1st: The readers of American rock magazine Creem honour the Stones in their poll for the past year’s achievements. This month’s issue lists the “It’s Only Rock ‘N’ Roll” LP as Best album, The Rolling Stones as Best Band and “Ladies And Gentlemen” as the Best Rock Film

6th: Keith and Jimmy Page visit Ronnie Wood’s home studio The Wick and record a track called “The Rover.”

18th: Melody Maker reports that The Stones are looking for a Mick Taylor replacement and suggest some preliminary possibilities such as Jeff Beck, Mick Ronson, Steve Hillage, Ry Cooder, and Peter Frampton.

19th: Keith visits CBS studios in London to duet and play guitar on old friend Alexis Korner’s version of The Stones’ “Get Off Of My Cloud.”

22nd - 9th February: The Stones convene in Rotterdam, Holland for the recording of the new album and to try out new guitarists. They bring along the Mighty Mobile and park it outside the recording venue, De Doelen. The band is joined by their old Ealing friend, Alexis Korner as they audition numerous guitar players in what is called “The Great Guitarist Hunt.” Guitarists include Jeff Beck, Rory Gallagher, Robert A. Johnson, Geoff Bradford, Wilko Johnson, Leslie West, Peter Frampton, and Steve Marriott. The band records many new tracks as well as old songs.


9th: The band decides to compile a selection of songs from the vaults in order to counter the onslaught of what they see as inferior compilation albums released by ABKCO and Decca. Bill Wyman takes the Mobile Recording Studio to his country home in Suffolk and starts sifting through boxes of tapes of unreleased material. He submits his selection, provisionally entitled The Black Box, to Allen Klein, but it is rejected, allegedly on the grounds of too few Jagger/Richards-penned materials that simply won’t bring in the royalties. ABCKO come up with their own selection, most of the which are Andrew Oldham Orchestra versions with only Mick Jagger present. This compilation, also known now as “Klein’s Revenge,” is released in June this year as the album Metamorphosis.

3rd: Allen Klein’s ABCKO has two Rolling Stones live albums ready for release, one of them being “The Great Rock ‘N’ Roll Circus” and the other a selection of previously unreleased live material.

8th: Mick travels to New York to meet up with tour manager Peter Rudge discuss the new tour, to take place this year in The States. Mick tells the press that no new guitarist has been chosen yet. Mick and Charlie start work on designing the stage and the lighting for the new tour
Mick and Rudge, who also manages The Who's US affairs, see John Entwistle's Ox at the New York Academy of Music.

11th: Mick shows up at the Los Angeles Record Plant to jam with Ron Wood and various members of Wings.

15th: It is reported that Mick Jagger has settled Marsha Hunt's paternity suit out of court.

22nd: The Stones return to Musicland Studios in Munich for more recording sessions.
30th:Ron Wood flies to Munich to join the Stones at Musicland.

4th: The Stones finish their recording sessions and return to London. Mick fries straight on to New York with the others following on in a few days. The group will rehearse for their US tour at Andy Warhol's secluded estate on the coast near Montauk, Long Island.

14th: Mick confirms that Ron Wood will be accompanying the Rolling Stones on loan from The Faces on the Stones’ tour of North and South America. Ronnie travels to Amsterdam to work on his second solo album with Bobby Womack amongst others

1st :The Stones announce their forthcoming tour with an impromptu performance on the back of a flatbed truck cruising down 5th Avenue. Originally, the band had invited the international press at the 5th Avenue Hotel but surprised them by coming around the corner playing “Brown Sugar” at full blast while promo-sheets detailing the new tour were thrown out at them.
With RW on guitar and Billy Preston on piano.

18th: Mick cuts his wrist when he goes through a glass door at a restaurant in Montauk, where the band is rehearsing for the new tour. The wound requires 20 stitches which Mick has photographed by Pop-artist Andy Warhol (whose house the band are staying in).

21st: Rehearsals for the upcoming North American tour ('Tour Of The Americas') Stewart Airport, Newburgh.
Mick shows off his new concert-playground, a revolutionary design called the “Lotus Stage,” which will open up its metallic
- petals at the start of the show to reveal the band.

23rd: Decca release The Stones’ Stevie Wonder cover “I Don’t Know Why” as a single. The first run of copies mistakenly credits Jagger/Richard/Taylor, but is soon given the correct credits of Wonder/Riser/Hunter/Hardaway. The Stones were actually working on this song the moment they got a phone call to say that Brian had died. Initially it was going to be the band’s new single back in ’69, but they had to choose “Honky Tonk Women” instead because Stevie Wonder released his version of “I Don’t Know Why.”

                  7“ single (Decca F 13584). 
                  A: I Don’t Know Why (Stevie Wonder/Paul Riser/Don Hunter/Lula Hardaway)
                  B: Try A Little Harder (MJ/KR)


Dates: Assembly Center, Baton Rouge, Louisiana (1); Convention Center, San Antonio, Texas (3-4); Arrowhead Stadium, Kansas City, Missauri (6); Milwaukee County Stadium, Milwaukeo, Wisconsin (8); Civic Center, St. Paul, Minnesota (9); Boston Garden, Boston, Massachusetts (11-12); Municipal Stadium, Cleveland, Ohio (14); Municipal Auditorium, Buffale, New York (15); Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto, Canada (17-18); Madison Square Garden, New York (22-27).


1st: The Rolling Stones start their Tour of the Americas in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The group appear straddling the unfolding lotus stage complete with Tarzan ropes for Mick to swing into the audience and a giant inflatable penis phallus which Mick rides during “Star, Star.” This particular feature will cause much consternation -- especially during dates in the South where police threaten to throw the band in jail.

