Don't Lie to Me

Composer: Chuck Berry  (1st version Tampa Red)  

    Original performer: Chuck Berry (1961)
First release: Metamorphosis, 1975

Performed onstage: 1964, 1972

Mick Jagger: Vocal
Keith Richards & Brian Jones: Electric guitars
Charlie Watts: Drums
Bill Wyman: Bass
Ian Stewart: Piano


(Well) Let's talk it over, baby, before we start
I heard about the way you used to do your part

Don't lie to me
Don't you lie to me
Don't you make me mad
I'll get evil (shook up) as a man can be

Well of all kinds of people that I just can't stand
That's a lying woman and a cheating man


Well I will love you, baby, and it ain't no lie
I swear I will be with you 'til the well run dry