All Sold Out

Composers: Mick Jagger & Keith Richards
Recording: RCA Studios, Los Angeles, USA; Olympic Studios & Pye Studios, London, August, November & December 1966

Never performed onstage


Lead vocals: Mick Jagger
Electric guitars: Keith Richards
Drums: Charlie Watts
Bass: Bill Wyman 
Backing vocals: Mick Jagger & Keith Richards
Piano: Ian Stewart
Recorder (flute): Brian Jones

Why put this sadness inside of me?
Why be so matter of fact?
Why put this one bit of hope in me?
You sold me out and that's that

I hope that you're having fun with me
There's not much left to attack
I hope that you're nearly done with me
You sold me out and that's that

All sold out, I'd never seen
A mind so tangled, a girl so strangled
All sold out, well I felt so green
It was just like that, I was put down flat
I was sold out just like that

Oh baby

That's that

I missed the point of you doing it
Your mind must've just jumped the track
I took a bit different view of it
You sold me out and that's that