Flip the Switch

Composers:Mick Jagger & Keith Richards
Recording location: Ocean Way Recording Studios, Los Angeles, USA

February-June 1997
Promotional single CD December 1997
 Performed onstage: 1997-98


Lead vocal: Mick Jagger
Electric guitars: Keith Richards (incl. solo), Ron Wood & Waddy Wachtel
Drums: Charlie Watts 
Acoustic bass:Jeff Sarli
Background vocals: Keith Richards, Bernard Fowler & Blondie Chaplin
Saxophone: Joe Sublett
Tambourine: Blondie Chaplin
Percussion: Jim Keltner

A scrap of flesh and a heap of bones
One deep sigh and a desperate moan
Three black eyes and a busted nose
I said, Oh yeah, oh yeah

Take (Shoot) me up - baby,  I'm ready to go (yeah)
Switch (Fix) me up - baby, I'm ready to go (roll), yeah
Pick (Set) me up - baby, I'm ready, baby, I'm ready to go

Chill me, freeze me
It's in my blood

I'm not going to burn in Hell
I cased the joint and I know it well
Maybe my carcass could feed the worms
But I'm working for the other firm

Flip the switch

I've got my money, my ticket, all that shit
I even got myself a little shaving kit
What would it take to bury me?
I can't wait, I can't wait to see

I've got a toothbrush, mouthwash, all that shit
I'm looking down in the filthy pit
I had the turkey and the stuffing too
I even saved a little bit for you

Lethal injection's a luxury
I want to give it to the whole jury
I'm just dying for one more squeeze
Oh yeah, oh yeah

Pick me up - baby,  I'm ready to go, yeah
Take me up - baby, I'm ready to blow
Switch me up - baby, if you're ready to go, baby, I've got nowhere to go
Baby, I'm ready to go

Chill me, freeze me
To my bones

Ah, flip the switch

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