I'm Going Down

Composers: Mick Jagger & Keith Richards
First release: Metamorphosis, June 1975

Recording locations: Olympic Sound Studios, London; Sunset Sound & Elektra Studios, Los Angeles
April-July & October-November 1969 & July 1970
Never performed onstage


Mick Jagger: Vocal
Keith Richards: Electric guitar
Charlie Watts: Drums
Bill Plummer: Bass
Rocky Dijon: Congas 
Bobby Keys: Saxophone


Hey baby, what more can you tell?
The good Lord ring your front door bell
Though our love go down, don't cry
Thought I saw a man, yes, I fell in the ground

Here we go down now

Yeah, when you're down there's nothing but the powers that be
I know you're right, I know you're right
I know ('cause) you're going down
(Ah) You're going down

Oh baby, what's your... can you tell?
The good Lord going to ring your front door bell
Ah shake your face, lose your place, shoot your mother-in-law, yeah
I think I saw her going down to (...) Mexico

Yes sir, yes you're going down
All right boys, bite your leg, shoot your mother-in-law
You better (...)
Tell your kids to do your biz
(...) your problem at your iron fist
Keep on the ground, never look around
Keep on moving on the (...) pushed around
Yeah (...)