2nd: The Stones fly into San Antonia, Texas in the Starship, a Boeing 707

6th: Allen Klein's ABKCO label releases 'Metamorphosis', a compilation of early tracks, in the States. lt enters the charts at No. 19 and gets to No. 8. The UK version, on Decca, contains 16 tracks, two more than the US version. It enters the UK chart at No. 27.

                  LP ‘Metamorphosis’ (Decca SKL 5212).

                   Out Of Time (MJ/KR)
                   Don’t Lie To Me (Chuck Berry)
                   Somethings Just Stick In Your Mind (MJ/KR)
                   Each And Everyday Of The Year (MJ/KR)
                   Heart Of Stone (MJ/KR)
                   I’d Much Rather Be With The Boys (KR/Andrew Oldham)
                   Sleepy City (MJ/KR)
                   We’re Wastin’ Time (MJ/KR)
                   Try A Little Harder (MJ/KR)
                   I Don’t Know Why (Stevie Wonder/Paul Riser/Don Hunter/Lula Hardaway)
                   If You Let Me (MJ/KR)
                   Jiving Sister Fanny (MJ/KR)
                   Downtown Suzie (BW)
                   Family (MJ/KR)
                   Memo From Turner (MJ/KR)
                   I’m Going Down (MJ/KR)

13th: Tour manager Pete Rudge visits Niagara Falls and instantly comments, “Don’t let Mick come here: he’ll want it on stage!”
Rolling Stones Records release the Greatest Hits compilation album Made In The Shade which features all the hits and more issues

22nd: The start of the prestigious Madison Square Gardens stint. During “Sympathy for the Devil,” Eric Clapton guests on the first night and Carlos Santana on the last night (the 27th). A troupe of 100 drummers called The Steel Association is brought on to strengthen Samba-fest finale

23rd: On the second night at the Garden, the Stones play a surprise track -- “Cherry Oh Baby” -- from their forthcoming Black ‘N’ Blue album. Later, Bob Dylan is spotted backstage, playing some of his tunes to Mick.


Dates: Capital Center, Washington, D.C. (1-2); Memorial Stadium, Memphis, Tennessee (4); The Cotton Bowl, Dallas, Texas (6); Los Angelos Forum, California (9-13); Cow Palace, San Francisco, California (15-16);The Coliseum, Seattie, Washington (18); Hughes Stadium, Denver, Colorado (19); Chieago Stadium, Illinois (23-24); Indiana University Assembly Center, Bloomington, Indiana (26); Cobo Hall, Detroit, Michigan (27-28); The Omni, Atlanta, Georgia (30); The Auditorium, Greensboro, North Carolina (31).

5th: The Arkansas Highway Patrol arrest Keith in Fordyce and charge him with carrying an offensive weapon and also hold Ron Wood who is driving with him. They are released on $162 bail. The incident happens when they rejoin the road after stopping at a roadside coffee shop. A crowd had gathered which attracted the police. Keith says,
'I bent down to change the wave- band on the radio and the car swerved slightly. A police patrol vehicle then pulled out from a lay-by and stopped us. l was then questioned about having a I concealed weapon', a penknife complete with tin-opener and
a device for removing stones from horses hooves." What is not mentioned in the news stories is that Stones aide Fred Sassier is also in the car I described as a "hitch-hiker') and is arrested for possession of cocaine. He is released on $5,000 bail.

7th: The Stones fly into Los Angeles for Ringo Starr's birthday party.
9th: Diana Ross gives a party for the Stones after their star-studded opening night at the Los Angeles Forum.

11th: After the concert, Ron Wood and Bill Wyman see Bob Marley and The Wailers play The Roxy.
19th: Elton John joins the Stones an stage at their concert in Denver.

Dates: Gator Bowl, Jacksonville, Florida (2); Freeborn Hall, Louisville, Kentucky (4); Coliseum, Hampton Roads, Virginia 16); Rich Stadium, Buffalo, N.Y. (8).

2nd: The Stones play Jacksonville, their original final date of the tour. Ronnie Wood is supposed to join The Faces for their American tour straight after, but the Stones decide to extend their tour with another three dates. The Stones gain an estimated $1 million: The Faces have to cancel their Miami shows, losing $20,000.

8th: For the last show of the tour, the Stones return to Buffalo and perform at an 80,000-capacity stadium

3rd: Decca releases a second single off the Metamorphosis album. It’s basically Chris Farlowe’s Andrew Oldham-arranged orchestral backing track, now with Mick on vocals for “Out Of Time,” coupled with the Stones ’69 outtake “Jiving Sister Fanny.”

19th: The Stones travel to Mountain Recording Studios in Montreux, Switzerland, to mix the new album. Bill Wyman is still in the States working on his solo album, but Ronnie Wood is present

15th : Decca releases the seminal double-compilation album, Rolled Gold featuring all the band’s masterpieces from the Sixties

3rd - 16th : The Stones working at Musicland Studios, Munich.

18th: On his 32nd birthday, Keith gets an unexpected present. It’s reported that Rod Stewart has left The Faces, which leaves the road open for Ronnie to join the Stones.

23rd: Mick, Bianca and daughter Jade travel to Rio de Janeiro for the Christmas.

26th:The readers Creem magazine vote the Stones: Best Band, Best R&B Group and Best Live Band as well as their album “Made In The Shade”: Best Reissue Album and Ronnie Wood: Most Valuable Player

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