Mick and Marianne take Marianne’s son Nicholas with them on a holiday to Nassau in the Bahamas.

The Stones spend most days at a rehearsal hall in Surrey, just jamming and getting together again rather than consciously rehearsing the album tracks.

18th: Back in London, Mick and Marianne continue to play the part of hippest couple in Rock. Not averse to a brush with the British aristocracy, they attend a party thrown by the Duke of Bedford for The Supremes. Brian comes along as well. On this rare occasion, both he and Mick are seen sporting a beard. The same day, Brian is seen at the launch party for the new band Grapefruit at London’s Hanover Grand. The Beatles’ John, Paul and Ringo also turn up. Grapefruit are the first signing to The Beatles’ Apple Records label

21st: Brian turns up at an Olympic studios recording session by The Jimi Hendrix Experience as they tape their Dylan-cover “All Along The Watch Tower” and plays some intoxicated piano on some unreleased takes. He returns five days later to add sitar to a couple of takes of the unreleased track “Little One.”


The Stones spend February through to June recording at Olympic Sound, with holiday breaks. The sessions
run from 7pm until dawn.

5th: The Rolling Stones open their very own office in London’s Mayfair

28th: Brian celebrates his 26th birthday in Paris as news breaks that The Stones will recruit American producer Jimmy Miller for their next new album. It turns out that Mick had contacted Miller because he admires the work he’s done for the band Traffic (they first met when both the Stones and Traffic were recording at Olympic the previous year). Rehearsals for the recordings start straight away and last until March 14 at the RG Jones studios in Morden, with Brian and Bill missing for some of the time and Mick trying his hand on the guitar for the first time.
The rehearsals spawned two very early (and not quite recognizable) takes of songs that eventually would make it onto the next album: “No Expectations” and “Stray Cat Blues.” There’s also a first instrumental stab at the new single, “Jumpin’Jack Flash.” When asked why the band is rehearsing, Mick wryly remarks: “Because we’ve forgotten how to do it. We’ve forgotten how to put the plugs into the amplifier. We’re just having a good time.”

15th to 18 April: The Stones are at Olympic Studios in London to start recording the new album. Mick now officially plays guitar on some of the tracks for the very first time. The band run a punishing 7pm to 8am recording schedule each day without a break as they lay down the new single “Jumpin’Jack Flash”/ “Child Of The Moon,” the album tracks “Jigsaw Puzzle” and “Parachute Woman” as well as the instrumental foundation for a song called “Did Everybody Paid Their Dues?” (which will later become “Street Fighting Man”). Bill Wyman maintains that in the last week of March he rustled up the “Jumpin’ Jack Flash”-riff on the piano whilst waiting for the rest of the band to turn up. The outtake “Family,” which is recorded during these sessions, will appear on the 1975 Decca compilation Metamorphosis

18th:  Charlie Watts got a daughter (Serafina) with Shirley

20th: Mick and Marianne go to Ireland for a holiday.
28th: The Stones film three promotional clips for their new single 'Jumpin' Jack Flash'.

Date: New Musical Express Poll Winners Concert, Empire Pool, Wembley, Middlesex (12).

1st:  After acquiring his country mansion Stargroves, Mick finds a London residence at 48 Cheyne Walk. Mick asks his friend Christopher Gibbs to decorate. At the time Christopher suggests the title for the new Stones album, Beggar’s Banquet.

2nd: After having spent some time at the Imperial Hotel, following his eviction from his flat in Chesham Street, Brian Jones finds a new home at Flat 15, Royal Avenue House in London’s Kings Road

12th: On the same day as the Paris riots, the band makes an unscheduled appearance at the NME Poll winners concert at Wembley Arena. It’s their first performance in Europe for over a year and the band premiers “Jumpin’ Jack Flash.” Mick is happy to be back on stage. “It was better than old times – one of the best receptions we have ever got!” he says afterwards.

21st May: Brian Jones is busted once again. The police raid his King’s Road flat where they find some cannabis resin in a ball of wool. Brian is taken to Chelsea Police Station where he is formally charged. He appears at Marlborough Street Magistrates Court where his bail is set at 2,000 Pounds. His arrest puts forward the date that French cinematographer Jean-Luc Godard will come into Olympic to film The Stones for his film “One Plus One

23rd: The Rolling Stones arrange to meet the press at their offices in Maddox Street in order to promote the new single, “Jumpin’ Jack Flash.

24th May: 'Jumpin'Jack Flash'/'Child Of The Moon' released in UK and USA. It enters the UK charts at No. 12 and goes to the top. In the States it enters at No. 63 and reaches No. 1.

                   7“ single (Decca F 12782).
                   A: Jumping Jack Flash (MJ/KR)
                   B: Child Of The Moon (MJ/KR)


31st: It is announced that the Stones will take part in Jean-lue Godard's next film.


1st:  It’s announced that the new Stones album will be called Beggar’s Banquet and speculation is that it will be released on July 26 -- Mick’s 25th birthday.

8th: The Stones are being photographed medieval-style around a “Beggar’s Banquet” at Sarum Chase House in Hampstead for the inner sleeve of the new album

9th: The Stones pose for another photo session for their new album, dressed in medieval-looking costumes in front of some old ruins with lots of smoke in the Derby countryside. There are also shots of the band playing cricket in a field of long grass. None of the pictures were used for the actual “Beggar’s Banquet” sleeve. They are used for the album’s promotional campaign and also show up as the back of the sleeve of the post-Stones Decca compilation Hot Rocks in the Seventies.

