‘AROUND AND AROUND’ LP (German Decca BLK-P16315).

A: Around And Around (Chuck Berry )
     Poison Ivy (  Leiber & Stoller)
     If You Need Me (Pickett & Bateman )
     2120 South Michigan Avenue (Nanker- Phelge)
     Bye Bye Johnny (Chuck Berry )
     You Better Move on  ( Alexander )
B:  I Wanna Be Your Man (John Lennon/Paul McCartney)
     Confessin' the Blues (Walter Brown/Jay McShann)
     Not Fade Away (Petty/Hardin)
     Empty Heart (Nanker Phelge)
     It’s All Over Now (Bobby and Shirley Womack)
     Good Times, Bad Times (MJ/KR)


Dates: ABC Theatre, Belfast, Northern Ireland (6); The Adelphi Theatre, Dublin, Eire (7); Savoy Theatre, Cork, Ireland (8); The Commodore, Hammersmith, London (10); Manufacturers' Auditorium, Agricultural Hall, Sydney, Australia (22-23); City Hall, Brisbane, Australia (25-26); Manufacturers' Auditorium, Agricultural Hall, Sydney, Australia (27); Palais Theatre, St Kilda, Melbourne, Australia (28-29).


1st: The Stones receive an invitation to appear on the highly-acclaimed Sunday Night At The London Palladium. Co-manager Eric Easton issues a statement indicating that the band is not quite the thing for a family entertainment show. The Stones perform at the show some two years later and cause a major stir.

6th: The Stones arrive in Ireland and appear on BBC-TV's Six Five in Belfast.

7th: The Stones play Dublin. During the sound check a very young Bob Geldof - later of Boomtown Rats/Live Aid fame -- manages to sneak into the auditorium for a brief "look and learn" session, watching Mick at work on stage

9th:The Stones return to London.

10th:The Stones play two shows today at the ABC Commodore in London's Hammersmith, with Marianne Faithfull, Zoot Money and others supporting. In an interview with the New Musical Express, the Stones talk about their new album, which will be out within a week. Keith names the Chuck Berry cover "You Can't Catch Me" as his favourite. Brian votes for Muddy Waters' "I Can't Be Satisfied."

15th: The Stones release their second album, packaging it in similar broody style to the first one with no title on the front cover. This time, the cover depicts a pimple's' all view of the band, courtesy of Mick's photographer friend David Bailey. The Rolling Stones No.2 contains more American Blues and R&B nuggets as well as three Jagger/Richards compositions. To promote the disc the band makes a live appearance on "Ready Steady Go!" performing "Time Is On My Side" and "Down The Road Apiece."


                           ‘THE ROLLING STONES. No. 2’ LP (Decca LK 4661)
                   A: Everybody Needs Somebody To Love (Bert Russell/Solomon Burke/ Jerry Wexler)
                        Down Home  Girl (Jerry Leiber/Jerry Butler)
                        You Can’t Catch Me (Chuck Berry)
                        Time Is On My Side (Jerry Ragavoy)
                        What A Shame (MJ/KR)
                        Grown Up Wrong (MJ/KR)
                   B:  Down The Road Apiece (Don Raye)
                        Under The Boardwalk (Arthur Resnick/Kenny Young)
                        I Can’t Be Satisfied (McKinley Morganfield)
                        Pain In My Heart (Allen Toussaint)
                        Off The Hook (MJ/KR)
                        Susie Q (Dale Hawkins/Stanley J. Lewis)

17th: The Stones fly to Los Angeles on their way to their first Australian tour. Also on the bill are Roy Orbison, Dionne Warwick and Rolf Harris.
In Los Angeles they record 'The Last Time' at RCA Studios.

18th: The Stones buy a lot of clothes at Beau Gentry's and Devo's, and in the evening do the rounds of the Los Angeles clubs.

19th: The Stones fly to Sydney, refuelling at Honolulu and Fiji. The flight lasts 18 hours.

