2nd: Mick and Marianne Faithfull attend the wedding of Sixth Stone pianist Ian Stewart to Andrew Oldham’s secretary Cynthia.


13th: The Stones record a session for the Ed Sullivan Show. Jagger mumbles the words to "Lets Spend The Night Together" rather than change them to 'Spend Some Time Together' which Sullivan wanted. Naturally several US radio stations ban the record.

'Let's Spend The Night Together'/ 'Ruby Tuesday' released in Britain and the USA.

In the UK 'Lets Spend The Nigh Together' enters the charts at 17 and climbs to No. 2. The 'B'-side 'Ruby Tuesday' enters at No. 29 rises to No. 22.
In the USA the less controversial 'Ruby Tuesday' is made the A-side. It enters the charts at No. 78 and gets to No. 1. 'Let's Spend The Night Together' enters the charts at No. 86 and reaches No. 55.


7“ single (Decca F 12546)(London 904).
                   A: Let’s Spend The Night Together (MJ/KR)
                   B: Ruby Tuesday (MJ/KR)

19th: The controversy surrounding the new Stones single spreads to England where program-makers insist on the same “cleaner” line for the chorus as Ed Sullivan. Mick and Marianne check out guitar wonder boy Jimi Hendrix at the Speakeasy Club

 The Between The Buttons album sees a further flowering of the psychedelically inclined studio experimentation expanding the Stones' current whimsical English pop music.

20th: 'Between The Buttons' released in the UK. It enters the charts at No. 4 rising only one place to No. 3.

                   "Between The Buttons" LP (Decca SKL 4852).
                   A:  Yesterday’s Papers (MJ/KR)
                         My Obsession (MJ/KR)
                         Back Street Girl (MJ/KR)
                         Connection (MJ/KR)
                         She Smiled Sweetly (MJ/KR)
                         Cool, Calm And Collected (MJ/KR)
                   B:   All Sold Out (MJ/KR)
                         Please Go Home (MJ/KR)
                         Who’s Been Sleeping Here (MJ/KR)
                         Complicated (MJ/KR)
                         Miss Amanda Jones (MJ/KR)
                         Something Happened To Me Yesterday (MJ/KR)

27th: 'Between The Buttons' released in the USA where it reaches No. 2 in the album charts.
The US version lost 'Back Street Girl' and 'Please Go Home' but gained both sides of their latest single: tracks 1 and 3.


10th: Mick, Keith, Marianne and Donovan attend a Beatles' recording session at Abbey Road to see The Beatles and a 40 piece orchestra record' A Day In The Life'.

12th: Police raid Redlands, Keith Richard's home in West Sussex after waiting for George Harrison and Pattie Boyd to leave the weekend party. Mick and Marianne, as well as the other guests, are searched. Police seize sun-tan lotion, Earl Greytea and other suspect substances for analysis. Marianne has just taken a bath and is wrapped in a fur rug when police arrive. Police also regard antique dealer Christopher Gibbs's attire as unorthodox until it is pointed out that it is the Pakistani national dress. It is widely believed that the News Of The World had kept Richard's house under surveillance and tipped the police off about the party in retaliation for Jaggers libel suit.



Dates: Indoor Hall, Malmo, Sweden (25); Indoor Hall, Orebro, Sweden (27); Stadthalle, Bremen, Germany (29); Sporthalle, Cologne, Germany (30); Westfalenhalle, Dortmund, Germany (31).

2nd: Keith, Brian, Anita Pallenberg and a friend called Deborah Dixon leave London by car for Tangier to get away from the depressing atmosphere caused by the drugs bust at Redlands.

4th: Mick flies to Tangier to be there when Keith end Brian arrive, to Morocco via France and Spain, Brian has a severe asthma attack and is hospitalised in Albi. The others continue without him. With Brian out of the way, Keith and Anita begin a long lasting affair.

15th: Brian flies to Morocco to rejoin his party who are now all in Marrakech.

17th: While Brian is away from the hotel, Keith and Anita Pallenberg, accompanied by Mick and Marianne, fly back to London from Tangier, leaving him stranded in Morocco without even a note to say where they were.

