Can't Be Seen

Composers:Mick Jagger & Keith Richards
Recording date: March-June 1989
Recording locations: Air Studios, Montserrat, Virgin Islands & Olympic Studios, London
Performed onstage: 1989-90


Lead vocal: Keith Richards
Electric guitars: Keith Richards & Ron Wood
Drums: Charlie Watts
Bass: Bill Wyman
Background vocals: Keith Richards & Bernard Fowler
Organ: Chuck Leavell
Wurlitzer piano: Chuck Leavell
Clavinet: Matt Clifford
Percussion: Luis Jardim

I just can't be seen with you
I admit it anyway
I just get obscene with you, yeah

I don't stand a chance with you
I never did anyway

I can't even sleep with you
Ooh I'd always be awake
Baby, baby, I just can't be seen with you
It's for your own sake
You're better off anyway, yeah

It's too dangerous, baby
It's too dangerous

I just can't be seen with you

They set us up so they can shoot us down, yeah
Put us 6 feet underground - that's just too deep for me


I just can't be seen with you
Ooh, although it hurts me to say
Yeah, that it was just a dream with you
Yeah, because you're married anyway

Ah shit, yeah, baby, I don't stand a chance with you
Maybe you're better off this way
It's hit and run anyway

Yes, I've got to chill this thing with you
Yeah, it's just too dangerous, baby
Baby, it's just too much for you
I just can't be seen nowhere around you, baby
It's too dangerous
It's just too dangerous, baby
Even in the dark
Yes I've got to chill with you

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