The Stones scatter across the globe but are hardly inconspicuous. Brian is kicked out of hotels across Kandy, Ceylon for being considered a “penniless beatnik,” and Mick and Keith get short shrift in Lima, Peru, for wearing “Op-Art”-trousers.

10th - 31st March: The Stones recording in Olympic Sound Studios. London


Mick and Keith combine a holyday with working on new songs i Rome and Positano.

17th  - 2nd July: The Stones recording in Olympic Sound Studios. London


7th:  After Keith’s falling-out with guest guitarist Ry Cooder (allegedly over who came up with the riff for “Honky Tonk Women”), Mick, Charlie and Bill jam with Cooder and Nicky Hopkins. The bizarre, under-par recordings are released three years later on Rolling Stones Records at an apt bargain price with Mick dismissing the session in the liner notes saying, “I hope you spend longer listening to this record than we did making it!”

14th:  Session for Mick Taylor, one 20 years old guitarist in John Mayall group, in  Olympic Sound Studios, London.

21st: The Stones attend a photo session by Ethan Russell for an upcoming compilation album. He shoots them throwing stones at a glass panel.


8th:  After a meeting with other band members, Brian Jones leaves the Stones on June 8, saying he wants to form a new group. A few days later the Stones hold a photo call in London's Hyde Park to introduce their new guitarist, Mick Taylor , who was formerly in John Mayall's Bluesbreakers. He will make his live debut with the Stones at a free concert to be held in London's Hyde Park on July 5, and plays on the upcoming single, "Honky Tonk Women" - "You Can't Always Get What You Want."

13th: Mick Taylor gets introduced to the public as new Rolling Stones-member.


3rd:    Brian Jones is found dead in his swimming pool at his home near Hartfield (Cotchford Farms), Sussex 

The next day the Daily Mirror reports: "Pop guitarist Brian Jones, who quit The Rolling Stones last month, was found dead early today. His body was discovered by friends who called at his £30,000 home at Hartfield Sussex.
It is believed to have been in the swimming pool, at the house which 25-year-old Jones moved into a few months ago.'

4th:Mick says that the free concert in Hyde Park will go on: "Brian would have wanted it to go on. We will now do the concert for him. l hope people will understand that it's because all our love for him that we are still doing it."

'Honky Tonk Woman' - 'You Can't Always Get What You Want' released. It enters the UK charts at No. 15 and spends five weeks at No- 1. In the US charts it enters at No. 79 and spends four weeks at No. 1.


                  7" single (Decca F 12952).
                  A: Honky Tonk Women (MJ - KR)
                  B: You Can't Always Get What You Want (MJ - KR)



5th: The Stones perform their Hyde Park gig, which now becomes a memorial for Brian.
              Mick Jagger reads a poem by Shelley as a dedication to Brian and releases thousands of butterflies. 

Also on the bill are a number of groups associated with Blackhill Enterprises, the organisers of the event: The Third Ear Band,   The  Battered Ornaments, Screw and King Crimson.

The setlist of the free concert was:
Adonis (Eulogy for Brian Jones) -  I'm Yours And I'm Hers - Jumping Jack Flash - Mercy Mercy - Stray Cat Blues -  No Expectations - I'm Free - Down Home Girl - Love In Vain - Loving Cup - Honky Tonk Women - Midnight Rambler -    Satisfaction - Street Fighting Man - Sympathy For The Devil


6th:  Mick Jagger leaves for Australia to film Ned Kelly.

9th: Bill and Diane Wyman are divorced.

10th: Brian Jones is buried in Cheltenham after a funeral in the same church where be used to sing as a choirboy. He wrote his own epitaph which
was read at his funeral service, 'Please don't judge me too harshly". Bill, Keith and Charlie attend the funeral. Mick is in Australia.

13th: - mid-September: Shootings for the movie Ned Kelly starring MJ in  Australia.

10th  Marlon Richards, a son to Keith and Anita Pallenberg is born at King’s College hospital in London. The couple have now moved to a townhouse in Chelsea’s Cheyne Walk, which practically makes them neighbours to Mick and Marianne.

12th: 'Honky Tonk Women' Number 1 in U.S.