18th: A distraught Brian Jones flies back to London.

25th: The Stones begin a European tour. The London Evening News reports: 'Swedish customs officers have searched The Rolling Stones from head to toe for drugs. The pop group, arriving from Copenhagen, said they were delayed for nearly an hour as officers inspected sixteen pieces of luggage. 'They were looking for pot,' said Mick Jagger and they went through every bit of clothes we had, even our underclothes'.'

Dates: Ernst-Morke-Halle, Hamburg, Germany (1); Stadthalle, Vienna, Austria (2); Palazzo dello Sport, Bologna, ltaly (5); Palazzo dello Sport, Rome, ltaly (6); Palazza dello Sport, Milan, ltaly (8); Palazzo dello Sport, Genoa, ltaly (9); The Olympia, Paris, France (11); Sala Kongresowej, Palace Of Culture, Warsaw, Poland (13); Hallen Stadium, Zurich, Switzerland (14); Hautreust Hall,
The Hague, Netherlands (15); Panathinaikos Football Stadium, Athens, Greece (17).

2nd: The Stones play to 14,000 fans in Vienna and a smoke bomb goes off in the auditorium which sparks off a riot. Over 150 fans are arrested.


6th: At the afternoon gig in Rome, leading actresses from three corners of the world turn up to catch the show. Gina Lollobrigida, Brigitte Bardot, and Jane Fonda all attend the performance.

13th: At the Stones' first appearance behind the Iron Curtain, held at the Palais of Culture, Warsaw, police use batons and tear-gas to break up a crowd of 3,000 teenagers trying to storm the building. Hundreds of police, same wearing steel helmets, seal off the square in front of the skyscraper long before the group is due to arrive. When the Stones arrive about 1000 fans who were unable to gat tickets for the cancer[ break down the crush barriers and charge the iron gates of the building. The police draw batons and wade into the crowd then fire tear gas shells. They are met with a barrage of hogties and stones. About 30 people are arrested. Next, a crowd of about 2,000 tries to force its way into the building through an entrance at the other side of the square.
Police attack with tear gas and batons. After breaking up the crowd the police bring up two water cannons in readiness for the second performance but there are no further incidents.

14th: A fan breaks through a cordon of 300 policemen at the Stones' concert in Zurich and throws Jagger to the ground. The Daily Mirror reports: 'The youth hoisted himself onto a twenty foot high stage, specially built to keep fans at bay, and rushed Jagger from behind. He grabbed Jagger by the lapels of his floral jacket and flung him to the floor.

After the concert in Athens, Brian and Anita, still friends, fly to Cannes for the International Film Festival where A Degree Of Murder is the German entry. Keith sets off to join them, driving from Athens to Cannes by car. Mick and Charlie fly to London while Bill stays on in Greece for a week's holiday.


10th:At Chichester Crown Court Mick is formally charged with possessing four amphetamine tablets. Keith is charged with permitting his house to be used for smoking illegal substances. Robert Fraser is charged with possession of heroin and eight amphetamine tablets. All three plead not guilty and released on bail of 100 Pounds each. Everyone in the band camp thinks the ordeal is a formality, a storm in a teacup. Victory celebrations are short-lived when news comes of

Brian Jonas and his friend Prince Stanislaw's Klossowski are arrested at Brian's flat in South Kensington and charged at Chelsea police station with unlawful possession of drugs. Brian is remanded on £250 bail to appear at the Magistrates Court the next day.

11th: Brian appears at Marlborough Street Magistrates Court in Soho and his bail is extended.

13th: Brian jets out to America’s West coast with Jimi Hendrix to attend the historic Monterey Pop Festival which features The Byrds, The Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane, Buffalo Springfield, Otis Redding, and Big Brother And The Holding Company (fronted by Janis Joplin). Brian is filmed and photographed walking through the grounds and goes on stage to introduce The Jimi Hendrix Experience. He mainly hangs out with Jimi and the Velvet Underground’s Nico.
Meanwhile Mick and Marianne are spotted in Tangier and Keith and Anita temporarily reside in Paris

16th-19th: The Stones record at Olympic Studios, Barnes.

The 'Flowers 'Stones compilation album released in the USA. It reaches No. 2 in the US charts.