7th:  Keith and Bill attend a charity show at London’s Royal Albert Hall and see The Byrds, Joe Cocker, The Move, Grapefruit, and others. The Stones themselves had been invited to play, but had turned down the offer.

26th: Stones release “Street Fighting Man” in the USA. It enters the charts at No. 84 but only reaches No. 48

                 7“ single  (London 909 -US).
                  A: Street Fighting Man (MJ/KR)
                  B: No Expectations (MJ/KR)


The single “Street Fighting Man” is banned by numerous U.S. radio stations that fear that the song might incite more civil unrest in a country still reeling from riots and the assassinations of Robert Kennedy and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Mick shrugs off the fuss by saying: “I’m pleased to hear they’ve banned it, as long as it’s still available in the shops. The last time they banned one of our records in America, it sold a million!” Keith says: “They told me ‘Street Fighting Man’ was subversive. Of course it’s subversive. It’s stupid to think that you can start a revolution with a record. I wish you could! If you really want us to cause trouble we could do a few stage appearances. We are more subversive when we go on stage.”

The Beggars Banquet album is supposed to be released, but Decca objects to the Stones' graffiti-splattered toilet wall sleeve and it finally emerges in a plain white cover in December.

26th August: Brian attends his hearing at the Inner London Sessions court, pleading “not guilty” to possession of 144 grains of cannabis resin found at his Kings Road flat. He denies owning the ball of wool it was found in, claiming: “I don’t knit. I don’t darn socks. I don’t have a girlfriend who darns socks.” Mick and Keith turn up at the court in time to hear the jury’s verdict – “Guilty.” Brian then gallantly admits that he is in breach of his previous probation order. The judge passes his verdict, saying that Brian “must keep clear of the stuff,” “really watch his step,” and he warns him, “don’t get into trouble again,” fining him a lenient 50 Pounds and 105 Pounds costs. Brian sighs with relief as he faces the Press waiting outside, in the company of his girlfriend Suki Poitier, claiming that: “It’s great not to be in jail. I still protest my innocence, but I’m not interested in an appeal at this moment. It’s great to be free.”

31st August: 
                  7“ single (Decca F22825).
                  A: Street Fighting Man (MJ/KR)
                  B: No Expectations (MJ/KR)


12th: Mick begins work on the movie Performance which is being shot in London, mostly in Notting Hill.

26th: Brian Jones is fined £50 with £105 costs at the Inner London Sessions, after being found guilty of unauthorised possession of cannabis. Brian: "Ifs great not to be in jail. l was sure I was going to jail for at least a year. I never expected that I would be going home. It was such a wonderful relief.....  This summer has been one long worry to me. I knew l was innocent, but everything scams to happen to me." Mick, Keith and Brian's girlfriend Suki Potier were in court. Mick Jagger says "We are pleased that Brian didn't have to go to jail. Money doesn't matter."


4th: Marianne announces that she is pregnant Mick: 'I'm happy about Marianne having cur baby. Its real groovy. We'll probably have another three. But marriage? Can't see it happening.

9th:  The Rolling Stones and Decca finally reach a compromise over the sleeve of the new album. It will now be a design based on an invitation card (to the Beggar’s Banquet). As it turns out, it’s nothing more than the titles in script on plain white with a gold-colours border. Mick, Keith and Brian go to the Royal Albert Hall to see Tiny Tim perform.

11th: Mick finishes shooting his part in Performance.

5th: “Beggar's Banquet” (London) LP released in U.S. and reaches Number 2 in Hot 100

6th:"Beggars Banquet" released in the UK by Decca. It enters the album charts at No. 3, which is the highest it gets.

A banquet to launch the album is held at the Kensington Gore Hotel's Elizabethan Rooms in London where waitresses are dressed as serving wenches. The next day the Daily Mail reports: 'The Rolling Stones, those apostles of present-day goofiness, came out with the
oldest gag in show business yesterday - custard-pie throwing.

                   ‘BEGGAR'S BANQUET’ LP (Decca SKL 4955).
                  A: - Sympathy For The Devil (MJ/KR)
                       - No Expectations (MJ/KR)
                       - Dear Doctor (MJ/KR)
                       - Parachute Woman (MJ/KR)
                       - Jig-Saw Puzzle (MJ/KR)
                  B: - Street Fighting Man (MJ/KR)
                       - Prodigal Son (Rev. Robert Wilkins)
                       - Stray cat Blues (MJ/KR)
                       - Factory Girl (MJ/KR)
                       - Salt Of The Earth (MJ/KR)


10th - 12th: Shooting of 'The Rolling Stones Rock'n Roll Circus' in Intertel Studios, London,

but not released on CD or video before the 14th October of 1996!

18th: On Keith’s birthday, Mick and Marianne and Keith and Anita depart for Rio De Janeiro. Ten days earlier, Keith told the Sunday Express: “We are hoping to see this magician who practices both white and black magic. He has a very long and difficult name which we cannot pronounce. We just call him ‘Banana’ for short.”
On their Christmas break, Brian and his girlfriend Suki Poitier go to visit “2001 A Space Odyssey” writer Arthur C. Clarke in Ceylon


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