Alan Klein’s ABKCO record label releases the Hot Rocks compilation LP.  It reaches Number 4 in the American charts

Double-LP ‘Hot Rocks 1964 - 1971 (London 2PS 606/7,). Greatest Hits-compilation.

    Time Is On My Side (Jerry Ragavoy)
    Heart Of Stone (MJ/KR)
    Play With Fire (Nanker Phelge)
   Satisfaction (MJ/KR)
   As Tears Go By (MJ/KR/Andrew Oldham)
   Get Off Of My Cloud (MJ/KR)
   Mother’s Little Helper (MJ/KR)
   19th Nervous Breakdown (MJ/KR)
   Paint It Black (MJ/KR)
   Under My Thumb (MJ/KR)
   Ruby Tuesday (MJ/KR)
   Let’s Spend The Night Together (MJ/KR)
   Jumpin' Jack Flash (MJ/KR)
   Street Fighting Man  (MJ/KR)
   Sympathy For The Devil (MJ/KR)
   Honky-Tonk Women (MJ/KR)
   Gimme Shelter (MJ/KR)
   Midnight Rambler (MJ/KR) (live)
   You Can’t Always Get What You Want (MJ/KR)
   Brown Sugar (MJ/KR)
   Wild Horses (MJ/KR)

7th: "Jamming With Edward" released on Rolling Stones Records COC 39100, produced by Glyn Jones and recorded at Olympic Studios, London, in late 1969, during the 'Let It Bleed' sessions. The absence of Keith Richard was apparently due to animosity between him and Ry Cooder - since he didn't show up in the studio, the remaining musicians decided to jam.
The results were released, several years tater as a cut-price album for fans.

A rare German single, out this month in aid of the release anti-drugs charity, has the Jamming With Edward-track “Blow With Ry” on the B-side. The A-side is a live version of “Let It Rock” recorded at a Leeds show the previous year


10th: The Stones continue recording and mixing their new album, 'Exile On Main Street' in Los Angeles.

21st:  The Stones sue Allen Klein for releasing the Hot Rocks album without their consent

Back in Britain, The Stones are voted by the readers of New Musical Express second best British band and vocal band in the world.

29th: Mick, Keith and Ian Stewart join Chuck Berry on stage at a concert at the Hollywood Palladium but, uncharacteristically, Chuck
is not satisfied with the sound and they only play three numbers together.

1st:  Mick and Bianca are at the wedding in San Francisco's China- town of John Phillips from Mamas and Papas. John goes on to recording session with most of the Stones which will result in a posthumous album in 2001

15th: Mick is in Sunset Sound Studios, L.A., rattling out his piano and vocal part for the “Exile On Main Street.”

18th: The Stones are granted an injunction against KDAY Radio, Los Angeles which has been playing two new Stones tracks non-stop for 18 hours. The tapes were stolen from Marshal Chess' house.

Keith is in such bad condition from drug addition during the mixing of 'Exile On Main Street' that he has to be flown to Switzerland to take a cure.
25th:  Decca’s “MILESTONES” compilation LP reaches Number 14 in the U.K. charts.

She Said Yeah
I Wanna Be Your Man
Time Is On My Side
Get Off My Cloud
Stray Cat Blues
Out Of Time
Not Fade Away
Yesterday's Papers
I Just Want To Make Love To You
Under My Thumb
She's A Rainbow


 4th:  Mick enjoys some time off with his wife Bianca and their daughter Jade in Bali, Indonesia


                 7" single (Rolling Stones Records RS 19103).
                   A: Tumbling Dice (MJ/KR)
                   B: Sweet Black Angel (MJ/KR)

The B-side is a lyrical lament for black activist Angela Davis. In Europe, it’s the only single taken from the Exile On Main Street double album and reaches Number 5 in the British charts. In the USA the single reaches Number 10.


 17th: Dandelion, a daughter to Keith and Anita Pallenberg, is born in Geneva, Switzerland. Her name is later changed to Angela

 25th: Mick returns from holiday and joins the band in London.


2nd: Klein and The Rolling Stones wish it to be made clear that ABKCO no longer act as business managers for The Rolling Stones.-
8th: In Los Angeles Mick  joins John and Yoko who are recording at the Record Plant.

