Hot Rocks 1964-1971


 Compilation  2-LP  (Decca SKL ----)

2CD- August 1985 UK-London CD8201422)

 double-LP ‘Hot Rocks 1964 - 1971 (London 2PS 606/7, -USA). Greatest Hits-compilation.

   - Time Is On My Side (Jerry Ragavoy)  12x5-version

  - Heart Of Stone (MJ/KR)

  - Play With Fire (Nanker Phelge)

  - Satisfaction (MJ/KR)

  - As Tears Go By (MJ/KR/Andrew Oldham)

  - Get Off Of My Cloud (MJ/KR)

  - Mother’s Little Helper (MJ/KR)

   - 19th Nervous Breakdown (MJ/KR)

  - Paint It Black (MJ/KR)

  - Under My Thumb (MJ/KR)

  - Ruby Tuesday (MJ/KR) 

  - Let’s Spend The Night Together (MJ/KR)

  - Jumpin' Jack Flash (MJ/KR)

  - Street Fighting Man  (MJ/KR)

  - Sympathy For The Devil (MJ/KR)

  - Honky-Tonk Women (MJ/KR)

  - Gimme Shelter (MJ/KR)

  - Midnight Rambler (MJ/KR) (live)

  - You Can’t Always Get What You Want (MJ/KR)

  - Brown Sugar (MJ/KR)

  - Wild Horses (MJ/KR)

 This two-LP/two-CD set is both a lot more and a bit less than what it seems. It is seven years worth of mostly very high-charting, and all influential and important, songs, leaving out some singles in favor of well-known album tracks and, in the process, giving an overview not just of the Rolling Stones' hits but of their evolving image. One hears them change from loud R&B-inspired rockers covering others' songs ("Time Is on My Side") into originators in their own right ("Satisfaction"); then into taste-makers and style-setters with a particularly decadent air ("Get off of My Cloud," "19th Nervous Breakdown"); and finally into self-actualized rebel-poets ("Jumping Jack Flash," "Midnight Rambler") and Shaman-like symbols of chaos. On its initial release, Hot Rocks sold well, not only as a unique compilation but also as a panorama of the 1960s. The only flaw was that it didn't give a good look at the Stones' full musical history, ignoring their early blues period and the psychedelic era. There are also some anomalies in Hot Rocks' history for the collector -- the very first pressings included an outtake of "Brown Sugar" featuring Eric Clapton that was promptly replaced; and the original European CD version, issued as two separate discs on the Decca label, was also different from its American counterpart, featuring a version of "Satisfaction" mastered in stereo and putting the guitars on separate channels for the first time. Those musicologist concerns aside, this is still an exciting assembly of material.



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