Dance Little Sister

Composers:Mick Jagger & Keith Richards

 7“ single B-side 25th October 1974
Recording date: January & April-May 1974
Recording locations: Musicland Studios, Munich, West Germany; Rolling Stones Mobile Unit,
Mick Jagger's home, Newbury, England; & Island Recording Studios, London
Performed onstage: 1975, 1977


Vocals: Mick Jagger
Rhythm electric guitar: Keith Richards
Lead electric guitar: Mick Taylor
Drums: Charlie Watts
Bass: Bill Wyman
Piano: Ian Stewart


On Thursday night, she looked a fright
Her prickly hair all curled, Lord what a sight
Dance, dance, little sister, dance

On Friday night, she all decked out
Her high heel shoes, her dress so tight
Dance, dance, little sister, dance

On Saturday night, she bass-a-dee
She stepping high on Frederick's Street
Dance, dance, little sister, dance

I said dance, dance, little sister, dance
Dance, little sister, dance

It make me hot, I wet with sweat
It burn like hell, I've 4 hours left
Dance, dance, little sister, dance

Get next to me, buy me clothes
Don't mamaga me, I lose control
Dance, dance, my boy, oh dance

Ah, jump out of Africa with a step that looks so bold
Ah, when you're kicking high, it make my blood run cold

On Saturday night, we don't go home
We bacchanal, ain't no dawn
Dance, little sister, dance

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