21st: 3,000fans riot at Sydney airport when the Stones arrive. 300 girls tear through a chain wire fence then smash their way into the quarantine area. The group stays at the Chevron Hilton where they have a whole floor to themselves with a fabulous view of Sydney Harbour.

23rd: The Stones take a sightseeing trip around the harbour before playing three more shows.
24th: The Stones fly to Brisbane where they stay at Lennon's Hotel
26th: The Stones hire two cars and drive 50 miles to Surter's Paradise on Paradise Island, a major surfing centre. They spend the day relaxing before returning to Brisbane for the two shows that evening.
27th: The Stones return to Sydney and the Chevron Hilton.
28th: The Stones fly to Melbourne and record interviews with local television and radio. Police ban fans from the airport but about 1,000 manage to get in. Police escort the Stones to the John Batman Motor inn. They spend the afternoon at their lawyer's house, relaxing.

Dates: Theatre Royal, Christchurch, New Zealand (1); Civic Theatre Invercargill, New Zealand (2); Town Hall, Dunedin, New Zealand (3;
Town Hall, Auckland, New Zealand (6); Wellington, New Zealand (8); Palais Theatre, St. Kilda, Melbourne, Australia (10); Centennial Hall, Adelaide, Australia (12); Capitol Theatre, Perth, Australia (13); Badminton Stadium, Singapore (16), Hang Kong (17).

13th: 'The Rolling Stones Now' released in the USA. It reaches No. 5 in the album charts.

                    ‘THE ROLLING STONES, NOW’ LP (London PS 420).
                   A:  Everybody Needs Somebody To Love (Russell/Burke/Wexler)
                         Down Home Girl (Jerry Leiber/Jerry Butler)
                         You Can’t Catch Me (Chuck Berry)
                         Heart Of Stone (MJ/KR)
                         What A Shame (MJ/KR)
                         Mona (Ellas McDaniel)
                  B:    Down The Road Apiece (Don Raye)
                         Off The Hook (MJ/KR)
                         Pain In My Heart (Allen Toussaint)
                         Oh Baby (Barbara Lynn Ozen)
                         Little Red Rooster (Willie Dixon)
                         Surprise, Surprise (MJ/KR)

15th: The Stones fly from Perth to Singapore for two concerts.

16th: The Stones have lunch with the High Commissioner of Singapore and his family at Government House. After a 2 hour meal of Chinese dishes, they are given a tour of the gardens before a visit to China Town for a shopping expedition.
The Stones fly to Hong Kong then to Los Angeles via Tokyo and Honolulu, gaining a day by crossing the dateline.

18th: Mick re-records the vocal track of 'The last Time' at RCA Studios, Hollywood.
21st: Charlie is met by his wife, Shirley, in Los Angeles and they fly to Miami for a vacation. Mick and Bill return to London. Stu, Keith and Andrew Oldham fly to New York for business talks before Keith and Oldham fly an to Paris.

25th: Brian flies back to London from Hollywood where he has been staying with Joey Paige, the former guitarist with The Everly Brothers.

26th: 'The Last Time'/'Play With Fire' is released an Decca. It enter the British charts at No. 8 rising to No. 1 where it stays for 4 weeks.

                   7“ single (Decca F 12104).
                   A: The Last Time (MJ/KR)
                   B: Play With Fire (Nanker Phelge)


28th: Brian Jones celebrates his 22nd birthday with the Stones live an ABC-TV's Eamonn Andrews Show.

Dates: Regal Theatre, Edmonton, London (5); Empire Theatre, Liverpool,(6); Palace Theatre, Manchester,(17); The Futurist, Scarborough,(8); The Odeon, Sunderland, Durham (9); ABC Theatre, Huddersfield,(10); City Hall, Sheffield,(11); The Toreador, Leicester(12), Granada Theatre, Rugby, Warwickshire (13), The Odeon, Rochester, Kent (14); The Odeon, Guildford (15); Granada Theatre, Greenford, Middlesex(16), The Odeon, South end, Essex (17); ABC Theatre, Romford, Essex (18); Fyns Forum, Odense, Denmark (26); Koncert Sal, Tivoli Gardens, Copenhagen, Denmark (28, 30); Masshallen, Gothenburg, Sweden(31).