31st: Keith and Charlie attend the Isle Of Wight Rock And Pop Festival to check out Bob Dylan and The Band.


2nd: 'Through The Past Darkly (Big Hits Volume Two)' is released in the USA. It reaches number two in the charts and grosses over 51 million in the first two weeks. The album comes out in a special octagonal fold-out sleeve and is dedicated to the late Brian Jones.

THROUGH THE PAST DARKLY (Big Hits Vol. 2) LP (London NPS 3).(Decca SKL 5019)

 Jumpin' Jack Flash (MJ/KR)
Mother's Little Helper  (MJ/KR)
2,000 Light Years From Home (MJ/KR)
Let's Spend The Night Together MJ/KR)
Street Fighting Man  (MJ/KR)
She's A Rainbow  (MJ/KR)
Ruby Tuesday (MJ/KR)
Dandelion (MJ/KR)
Honky-Tonk Women (MJ/KR)
Have You Seen Your Mother,...(MJ/KR)
Paint It Black (MJ/KR) 


12th: 'Through The Past Darkly (Big Hits Volume Two)' is released in the UK. It enters the charts at No. 14 and reaches No. 1.


1st:  Decca issues the Stones compilation The Promotional Album to various radio stations and media across the world. It features a selection from the band’s back catalogue and a version of “Love In Vain” (which is different to the one that will appear on the Stones’ new album Let It Bleed)




17th: The Rolling Stones arrive in Los Angeles to set up their sixth American tour. For the first time Mick has his own fashion designer, the renowned Ossie Clarke, traveling with him to provide him with stage clothing. The villa overlooking the Sunset Strip, rented by Charlie and Shirley Watts, is being used as the band’s West Coast Headquarters for the moment. To kick off the tour-furore, the band is photographed with a naked girl and a motorcycle

The concert promoters, Concert Associates and Radio Station KRLA, had reserved the first 20 rows for their 'friends' in the industry who were paying $12.50 for the privilege. Tickets sold out in eight hours. Wherever the Stones go, to see Taj Mahal at the Ash Grove and Delaney and Bonnie at the Brass Ring, the gossip columnists report their every move, right down to what they eat and in which restaurants they ate it.

26th: A birthday party is thrown for Bill at Stephen Stills’ house, where Mick and Keith are also staying. The party featuring a hash-cake.

27th:The Stones give a press conference at the Beverley Wilshire hotel (where Bill and Mick Taylor are staying) to announce the tour. Brothers Albert and Davis Maysles attend. They are hired to film the tour documentary. Also on the Stones documentary team, is author Stanley Booth who has obtained carte blanche from the band to join them on their travels and write an on-the-road book, which years later will be published as “The True Adventures Of The Rolling Stones.”

28th October - 1st November: The Stones rehearse for the tour in Stephen Stills’ house. The band kick “Street Fighting Man” and “Sympathy For The Devil” into shape. They also have a stab at playing “Monkey Man,” but it doesn’t seem to work to the band’s satisfaction and they scrap plans to play the song live… until 1994’s Voodoo Lounge Tour.


Dates: State University, Fort Collins, Colorado (7); The Forum, Los Angeles, California (8); Coliseum, Oakland, California (9); Sports Arena, San Diego, California (10); Coliseum, Phoenix, Arizona (11); Moody Coliseum, Dallas, Texas (13); University Coliseum, Auburn, Alabama (14); Assembly Hall, University of Illinois, Champagne, Illinois (15); International Amphitheatre, Chicago, Illinois (16); The Forum, Los Angeles, California (20); Olympia Stadium, Detroit, Michigan (24); The Spectrum, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (25); Civic Centre, Baltimore, Maryland (26); Madison Square Garden, New York (27-28); Boston Garden, Boston, Massachusetts (29); International Raceway, West Palm Beach, Florida (30).

7th: Stones start sixth American tour at State University, Fort Collins, Colorado the first U.S. tour since 1966 and, in the new climate of audiences who sit and listen, find the new live power and sense of occasion which remains with them to this day.  Stones begin their U.S. tour with Ike & Tina Turner and BB King supporting. There are riots for tickets in almost every city. There are also numerous death threats, some from the Black Panthers. It’s been three years since they last played the States. At their warm-up gig at the State University in Fort Collins, the band add “Under My Thumb” and “Gimme Shelter” to the setlist.

