Love in Vain

Composer: Robert Johnson     

   Original performer: Robert Johnson (1937)
Recording: Olympic Sound Studios, London March 1969

7“ single B-side December 1970 LIVE
Performed onstage: 1969-73, 1978, 1995, 1997-98, 2002-03, 2007

Vocal: Mick Jagger
Acoustic guitar: Keith Richards
Slide electric guitar: Keith Richards 
Drums: Charlie Watts
Bass: Bill Wyman
Mandolin: Ry Cooder

Well (Yeah) I followed her to the station with a suitcase in my hand
Oh it's hard to tell, it's hard to tell when all your love's in vain

When the train come in the station, I looked her in the eye
Well the train come in the station and I looked her in the eye
Whoa, I felt so sad and lonesome that I could not help but cry

(Yeah) When the train left the station, it had two lights on behind
Whoa, the blue light was my baby and the red light was my mind

All my love's in vain