7th: The single "The Last Time" reaches Number One in the UK. In the States it has climbed up to No. 8. The Stones are in Manchester and ready to celebrate when the hotel manager refuses them entry into the dining room as they are not wearing ties. The band decide to move up to Mick's room and have their meals there.

23rd: Brian Jones got a son (Paul) with Dawn Molloy

25th: The Stones fly to Copenhagen in Denmark for a few Scandinavian dates

26th - 3rd April: Scandinavian Tour.

26th: In Odense, Denmark, at the Fyens Forum Mick becomes more electric than he'd ever hope to be. At sound check, he touches two live microphones at once. The electrical shock jolts Mick around the stage, knocking into Brian and eventually knocking out poor Bill Wyman in a 220-Volt surge. The promoter told the press afterwards that what saved Bill was Mick accidentally pulling out the main plug as he fell.

28th: The Stones see Ella Fitzgerald and Oscar Peterson in concert in Copenhagen. They also attend a party arranged by the Danish Rolling Stones fan club.

Dates: Kungliga Tennishallen, Stockholm, Sweden (1-2); Open air concert in Helsinki, Finland (3); New Musical Express Poll Winner Concert, Empire Pool, Wembley (11); The Olympia, Paris (16-18); Maurice Richard Arena, Montreal, Canada (23); YMCA Auditorium, Ottawa, Canada (24); Maple leaf Gardens, Toronto, Canada (25); Treasure Island Gardens, London, Ontario (26) Palace Theatre, Albany, New York (29); Auditorium, Worcester, Massachusetts (30).

3rd: Bill Wyman is in hospital for treatment for a severe eye infection.

5th:  The Stones fly back to London and Mick and Keith come home to their newly-found, still secret Hampstead address at 10A Holly Hill. They invite John Lennon over to listen to some records. During this month Andrew Oldham realizes the expertise of young photographer Gered Mankowitz through his work for Marianne Faithfull's new album and commissions him to do a session with the Stones. The result is the cover-shot of the UK's Out Of Our Heads and US' December's Children albums amongst many great others. The band are so happy with Gered that he is invited along on the American Tour which starts on April 22. Gered's relationship with the band would last until 1967, the year he produces the revolutionary shot for the Between The Buttons album.

13-16th: The Stones play several concerts in West Germany and record a session for German television.

16th: The Stones travel to Paris for three concerts at the Olympia. The first show is recorded by Radio Europe No. 1 for future transmission.

18th: ABC-TV shows the Stones' recording on Big Beat65.
19th: The Stones fly back to London and refuse to appear on the family TV variety show Sunday Night At The London Palladium.
22nd: The Stones fly to Montreal to begin their third North American tour.

25th: The Stones play to an audience of 16,000 at the Maple Leaf Garden.

26th: The police turn off the power and turn on the house lights in an attempt to stop the concert in London, Ontario. The Stones do their best to continue: Mick singing and playing maracas, Charlie drumming, Brian playing tambourine and Keith and Bill hand-clapping
 but no-one can hear. The police refuse to allow the concert to continue and the Stones apologise to the audience before leaving the stage.


Dates: Academy of Music, New York [afternoon] (1) Convention Hall, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (1) Georgia Southern College Auditorium, Statesboro, Georgia (4); Jack Russell Stadium, Clearwater, Florida (6); Legion Field Stadium, Birmingham, Alabama (7); Coliseum, Jacksonville, Florida (8); Aries Crown Theatre, McCormick Place, Chicago, Illinois. (9); New Civic Auditorium, San Francisco, California (14); Swing Auditorium, San Bernardino, California (15); Civic Auditorium, Long Beach, California (16); Community Concourse, Convention Hall, San Diego, California (17); Civic Auditorium, San Jose, California (21); Radcliff Convention Hall, Fresno, California I Municipal Auditorium, Sacramento, California (22); (23) Academy of Music, New York (29).