8th:The opening shows at The Inglewood Forum in L.A. feature “Live With Me” and the Blues cover “You Gotta Move.” Before showtime, Mick and Keith jam backstage with Blues legend Bukka White. Due to public demand, the second show today starts at 3:30am and continues until 5:15 in the morning. They break The Beatles’ 1966 record in ticket sales (36,000) in the L.A. area, with revenues totalling over $230,000.

9th: Because of a temporary power failure at the Oakland Coliseum, the band go acoustic and perform “Prodigal Son” and “You Gotta Move.” The Stones play another late-night second show into the early hours of the next day. A soundboard tape of one of the Oakland shows finds its way to the fans, resulting in the Liver Than You’ll Ever Be bootleg album. The album’s success forces the band and Decca to release their own live album of the tour the following year.

11th: The Stones single “Honky Tonk Women” is voted Record of the Year by BBC radio’s European Pop Jury.

20th: Two weeks before the Let It Bleed album is released, Mick announces that the Stones will play a free festival in San Francisco

26th: The Stones hold a press conference in New York and Mick confirms the plans for a free concert in San Francisco to close the tour. The hunt is on to find a venue for the largest pop concert on ever to be staged on the West Coast. The brothers David and Albert Maysles start shooting the band on tour. That night, the Stones appear in Baltimore and play a version of “Sympathy For The Devil” which morphs into The Beatles’ “Hey Jude” toward the end. The night’s version of “Under My Thumb” later turns into “I’m Free.” This medley is repeated the following two nights in New York
27th November: New York City, Madison Square Garden. David and Albert Maysles film the whole show both on stage and back stage for their Stones documentary. Glyn Johns records the shows for next year’s live album. Classical music conductor Leonard Bernstein attends the show. So does Jimi Hendrix, who is celebrating his birthday. Hendrix joins in a backstage Stones jam, but the footage is not included in the final cut of the Maysles’ documentary.

28th: “Let It Bleed” album released in the States and peaks at Number 2 in the chart.

Dates:  Altamont Speedway, Livermore, California(6); Saville Theatre, London(14); Lyceum Theatre, London(21)

  5th: As The Stones fly to San Francisco, their new album, The chart-topping Let It Bleed album is released in the U.K. and turns out to be another feast of apocalyptic blues ("Gimme Shelter"), salacious melodrama ("Midnight Rambler") and more tales from the dark side.

                   "LET IT BLEED" LP (Decca SKL 5025) (London NPS 4).

                  A :  Gimme Shelter (MJ/KR)
                         Love In Vain (Robert Johnson)
                         Country Honk (MJ/KR)
                         Live With Me (MJ/KR)
                         Let It Bleed (MJ/KR)
                   B:   Midnight Rambler (MJ/KR)
                         You Got The Silver (MJ/KR)
                         Monkey Man (MJ/KR)
                         You Can’t Always Get What You Want (MJ/KR)




6th: The U.S. tour climaxes in  Meredith Hunter killed by Hells' Angel during Stones performance at Altamont Speedway Track, California. The concert was filmed by the Maysles brothers for the upcoming Gimme Shelter-movie.



8th: Keith comes home to find his  girlfriend Anita Pallenberg on a Home Office “Get Married Or Get Out”-ultimatum

12th: The Stones visit BBC’s studios in London’s Wood Lane to record segments for three TV shows, celebrating their return home. The Stones perform “Honky Tonk Women,” for “Top Of The Pops,” plus “Let It Bleed” for the end-of-year program “Ten Years Of What?” and “Gimme Shelter” for “Pop Go The Sixties,” another end-of-year-cum-decade special.

18th: As the Stones are putting the finishing touches to “Wild Horses,” Keith has his birthday party at Olympic Studios and jams the new single “Brown Sugar,” with pals Eric Clapton joining in on guitar, Bobby Keys on saxophone and Al Kooper on piano.


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