                         ‘Flowers’  LP (London PS 509). Issued in Scandinavian as  (Decca SKL 4888)

                   A:   Ruby Tuesday (MJ/KR)
                         Have You Seen Your Mother, Baby,... (MJ/KR)
                         Let’s Spend The Night Together (MJ/KR)
                         Lady Jane (MJ/KR)
                         Out Of Time (MJ/KR)
                         My Girl (William Robinson/Ronald White)
                   B:   Back Street Girl (MJ/KR)
                         Please Go Home (MJ/KR)
                         Mother's Little Helper (MJ/KR)
                         Take It Or Leave It (MJ/KR)
                         Ride On Baby (MJ/KR)
                         Sittin’ On A Fence (MJ/KR)


25th: Mick, Keith and Brian add their voices to the many others at The Beatles' live BBC-TV Our World telecast recording of' All You Need Is Love'.
27th: Jagger and Richard found guilty of possessing drugs and given prison sentences

The London Evening Standard reports: 'Chichester. Mick Jagger was found guilty at Chich"er today of the illegal possession of two
drugs found in his racket at the house party given by a second member of The Rolling Stones pop group "Keith Richard". Jagger was remanded to Lewis jail overnight and may be sentenced tomorrow sessions TOOK SIX minuets to reach their verdict. They bad retired after a ruling by the chairman, Judge Block, that Jagger bad no defence to the charge. Det. Sgt. Cudmore agreed that during the police raid en the house at West Wittering Jagger bad 'cooperated fully throughout and behaved in an entirely adult manner'.

29th: The London Evening Standard reports: 'Rolling Stones Mick Jagger and Keith Richard and Mayfair art gallery director Robert Fraser ware jailed this afternoon at Chichester for drug offences at Richard's house party in Sussex four months age.
The sentences imposed at West Sussex quarter sessions were Richard: one year and ordered to pay £500 towards costs; Jagger three months and £100 costs. Fraser: six months; £200 costs.' Mick is taken to Brixton jail. Keith goes to Wormwood Scrubs


1st:   London Times newspaper criticizes severity of sentences on Jagger and Richard

7th July: Brian collapses at the Hilton Hotel in London. He, and his new girl friend Suki Poitier, are admitted to The Priory Nursing Home for three weeks’ worth of treatment to recover from mental strain and severe exhaustion

8th: Paul McCartney invites Brian to play on a track they are working on at Studio 2 at Abbey Road Studios. He arrives wish his saxophone when they were expecting him to play guitar. He plays the amusing solo on 'You Know My Name'.

7th-20th: Stones record at Olympic Studio, Barnes

27th: Brian leaves for Malaga with Suki and some friends for a three-week rest.

31st: Appeal court judge gives Jagger discharge and quashes Richard's conviction


10th: - 7th September: Stones record at Olympic Sound Studios.

12th: Mick and Marianne vacation in Ireland.

                   7“ single (Decca F 12654).
                   A: We Love You (MJ/KR)
                   B: Dandelion (MJ/KR)

The hastily assembled "We Love You"/"Dandelion" single is released to thank the public for their support during the Jagger/Richards trials. Lennon and McCartney contribute backing vocals. In the U.K., the single charts its highest at Number 9. In America it’s released as a double A-side affair with the B-side “Dandelion.” The latter reaches Number 14, while “We Love You” merely makes it to Number 50 in the charts


25th: Mick and Marianne travel to Bangor in Wales and meet up with The Beatles to attend a “Transcendental Meditation”-session by guru the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.


1st:  The Stones announce that they have broken away from Andrew Oldham and will in the future produce their own records.                
A three day recording session is planned. Keith interrupts his holiday in Rome with Anita Pallenherg to fly in. Brian interrupts a holiday in Marbella and flies in the same day.

3rd: Brian announces that he has applied for a pilots licence.

5th-7th: The Stones recording at Olympic Studios. After the sessions, Brian returns to Marbella and Keith flies to Rome.

8th: Keith is granted permission to build a nine foot brick wall around his house.