2nd: The Stones appear on CBS-TV's Ed Sullivan Show. He appears not to have banned rock'n'roll bands after all. The Stones pre-record four numbers behind locked doors. That evening London Records hold, a party in their honour.

3rd: The Stones record for the Glay Cole Show in New York.
4th: Police are called after motorists complain of topless women exposing themselves at a hotel but all they find are only the Stones sunbathing.
7th: The Stones play Birmingham, Alabama with The Beach Boys and The Righteous Brothers.
8th: Brian Jones breaks two ribs while doing karate exercises by the pool at the Stones' hotel in Jacksonville, Florida.
9th:The Stones record four tracks in 17 hours at Chess Studios, Chicago, Illinois. They fly to Los Angeles on the evening of the 11th.

12-13th: Marathon recording sessions at RCA Studios, Hollywood, result in three more tracks. On the 13th the Stones finish working on '(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction'.

16th: The Stones play Long Beach with The Byrds. Fans swarm over their limo as they leave and cave in the root by standing on it. The Stones attempt to hold up the roof while their driver pulls away with fans still hanging all over the vehicle.
The Stones record an appearance for the TV show Shivaree.

25th: The Stones fly to New York City and check into the Gotham Hotel.

                   7“ single (Decca F 12220)(London 9766).
                   A: Satisfaction (MJ/KR)
                   B: The Under Assistant West Coast Promotion Man (Nanker Phelge)

The UK version had a different 'B-Side. The 'B-Side here is a different version of the same title which appears on the 'Out Of Our Heads' album.

29th: Mick and Keith take a driving holiday through the Sonora Desert in Arizona; Charlie Watts, a scholar of American history, goes to Gettysburg to further his studies; Brian and Bill return to Los Angeles to party.


Dates: The Odeon, Glasgow, Scotland (15); Usher Hall, Edinburgh, Scotland (16); Capitol Theatre, Aberdeen, Scotland (17); Caird Hall, Dundee, Scotland (18); Messhallen, Oslo, Norway (24); Yyteri Beach, Pori, Finland (25); Copenhagen, Denmark (26); Baltiska Hallen, Malmo, Sweden (29).

The Stones are back in London. Mick and Keith are now homeless, having moved out of their flat in Hampstead and set up camp at the Hilton. Days later Mick moves in with his friend, the photographer David Bailey.

11th: 'Got live lf You Want It' EP released on Decca recorded live on the 4th England Tour (5th - 18th March 1965). It enters UK charts at No. 13 and reaches No. 7.


                   ‘GOT LIVE IF YOU WANT IT’ EP (Decca DFE 8620).

A:  (We Want The Stones) (Nanker Phelge)
      Everybody Needs Somebody To Love (Russell/Burke/Wexler)
      Pain In My Heart (Allen Toussaint)
      Route 66 (Bobby Troup)
B:   I’m Moving On (Hank Snow) 
      I’m Alright (Ellas McDaniel)

(Issued in Scandinavian as EP (Decca SDE 7502), missing Route 66)


23rd: The Stones fly over to Scandinavia for seven shows, one of which is an outdoor event in Finland attended by 15,000fans
24th: Baton-wielding police battle with rioting fans as an audience at 3,000 goes berserk during the Stones' first visit to Norway. One girl reaches the stage, kisses Charlie Watts and faints dead away.
26th: Falkoner Centret, Copenhagen, Denmark

Dates: The Odeon, Exeter, Devon (16); Guildhall, Portsmouth,(17); Gaumont Theatre, Bournemouth,(18); ABC Theatre, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk (25); Leicester (26).

