Downtown Suzie

Composer: Bill Wyman
First release: Metamorphosis, June 1975
Never performed onstage

Mick Jagger: Vocal
Keith Richards:Acoustic & Slide electric guitars
Charlie Watts: Drums
Bill Wyman: Bass
Mick Jagger & Keith Richards: Background vocals
Jimmy Miller: Percussion


Got the Monday morning feel - yeah, yeah, yeah
Monday wasn't really real - yeah, yeah
Oh lying on a naked bed - yeah, yeah, yeah
With an Alka Seltzer head - yeah, yeah

... All right

Oh Lucy looked sweet just strolling down Newport Street
Talking about Lu'  (Who?)
What are you going to do?
And I feel so bad
Have you ever been had?
Ah by (Got a dose from) sweet Lucy

Took an early morning shower - yeah, yeah, yeah
Well I wasted about half an hour - yeah, yeah
I heard the ringing of the bell - yeah, yeah, yeah
It's Lucy with the cleaning towel - yeah, yeah

Oh I'm feeling like the Sunday Times - yeah, yeah, yeah
Soaked in California wine - yeah, yeah
Oh Lucy kicked me in the hole - yeah, yeah, yeah
A tennis' worth of aching balls

Oh Lucy