14th: Mick flies in to New York from Paris. Brian, Keith, Bill and Charlie fly in from London. Both Mick and Keith are questioned by immigration officials in New York about their status after their recent brush with the law. After clarification from the UK courts, they are free to go.

16th: The Stones begin long business meetings with Allan Klein at his Broadway office. After the meetings, Mick Jagger and Michael Cooper, designer of the sleeve for their forthcoming album, go to Mt.Vernon, New York to supervise the sleeve manufacture at Pictorial Productions Limited which is the only place, apart from a plant in Tokyo, where 3-D images are manufactured. The 3-D sleeve costs $50,000 to produce because the 3-D plastic images cost $1 apices to make.

29th: The Stones return to England from the USA. It is announced that Andrew Oldham will no longer be their manager, nor will he produce their records. Their new manager will be Allen Klein and they will produce their records themselves.


5th: Keith flies to Rome to join Anita.

20th: Brian flies to the Costa del Sol to gat himself in shape for his upcoming appearance in court.

30th: Brian Jones pleads guilty to the charge of possession of cannabis. He is sentenced to 9-month and 3-month concurrent prison terms and he is sent to Wormwood Scrubs prison. The next day, a successful High Court Appeal on medical grounds leads to Brian being bailed. Later, an Appeals Court commutes the sentence to three-month probation.

12th: Rolling Stones PR Leslie Perrin releases a statement on their behalf, objecting to the contents of a speech made by Judge Leslie Block at a formal dinner given by the Horsham Ploughing and Agricultural Society in which he said, 'We did our best, your follow countrymen, l and my fellow magistrates, to cut these Stones down to size, but alas, it was not to be, because the Court of Criminal Appeal let them roil free I can only suppose that the Court of Criminal Appeal was influenced by the words of Shakespeare when he wrote his own epitaph in these words, 'Blest be the man who spares these stones'.' In view of Brian's upcoming appeal, Perrin questioned whether the Judge's words were helpful and suggested that an unbiased hearing might now be very hard to achieve.

19th: 'In Another Land'/'The Lantern' is released in the USA.

                   7“ single (London 907 ).
                   A: In Another Land (Wyman)
                   B: The Lantern (MJ/KR)

27th:  “Their Satanic Majesties Request” album is released in the USA. It ships gold before release and quickly reaches No. 2, selling  $2,500,000 worth of copies by Christmas.

27th: 'She's A Rainbow'/'2,000 light Years From Home' is released in the USA. It enters the charts at No. 77 and reaches No. 25. -

                   7“ single (London 906 )
                   A: She's A Rainbow (MJ/KR)
                   B: 2000 Light Years From Home (MJ/KR)

8th:  ‘Their Satanic Majesties Request’“album is released in the UK. It enters the charts at No. 10 and climbs to No. 3.

Their Satanic Majesties Request LP (Decca TXS 103).
                   A:  Sing This All Together (MJ/KR)
                         Citadel (MJ/KR)
                         In Another Land (BW)
                         2000 Man (MJ/KR)
                         Sing This All Together (See What Happens) (MJ/KR)
                   B:   She’s A Rainbow (MJ/KR)
                         The Lantern (MJ/KR)
                         Gomper (MJ/KR)
                         2000 Light Years From Home (MJ/KR)
                         On With The Show (MJ/KR)

12th: Three psychiatrists appear before judge Parker for Brian’s hearing at the Court of Appeals. They explain how a prison sentence would completely destroy Brian’s fragile psyche. Brian is put on three years’ probation and fined 1,000 Pounds in what the judge calls “a degree of mercy which the court has shown – not a let-off.” Mick is in the gallery, giving Brian moral support.

14th: After a night out at Covent Garden’s Middle Earth club, Brian collapses at his flat and is taken to hospital, suffering from mental exhaustion. He discharges himself within an hour.


31st December: Mick and Marianne fly to Barbados and South America for Christmas. Keith and Anita head for Tangier and Marrakech, via Paris. Bill and Astrid go to Sweden and Brian flies to Ceylon with Linda Keith. Charlie and Shirley stay in England. The year ends with the Stones being voted Number One British R&B Group, Number 2 British Vocal Group and Number 4 World Vocal Group in the NME Pop Polls.


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