No Security

2nd November 1998
                  CD (Virgin CDV 2880). Producer: The Glimmer Twins. Sound engineer: Ed Cherney.

                   Recorded live on the Bridges To Babylon World Tour
                   and mixed at various studios.

                   Line-up: MJ (voc, gtr, harm)/KR (gtr, voc)/RW (gtr)/CW (dr)/Darryl Jones
        (bass)/Bobby Keys (tsax)/Chuck Leavell (keyb, bvoc)/Lisa Fischer and Bernard Fowler (bvoc, perc)/Blondie Chaplin (bvoc,  perc)/

The New West Horns [Andy Snitzer (sax, keyb)/Michael Davis (tb)/Kent Smith (tp)](brass) Leah Wood (bvoc; occasionally
                                 on KR’s songs).                                

                You Got Me Rocking (MJ/KR) -Amsterdam 6.7.98
                Gimmie Shelter(MJ/KR) -Port Chester 25.10.97
                Flip the Switch  (MJ/KR) -Amsterdam 1.7.98
                Memory Motel  (MJ/KR) -Dave Matthews on vocals; Amsterdam 5.7.98
                Corinna  (Taj Mahal/Jesse Ed Davis) -Taj Mahal on vocals; St. Louis 12.12.97
                Saint of Me  (MJ/KR) -Buenos Aires 4.4.98
                Waiting on a Friend  (MJ/KR) -Joshua Redman on sax; St. Louis 12.12.97
                Sister Morphine(MJ/KR/Marianne Faithfull) -Amsterdam 6.7.98
                Live with Me (MJ/KR) -Amsterdam 1.7.98
                Respectable(MJ/KR) -Amsterdam 5.7.98
                Thief in the Night (MJ/KR/Pierre de Beauport) -Leah Wood on backing vocals: Nurenberg 13.6.98
                The Last Time (MJ/KR) -St. Louis 12.12.97
                Out of Control  (MJ/KR) -J.Starbuck on shaker; Buenos Aires 4.4.98


 25th October 1997 Capital Theatre, Port Chester, New York,   

12th December 1997 TWA Dome, St. Louis, Missouri

4th April 1998
Estadio River Plate,Buenos Aires, Argentina

13th June 1998 Zeppelinfeld, Nurenberg, Germany

 1st July 1998 Arena, Amsterdam, Holland

5th July 1998 Arena, Amsterdam, Holland

6th July 1998 Arena, Amsterdam, Holland

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