Mr. Pitiful

Composers: Steve Cropper & Otis Redding Original performer: Otis Redding (1964)
Recording location: Pheonix Concert Theatre, Toronto, Canada (live) August 2005

Performed onstage: 2005


Vocal: Mick Jagger
Electric guitars: Keith Richards & Ron Wood
Drums: Charlie Watts
Bass: Darryl Jones
Organ: Chuck Leavell
Saxophones, trombone & trumpet: Bobby Keys & The New West Horns

(Yes) They call Mr. Pitiful, (yeah) baby that's my name
They call me Mr. Pitiful, that's how I got my name (fame)
And nobody (no one) can (seems to) understand, (yeah) what make a man feel so (goddamned) blue
They call me Mr. Pitiful 'cause I lost someone just like you


How can I explain to you
What make a man feel so blue?
How can I evade this life?
When everything goes wrong

Yeah, call me mister
Yeah, solo time for anybody that wants it, yeah that's my name

Yeah, Mr. Pitiful
That's right, that's right
Yeah, how can I explain to you?
How can I... explain to you everything that's going wrong?
Yeah, yeah, yeah...
And everybody want to see this sad, sad, sad song

Mr., Mr., Mr. Pitiful
Mr. Pitiful