12th: Stones release Exile On Main Street LP. The album goes to Number One around the world

                   "EXILE ON MAIN STREET" Double-LP (Rolling Stones Records COC 69100).
                   A:   Rocks Off (MJ/KR)
                          Rip This Joint (MJ/KR)
                          Shake Your Hips (James Moore)
                          Casino Boogie (
                          Tumbling Dice (MJ/KR)
                   B:    Sweet Virginia (MJ/KR)
                          Torn And Frayed (MJ/KR)
                          Sweet Black Angel (MJ/KR)
                          Loving Cup (MJ/KR)
                   C:    Happy (MJ/KR)
                          Turd On The Run (MJ/KR)
                          Ventilator Blues (MT/Mick Jagger/Keith Richards)
                          Just Wanna See His Face (MJ/KR)
                          Let It Loose (MJ/KR)
                   D:   All Down The Line (MJ/KR)
                          Stop Breaking Down (Robert Johnson)
                          Shine A Light (MJ/KR)
                          Soul Survivor (MJ/KR)

23rd: The Rolling Stones go to the U.S. Embassy, Governor Square, London, to collect their work permits for their upcoming American and Canadian tour - and all of them miss the plane except of Bill.

25th: Mick, Keith, Charlie and Mick Taylor leave Heathrow for the USA.

Dates: Pacific Coliseum, Vancouver (3); Coliseum, Seattle, Washington (4); Winterland, San Francisco, California (6); Winterland, San Francisco, California (8); Hollywood Palladium, Los Angeles, California (9); The Forum, Los Angeles, California (11); International Sports Arena, San Diego, California (13); Civic Arena, Tucson, Arizona (14);University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM. (15); Coliseum, Denver, Colorado (16); Sports Centre, St- Paul, Minnesota (18); International Amphitheatre, Chicago, Illinois (19-20); Municipal Auditorium, Kansas City, Missouri (22); Fort Worth, Texas (24); Hoffeinz Pavilion, Houston, Texas (25), Auditorium, Mobile, Alabama (27); University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, Alabama (28).

3rd:  The Stones begin their Seventh American/Canadian tour in Vancouver, British Columbia. The Vancouver concert is a sell-out and 2,000 disappointed fans try to gatecrash. Thirty policemen are injured and charges are brought against eight people.

11th: The Stones play the Forum in Los Angeles in front of an audience that includes Ike and Tina Turner, Jack Nicholson, Karen Black, John Phillips, Lou Adler, and Britt Ekland. Keyboardist Billy Preston also comes to check out the show and will join the band in a support slot the following year.

13th: Exile On Main Street reaches Number One in the UK charts as the band rolls into San Diego and more mayhem – this time 60 arrests and 15 people injured.

14th: The crowd in Tucson, Arizona goes wild when 300 gate-crashing fans are met with tear-gas from local police

15th: In Albuquerque a local ticket scam results in some 200 fans pushing their way through into the arena.

4th: The band’s concert at Washington DC’s Robert Kennedy Stadium is attended by Robert Kennedy Jr.

15th: "Happy"/"All Down The Line" is released in the USA. It enters the charts at No. 23 and rises to No. 14.

                   7" single (Rolling Stones Records RS 19104 -USA). 
                   A: Happy (MJ/KR)
                   B: All Down The Line (MJ/KR) 


17th: The gig at Montreal Forum has to start close to an hour late as a bomb explodes underneath a Rolling Stones equipment van. French separatist extremists are thought to be behind the act. The band are forced to fly in replacement equipment from L.A. That evening, riots ensue as the market is plagued with some 3,000 forged tickets. During the show Mick is hit by a bottle thrown from the audience.

18th: The Stones are due to play Boston but in dense fog, their airplane is re-directed to Warwick in Rode Island. Keith gets arrested on an assault charge because of a scuffle with a couple of intrusive photographers from a local newspaper, while Mick, Marshall Chess, and film maker Robert Frank are charged with interfering with the police. The Mayor of Boston has to intervene to get The Stones freed and on stage, only two hours late.

