When the Whip Comes Down

Composers: Mick Jagger & Keith Richards

 Recording location: Pathé Marconi Studios, Paris, France October-December 1977
      7“ single B-side 15th September1978
Performed onstage: 1978-79, 1981-82, 1997-99, 2002-03



Lead vocal: Mick Jagger
Electric guitars: Mick Jagger, Keith Richards & Ron Wood
Pedal steel guitar: Ron Wood 
Drums: Charlie Watts
Bass: Bill Wyman
Background vocals: Mick Jagger, Keith Richards & Ron Wood

Yeah, mama and papa told me I was crazy to stay
I was gay in New York, which is a fag in L.A.
So I saved my money and I took the plane
Wherever I go, they just treat me the same

When the whip comes down


Yeah I go to 53rd Street and they spit in my face
But I'm learning the ropes, yeah, I'm learning a trade
The East River truckers is churning with trash
I've got so much money but I spend it so fast

When the shit hits the fan, I'll be sitting on the can
When the whip comes down

Yeah, some call me garbage when I'm sweeping up the street
But I never roll and I never cheat
And I'm filling a need, yeah, I'm plugging a hole
My mama's so glad I ain't on the dole

Yeah, go ahead (...)

When the whip comes down
I'll be running this town

Check it out, check it out...

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