themselves.

6th: Keith shows up to court two-and-a-half hours late to face cocaine possession charges (stemming from his car crash on the M1). He tells the court that his tardiness is due to the fact his trousers hadn’t turned up on time from the dry cleaners. This prompts the Chairman of the Magistrates to comment: “It strikes me as extraordinary that any gentlemen of his stature can only afford one pair of trousers.” Keith pleads Not Guilty and his bail is set at 5,000 Pounds. The hearing date is set for January 10, 1977

30th: Ron Wood got a son (Jesse) with Krissie


1st: In London, Keith Richards records his first solo-single -- a version of Chuck Berry’s Christmas rocker “Run Rudolph Run.” Ian Stewart plays piano and Mike Driscoll plays drums. It’s not finished in time for this Christmas, or the next, so is eventually released in 1978!

25th : Mick and Bianca have an in-crowd Christmas party at their New York house. Guests include John Lennon and Yoko Ono, Andy Warhol and Paloma Picasso

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