26th: The Stones play the last date of the tour at Madison Square Gardens. Mick celebrates with a cake wheeled on stage. For some reason he’s also given a big fluffy Panda bear. In return, Mick treats the audience to a flurry of rose petals and custard pies! A party is thrown afterwards, courtesy of Atlantic Records boss Ahmet Ertegun at the St. Regis Hotel with a host of celebrities attending - Bob Dylan, Andy Warhol, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Woody Allen, Carly Simon, Dick Cavett amongst them and – of course - Princess Lee Radziwill and Truman Capote. Mick’s Blues hero Muddy Waters teams up with Count Basie’s Big Band to provide the music. The evening culminates in Muddy jamming with Stevie Wonder and Mick.

28th:  Mick and Bianca go on holiday in Ireland for a few weeks.


7th: Charlie and Bill, the only Stones in France, are taken before a judge in Nice and formally arrested and charged. Suspects arrested in Marseilles had told police that they had seen members of The Rolling Stones taking drugs in Keith's house so all group members come under suspicion, even the two Stones known for their non-drug lifestyle. The judge tells them that their names will be removed from the suspect lists until the trial comes to court. The next time Bill flies into Nice he is frog-marched away and questioned by police. His complains and request for an apology fail on dead ears.

22nd:  Mick and Bianca, with Charlie and Shirley Watts and Mick Taylor attend a send-off party in London for (ex-)Stones secretary Shirley Arnold to work for The Faces.


 7th:  Decca release yet another compilation, this time entitled Rock ‘N’ Rolling Stones. (Decca  SKL 5149)

 20th:  Mick sings back-up vocals for Carly Simon’s “You’re So Vain.” With Mick’s back-up vocals pretty high up in the mix, this song was long thought to be about him.... or Cat Stevens or Warren Beatty.

30th: Mick, Keith, and Mick Taylor works in L.A. to plan the Stones’ next trek: a Far East tour.                                                               

1st: Allen Klein’s ABCKO label releases yet another double compilation album, entitled More Hot Rocks (Big Hits And Fazed Cookies). The album will reach Number 9 in the U.S. charts.

                   "MORE HOT ROCKS" (Big Hits & Fazed Cookies) LP‘  Greatest Hits- compilation.

Tell Me
Not Fade Away
The Last Time
It's All Over Now
Good Times, Bad Times
I'm Free
Out of Time
Lady Jane
Sittin' on a Fence
Have You Seen Your Mother, Baby, Standing in the Shadow?
We Love You
She's a Rainbow
2000 Light Years from Home
Child of the Moon
No Expectations
Let It Bleed
What to Do
Come on
Fortune Teller
Poison Ivy
Bye Bye Johnny
I Can't Be Satisfied
Long Long While


2nd:   French police in Nice issue a warrant for Keith and Anita’s arrest on drugs charges. The case against them collapses when five witnesses for the police say they had been browbeaten into saying they had seen the Stones taking drugs at Keith's house. Despite persistent attempts in cross-examination to make them indict the Stones, they insisted the police had made them sign false statements. Keith and Anita are cleared.

4th: All other Stones members fly to Nice to deal with the allegations brought against Keith and Anita. Mick issues an official statement saying that he and the other Stones are not involved in any drug-taking - or buying - at Keith’s Nellcôte house.

6th December: The Stones start recording their new album Goat’s Head Soup at Dynamic Studios in Kingston, Jamaica. The album features keyboard players Billy Preston and Nicky Hopkins as well as sax player Bobby Keyes and Jim Price amongst others. The highly productive session also produces a batch of non-album tracks, many of which remain in the can, apart from “Criss Cross,” a rare song that will turn up as a one-off on the soundtrack of the Japanese film Metamorphosis, and “Through The Lonely Nights,” which will make it to the B-side of 1974’s hit-single “It’s Only Rock ‘N’ Roll.” For the album of the same name, “Short And Curlies” is recorded during this session. Another track, “Waiting On A Friend,” which is intended for Goat’s Head Soup gets shelved until it is revived for the 1981 album Tattoo You.

14th: The intended Stones live double album from their previous American tour will not be released due to the inclusion of Stones songs owned by Decca

21st:The Jamaican Rolling Stones sessions for the upcoming Goat’s Head Soup album come to an end.

23rd: An earthquake devastates Bianca’s birthplace in Managua, Nicaragua. Five days later, Mick and Bianca fly to Managua in search of Bianca’s parents, who are finally found safe.

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