30th : 'Out Of Our Heads' album released in the USA and Europe. It reaches No. 1 on the album charts on August 21st.

                    Issued in Scandinavian as ( Decca SKL 4725 )

                   ‘Out Of Our Heads’ LP (London PS 429). ( Decca SKL 4725 )
                   A:   Mercy, Mercy (Don Covay/Ronnie Miller)
                         Hitch Hike (Marvin Gaye/William Stevenson/Clarence Paul)
                         The Last Time (MJ/KR) 
                         That’s How Strong My Love Is (Roosevelt Jamison)
                         Good Times (Sam Cooke)
                         I’m Alright (Ellas McDaniel)
                   B:   Satisfaction (MJ/KR)
                         Cry To Me (Bert Russell)
                         The Under Assistant West Coast Promotion Man (Nanker Phelge)
                         Play With Fire (Nanker Phelge)
                         The Spider And The Fly (Nanker Phelge)
                         One More Try (MJ/KR)


 Dates: London Palladium (1); The Futurist, Scarborough(22).

1st: The Stones do two shows at the Palladium supported by The Walker Brothers, The Moody Blues, The Quiet Five, The Fourmost and Julia Grant.

3rd: The Stones go on vacation.  Mick and his girlfriend Chrissie Shrimpton join Brian Jones and his girlfriend, 18-year old Linda Lawrence on a trip to Tangier. Bill goes to Germany. Keith goes to the South of France.

14th: Mick, Keith and manager Andrew Oldham fly to New York.
Linda Lawrence brings a court order against Brian Jones to get official recognition of their one-year old son, Julian Brian. She and Brian are still together in Tangier.

15th: Mick and Keith in the audience to see The Beatles play Shea Stadium, New York City. That evening they visit The Beatles at their hotel.

24th: The Rolling Stones meet with Allen Klein for the first time.
28th: Andrew Oldham and Allen Klein to co-manage the Rolling Stones. The band sign a new five-year contract with Decca.


Dates: Adelphi Theatre, Dublin, Eire (3); ABC Theatre, Belfast, Northern Ireland(4); PalaceTheatre, Douglas, Isle of Man (8); Munsterland Halle, Münster, Germany (11); Grugahalle, Essen, Germany (12); Ernst Merckhalle, Hamburg, Germany (13); Circus-Krone-Bau, Munich, Germany (14); Waldbohne Halle, Berlin, Germany (15); Wiener Stadthalle, Vienna, Austria (17); Astoria Theatre, Finsbury Park, London (24); Gaumont Theatre, Southampton,(25); Coniston Hall, Bristol,(26); The Odeon, Cheltenham, (27); Capitol Theatre, Cardiff, Wales (28); Granada Theatre, Shrewsbury, Shropshire (29); Gaumont Theatre, Hanley(30).


Brian Jones tells the press that the Stones have no plans to move to the United States. "I think this got started because I've bought a house in Los Angeles. It's purely a business investment and neither I or any of the others have plans to settle out there.'

2nd: The Stones record a TV Special for Associated Rediffusion TV's Ready Steady Go! in Wembley, doing a parody on the Sonny & Cher-hit
"I Got You Babe".

6th - 7th: The Stones record at RCA Studios, Hollywood.

8th: The Stones fly directly to the Isle of Man for a concert.

11th:The Stones fly to Düsseldorf to begin a tour of Germany and Austria. Thousands of fans riot at Düsseldorf airport, 200 of whom break through a police cordon, smash the doors to the airport lounge and attack the police. None of the main hotels in Düsseldorf will allow the Stones to stay.

13th: 2000 fans riot at the concert in Hamburg.

15th: Fifty rows of seats are damaged during the Stones Berlin concert.
400 police armed with rubber truncheons battle it out with fans after the concert. 32 fans and six policemen are detained in hospital. Later, fans smashed up railway carriages and attacked the conductor.

