Composers: Mick Jagger & Keith Richards  (Inspiration by Billy Preston)
Recording locations:  Rolling Stones Mobile Unit, Rotterdam, Netherlands; Mountain Recording Studios,
Montreux, Switzerland; Musicland Studios, Munich, West Germany; & Atlantic Studios, New York City  
  January, October & December 1975 & January-February 1976
Performed onstage: 1977, 1999


Lead vocal: Mick Jagger
Electric guitar: Keith Richards
Drums: Charlie Watts
Bass: Bill Wyman 
Harmony vocal: Billy Preston
Piano & Organ: Billy Preston
Horns: (unknown musicians)
Percussion: Ollie Brown


It was her second name

I came home one morning about a quarter to 3
I'm banging on my door 'cause I just lost my key
Open up baby, you've got someone else inside
I'm going to come and get you dead or alive

I took her out dancing but she drank away my cash
She said "I'm going to fix my face, don't you worry I'll be back"
I'm looking for her high and low like a mustard for a ham
She was crashed out in the bathroom in the arms of my best friend

Then one day she left me, she took everything that moved
My car, she took my trailer home, she took my Sunday boots
My nose is on her trail, I'm going to catch her by surprise
And then I'm going to have the pleasure to roast that child alive

What I say?

Yeah baby, it was her second name

Melody was her second name
Sweet, sweet, sweet baby
Sweet Melody

Oh baby, sweet baby

Two more times

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