Dates: Los Angeles, The Forum (18); Honolulu International Centre, Hawaii(21-22)

 4th: Presumed missing on their quest to check out the safety of Bianca’s family, Mick and Bianca turn up unscathed. Upon their return to The States, the couple is voted into 1972’s Best dressed Men and Women Poll.

10th:  Leading American Music magazine Billboard votes The Rolling Stones Best Band of 1972

11th: Due to a ban on Mick entering the country because of his previous drugs conviction six years ago, The Stones’ planned Japanese tour gets cancelled.

14th: The Stones travel to Los Angeles to rehearse for their upcoming Australasian tour

18th: At the LA Forum, Los Angeles, the Rolling Stones hold a concert in aid of the earthquake victims of Nicaragua, which raises more than $500,000. To make the concert a little more special for the fans, the band play some rare live tracks, including “Route 66,” “It’s All Over Now,” and “No Expectations.” The event turns out to be the highest grossing charity gig to date.

Dates: Western Springs Stadium, Auckland, NZ (11); Milton Park Tennis Courts, Brisbane, Australia (13-14); Koo yong Tennis Courts, Melbourne, Australia (17-18); Memorial Park Drive, Adelaide, Australia (20-21); Western Australia Cricket Ground, Perth (24); Royal Randwick Racecourse, Sydney, Australia (26-27).


11th: “Who’s Been Sleeping Here?” New Zealand fans have a chance to sample Mick’s hotel pillowcase when 16 of them used by the band are auctioned off in Auckland, raising $500 for a boys’ recreation centre.

21st: At the second concert in Adelaide, 5000 fans rioted resulting in 21 arrests.

27th: The tour comes to an end in Sydney. The following day all Stones members fly out on a brief break. Mick jets off to the States, stopping off in Jamaica to pick up the tapes of the new Goat’s Head Soup album which he, Keith and Bill are due to mix in L.A. on March 6.


26th: The advertisement for the new Lux Hotel at Heathrow features pictures of famous visitors to the London airport, including the British prime minister Edward Heath and The Rolling Stones. Heath complains that he’d never given his permission. Mick states sarcastically that the Stones have no objection to standing beside Mr. Heath and they hope he doesn’t object to standing beside them.


13th:  The track “Dancing With Mr. D.,” off The Stones’ yet-to-be released album gets a spin at Atlantic Records’ 25th Anniversary party in Paris, courtesy of Marshall Chess. Two weeks later, NME reports not to expect any airplay for the song “Starfucker” off the new album.

27th: Decca releases the previously American-only track “Sad Day” as a single in Europe, b/w "You Can’t Always Get What You Want"

30th: Mick and Bianca show up at a party thrown for  singer Bette Midler, who’s voted Entertainer of the Year by “After Dark” magazine.

2nd: Cecil Beaton’s portrait of Mick is sold at London auction house Sotheby’s for 220 Pounds.

 9th: Mick and Bianca present a cheque for just over $350,000 to Washington’s senator in aid of the Pan American Development Foundation. These are the takings, after costs, of The Stones’ Nicaraguan benefit concert.

10th: Mick and Bianca see the J. Geils Band play in New York.

18th: Mick and Bianca are in London at the Ritz hotel to attend the launch party of G&M Records. The new label has recently signed up Mick’s brother Chris, who’s about to release his first solo album.

28th: The Stones are mixing the album, 'Goat's Head Soup Records Studios in London Keith is said to be missing the sessions.

7th:  Mick and Bianca, Keith and Anita, Charlie Watts and wife Shirley, Chris Jagger, members from The Who and The Small Faces, Eric Clapton and Elton John are guests at an after-show party thrown by Paul McCartney and Wings, who’d played the Hammersmith Odeon

9th: Mick has to publicly denounce rumours that Keith Richards is leaving the band, to be replaced by The Faces’ Ron Wood. A baffled Keith can only add that he and Ronnie have simply been hanging out together while in London.

13th: Creem Magazine readers vote the Stones Band Of The Year (’72), Best Live Act, and Exile On Main Street as Best Album. Bill Wyman gets voted Best Bass Player.

18th: Actress Marsha Hunt claims that her baby Karis is Mick’s. It turns out to be true.

26th: Keith and Anita get busted at their London home in Cheyne Walk for possession of cannabis.

27th: Keith is freed on 1,000 Pounds bail, awaiting his trial regarding the drugs and gun charges.

 4th: Mick and Bianca join David Bowie, at an after-show party at London’s Café Royal following Bowie’s showcase gig at the Hammersmith Odeon

10th: Mick explains to the press that he and Bianca are not about to split up simply because she won’t be going on tour with him by saying: “You wouldn’t take your wife to the office, would you?”

30th: Mick takes a day to pursue his other great love – Cricket. He attends a Test Match at the Oval ground in London. In the meanwhile on the music front, rumours are rife that The Stones and The Faces will join forces as members from both bands have been reported to have recorded material at Ronnie Wood’s Richmond home. In the end, these sessions result in Ronnie’s first solo album, “I’ve Got My Own Album to Do,” as well as the Stones’ single “It’s Only Rock ‘N’Roll.”

31st: Keith’s country house Redlands, in West Wittering, gets partly destroyed by fire. Many valuables perish, but the couple and their children manage to escape unhurt. Dramatic photos of a drenched Keith and Anita at the time of the incident, appear in the Press

 6th: Tickets for their European tour go on sale. A fourth concert at Wembley is added to the original three due to a huge public demand

14th: The Stones decide to change the title of their album track “Starfucker” to the cleaner-sounding “Star Star.”

