Release Date 17th Oct 2006
Running Time 87 Minutes

In the decades after taking London's Marquee Club by storm back in 1962, The Rolling Stones have established themselves as one of the most enduring acts in rock-and-roll history. Now, after decades of success and controversy, the critics, contemporaries, and fans of The Rolling Stones discuss the music, scandals, and excesses that made rock and roll history. With news footage and interviews spanning over forty years and twenty-four albums, this fascinating look at the legendary rock outfit covers everything from the band's inception on 1961 to their 2002 Forty Licks tour.

On the DVD
Stones' Lawyer Speaks
Tim Hardacre on manager Loog Oldham, meeting Marianne and Brian and The Redland Raid
The Jagger Wedding
Mick and Bianca tie the knot with much fuss in St Tropez
Gathers Moss
Bizarre Stones hitchhiking short, shot to improve their image
The Court Cases
Mick and Keith leave court and Mick talks about drugs, McCartney and Christianity!
Swinging Britain
Kitschfest of Carnaby Street, Mary Quant, and "Fab" British street scenes