Sucking In The Seventies

13th April 1981
                  LP  (Rolling Stones Records COC 16028). Producer: The Glimmer Twins.
                   Compilation with rarities and remixed hits .

                     - Shattered (MJ/KR)
                     - Everything Is Turning to Gold (MJ/KR/RW) -B-side
                     - Hot Stuff (MJ/KR) -remix
                     - Time Waits For No One (MJ/KR) -faded
                     - Fool To Cry  (MJ/KR) -remix
                     - Mannish Boy  (McKinley Morganfield/Ellas McDaniel/Mel London) - remix of ‘Love You Live’-version
                     - When The Whip Comes Down (MJ/KR) -Detroit 6.7.78, unreleased live
                     - If I Was A Dancer (MJ/KR/RW) -unreleased version of Dance
                     - Crazy Mama (MJ/KR) -remix
                     - Beast Of Burden(MJ/KR) -short version


 Recording date:

10th - 15th April1974  Newbury, England, Stargroves (MJ’s house), Rolling Stones Mobile Studio
                   and 20th - 25th May: London, Island Recording Studios.
                   - Time Waits For No One III (MJ/KR)
                        Nicky Hopkins on piano, Ray Cooper on  percussion; Sucking In The 70’s-version

                    - Fool To Cry IV (MJ/KR) -Nicky Hopkins on piano and string synthesizer, Wayne Perkins on guitar,
                          Billy Preston on backing vocals; Sucking In The 70’s-version

25th March - 4th April1975 Munich, Germany Musicland Studios.

                  - Crazy Mama IV (MJ/KR) -RW on guitar and backing vocals, Billy Preston on piano
                       and backing vocals, Ollie Brown on cowbell; Sucking In The 70’s-version


December 1979  New York City, Electric Lady Studios. 
                  - Dance V (If I Was A Dancer)(MJ/KR/RW) -’Sucking In The 70’s’-version

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