A-ABKCO ANA 1(US) A-Decca SKL 5212(UK)
 All songs with the exception of the two single-tracks -  were previously
                  unreleased in these versions.Some songs got reworked, incl. guitar overdubs by Jon Tiven.


 - Out Of Time (MJ/KR)*

 - Don't Lie To Me (MJ/KR)

 - Some Things Just Stick In Your Mind (MJ/KR) (only UK)*

 - Each And Every Day Of The Year (MJ/KR)*

 - Heart Of Stone (MJ/KR)*

 - I'd Much Rather Be With The Boys (Oldham/KR)*

 - Walkin' Thru The) Sleepy City (MJ/KR) (only UK)*

 - We're Wastin' Time (MJ/KR)(only UK)*

 - Try A Little Harder (MJ/KR)

 - I Don't Know Why (Stevie Wonder/Paul Riser/Don Hunter/Lula Hardaway)

 - If You Let Me (MJ/KR)

 - Jiving Sister Fanny (MJ/KR)

 - Downtown Suzie (Wyman)*

 - Family (MJ/KR)*

 - Memo From Turner (MJ/KR)*

 - I'm Going Down (MJ/KR/MT)