24th: The Rolling Stones begin another British tour. Also on the bill are The Spencer Davis Group, Unit 4 + 2, The Checkmates, Charles Dickens, The Habit. For some concerts The Moody Blues replace Unit 4 Plus 2.

'Out Of Our Heads' released. It enters the album charts at No. 3, peaking at No. 2.

                    ‘OUT OF OUR HEADS’  LP (Decca SKL 4733).
                   A:  She Said Yeah (Sonny Christy/Ruddy Jackson)
                         Mercy, Mercy (Don Covay/Ronnie Miller)
                         Hitch Hike (Marvin Gaye/William Stevenson/Clarence Paul)
                         That’s How Strong My Love Is (Roosevelt Jamison)
                         Good Times (Sam Cooke)
                         Gotta Get Away (MJ/KR)
                   B:   Talkin’ ‘Bout You (Chuck Berry)
                         Cry To Me (Bert Russell)
                         Oh Baby (Barbara Lynn Ozen)
                         Heart Of Stone (MJ/KR)
                         The Under Assistant West Coast Promotion Man (Nanker/Phelge)
                         I’m Free (MJ/KR)

25th:'Get Off Of My Cloud'/'I'm Free' released in the USA. It was recorded in Hollywood during the 5th and 7th of the month and released immediately. It enters the US charts at No. 64 and spends two weeks at No. 1.

                   7“ single (London 9792). Issued in Scandinavian as 7“ single (Decca F 22265)
                   A: Get Off Of My Cloud (MJ/KR)
                   B: I’m Free (MJ/KR)


27th: The Stones jam with members of The Spencer Davis Group in Cheltenham


Dates: ABC Theatre, Chester, Cheshire (1); ABC Theatre, Wigan(2); The Odeon, Manchester(3); Gaumont Theatre, Bradford(4); ABC Theatre, Carlisle, Cumberland (5); The Odeon, Glasgow (6); City Hall, Newcastle- on-Tyne (17); ABC Theatre, Stockton- on-Tees, Durham (8); The Odeon, Leeds(9); The Empire, Liverpool (10); Gaumont Theatre Sheffield,(11); The Odeon, Doncaster(12); De Montfort Hall, Leicester (13); The Odeon, Birmingham (14); ABC Theatre, Cambridge (15); ABC Theatre, Northampton (16); Granada, Tooting, London (17); The Forum, Montreal, Canada (29); Barton Hall, Cornell University, Ithaca, New York [afternoon] - War Memorial Hall, Syracuse, New York (30); Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto, Canada (31).


3rd: Seats are smashed at the Stones' Manchester concert and Keith Richard is knocked unconscious for five minutes by flying debris. He is carried off stage but soon recovers. Mick Jagger is cut near his eye but carries on singing.

8th:  Mick gets his eye cut again, this time by a coin thrown at him during the gig at Stockton

22nd: 'Get Off Of My Cloud'/'The Singer Not The Song' is released on Decca. It enters the charts at No. 3 and spends three weeks at No. 1.

                  7“ single (Decca F 12263). 
                   A: Get Off Of My Cloud (MJ/KR)
                   B: The Singer Not The Song (MJ/KR)

25th: Andrew Oldham flies to New York to make the final arrangements for the Stones' upcoming US tour.
27th: The Stones fly into New York City to begin their North American tour. They take over two floors of the Warwick Hotel at 65 West 54th Street as their HQ and travel between concerts in a private plane.