20th: Stones release the single "Angie"/"Silver Train." Amid the anticipation for the Goat’s Head Soup album, controversy arises surrounding a track called "Starfucker." The song includes lines about vaginal deodorant and "giving head to Steve McQueen" and, not surprisingly, the song’s title is changed at the last minute. The song is immediately banned by radio stations on both sides of the Atlantic, and the album is released only after an assurance is obtained from Steve McQueen that he will not sue Atlantic for libel.

                    7" single (Rolling Stones Records RS 19105).
                   A: Angie (MJ/KR)
                   B: Silver Train (MJ/KR)


31st: By the time the Goat's Head Soup album is released Mick is seen as the leader of the Seventies jet set – the very epitome of the new rock royalty. Never a week goes by without news and pictures of Mick and Bianca arriving at some exotic island or leaving some café society soiree.

                    "GOATS HEAD SOUP" LP (Rolling Stones Records COC 59101).

                   A:  Dancing With Mr. D. (MJ/KR)
                        100 Years Ago (MJ/KR)
                        Coming Down Again (MJ/KR)
                        Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo (MJ/KR)
                        Angie (MJ/KR)
                   B:  Silver Train (MJ/KR)
                        Hide Your Love (MJ/KR)
                        Winter (MJ/KR)
                        Can You Hear The Music (MJ/KR)
                        Star Star (MJ/KR)



Dates: Stadthalle, Vienna, Austria(1); Eisstadion, Mannheim, Germany (3); Sporthalle, Cologne, Germany(4); Empire Pool, Wembley (7-9); Bellevue, Manchester (11 - 12); City Hall, Newcastle-upon-Tyne 113); The Apollo, Glasgow (16-17); The Odeon, Birmingham (19); Innsbruck, Austria (23); Festhalle, Berne, Switzerland (25-26); Olympiahalle, Munich, Germany (28); Festhalle, Frankfurt (30).


1st: European tour begins at the Stadthalle, Vienna. Yuri Kurinoff, a representative of the Soviet Union's Ministry of Culture, attends the show. Other stops include, Cologne, London, Manchester, Glasgow, Berne, Munich, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Gothenburg, Copenhagen, Rotterdam, Brussels, and Berlin. The opening shows of the tour sees the band taking on - and dropping almost immediately - the two live rarities “100 Years Ago” and “Silver Train” off the new album. The new tracks “Star Star,” “Angie,” “Dancing With Mr. D,” and “Heartbreaker” stay firmly in place throughout the tour.


7th: The Stones start their prestigious four-gig stint at Wembley, London. Celebrity guests include Ryan O’Neil, Elliott Gould, Donald Sutherland, Peter Frampton, Jeff Beck, and David Bailey. The Stones play to 10,000 fans each night. More than 15,000 fan-postal applications have been unsuccessful.

9th: The BBC and many other radio stations around the world refuse to air the Stones’ track “Star Star.” In the U.S. people try to censor the actual song on the album itself.

Dates: Ernst Mercke Halle, Hamburg, Germany (2) Scandinavia, Gothenburg, Sweden (6); Brondby Hallen, Copenhagen, Denmark (7); Grughalle, Essen, Germany (9-11); The Ahoy, Rotterdam (13-14); Palais de Sport, Antwerp, Belgium (15); Fofét National, Brussels, Belgium (17); Deutschlandhalle, Berlin, Germany (19).


5th:  Decca attempts to cash in on the Stones tour success with the release of yet another sub-standard compilation  entitled "No Stone Unturned.”

Compilation album

 Poison Ivy (  Leiber & Stoller)
 The Singer Not The Song (MJ/KR)
 Surprise, Surprise (MJ/KR)
 Child Of The Moon (MJ/KR)
  Stoned (Nanker Phelge)
  Sad Day (MJ/KR)
 Money (Berry Gordy Jr./Janie Bradford)
 Congratulations (MJ/KR)
 I’m Moving On (Hank Snow) Live
 2120 South Michigan Avenue (Nanker Phelge)
 Long Long While (MJ/KR)
 Who’s Driving Your Plane (MJ/KR)

15th: Keith and Anita are given one-year suspended sentences and fined 5,000 francs ouch by a French court for throwing drugs parties at their villa in Villefranche- sur-mer in 1971. Keith is also banned from France for two years. Bobby Keys, the sax player with the Stones, also receives a suspended sentence.

24th: Keith and Anita are at London’s Marlborough Magistrates Court to face charges stemming from their drugs bust the previous June. After admitting possession of cannabis, Chinese heroin, Mandrax pills, an unlicensed revolver, and a shotgun with ammunition, Keith gets a fine of 205 Pounds. The judge makes his most lenient decision after hearing Keith’s lawyer’s strong defence that the drugs were left on the premises by others while Keith was out of the country.


13th: The Stones travel to Munich to start recording a new album but Mick Taylor unexpectedly bails out. He says he is sick. Session keyboard players Billy Preston and Nicky Hopkins join The Stones in their recordings.

15th: “Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo (Heartbreaker),” backed with “Dancing With Mr. D.” is released a single in The States. It reaches Number 10 in the U.S. charts

                  7" single (Rolling Stones Records RS-19109).
                  A: Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo (MJ/KR)
                  B: Dancing With Mr. D. (MJ/KR)


24th: The Stones finish recording at Musicland, Munich


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