Dates: Memorial Auditorium, Rochester, New York (1); Auditorium, Providence, Rhode Island (13); Arena, New Haven, Connecticut (4), Boston Gardens, Boston, Massachusetts (5); Academy of Music, New York [afternoon] - Convention Hall, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (6); Mosque Theatre, Newark, New Jersey (7); Reynolds Coliseum, Raleigh, North Carolina (10); War Memorial Auditorium, Greensburg, North Carolina (12); Coliseum, Washington DC [afternoon] I Civic Centre, Baltimore, Maryland (13); Civic Coliseum, Knoxville, Tennessee (14); Coliseum, Charlotte, North Carolina (15); Municipal Auditorium, Nashville, Tennessee (16); Mid South Coliseum, Memphis, Tennessee (17); State Fair Youth Centre, Shreveport, Louisiana (20); Will Rogers Stadium, Fort Worth, Texas [afternoon] 1 Memorial Auditorium, Dallas, Texas (21); Assembly Hall, Tulsa, Oklahoma(23); Civic Arena, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (24); Municipal Arena, Milwaukee, Wisconsin (25); Cobs Hall, Detroit, Michigan (26); Hara Arena, Dayton, Ohio [afternoon] - The Gardens, Cincinnati, Ohio (27); Aries Crown Theatre, McCormick Place, Chicago, Illinois (28); Coliseum, Denver, Colorado (29); Veterans Memorial Coliseum, Phoenix, Arizona (30).

Dates: Aerodrome, Vancouver, Canada (1); Coliseum, Seattle,Washington(2)
Sacramento, California (3), Sports Arena, Los Angeles, California (5).


3rd: Keith is knocked out by an electric shock at the gig in Sacramento during "The Last Time" as his guitar makes contact with an ungrounded mike. Curtains had to be pulled as doctors frantically try to bring Keith round. It turns out the guitarist was only saved because he was wearing Hush Puppies with rubber soles instead of his trademark Cuban-heel boots (which would have almost certainly lead to his death). Ominously, Keith had told Melody Maker in February "I'll probably die of an electric shock."

4th: 'December's Children' album released in the USA. It reaches No. 2 in the album charts.

                       ‘DECEMBERS CHILDREN’ LP (London PS 451).
                   A:  She Said Yeah (Sonny Christy/Ruddy Jackson)
                         Talkin’ ‘Bout You (Chuck Berry)
                         You Better Move On (Arthur Alexander)
                         Look What You’ve Done (McKinley Morganfield)
                         The Singer Not The Song (MJ/KR)
                         Route 66 (Bobby Troup) LIVE
                   B:   Get Off Of My Cloud (MJ/KR)
                         I’m Free (MJ/KR)
                         As Tears Go By (MJ/KR/Andrew Oldham)
                         Gotta Get Away (MJ/KR)
                         Blue Turns To Gry (MJ/KR)
                         I’m Moving On (Hank Snow)


 7“ single (London 9808) 
A: As Tears Go By (MJ/KR/Andrew Oldham)
B: Gotta Get Away (MJ/KR)

Highest Charts Positions US 6 -

5th: The Stones play to 14,000 fans at the LA Sports Arena. Brian Jones' girlfriend Anita Pallenberg flies out from London to join him and see the final show.
6th-10th: The Stones record ten new tracks at RCA Studios in Hollywood

11th: 'She Said Yeah' EP released on Decca.

"SHE SAID YEAH". EP (Decca SDE 7503).
A:  She Said Yeah (Sonny Christy/Roddy Jackson)
     Gotta Get Away (MJ/KR)
B:  Talkin’ ‘Bout You (Chuck Berry)
     The Singer Not The Song (MJ/KR)


22nd: Keith flies to London from New York to spend Christmas with his family.

24th: Mick flies to London from New York to spend Christmas with his parents. He gives his brother Chris a Mini- Cooper car for Christmas.
25th: Brian Jones and Anita spend Christmas in the Virgin Islands where Brian is laid low by a tropical virus. Bill and Charlie return two weeks before Christmas to work on their new houses. Mick spends Christmas in Jamaica.

27th: Brian and Anita return to London.


Beat Instrumental kicks off the year with the results of their Pop poll. The Stones are Number One best Stage Group, Mick and Keith take second place in the Best Songwriters chart, after Lennon/McCartney, and Bill Wyman is voted Best Bass Player.


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