Down the Road Apiece

Composer: Tony Raye   

   Original performers: Amos Milburn (1946), Chuck Berry (1960)
Recording: Chess Studios, Chicago, USA June 1964

Performed onstage: 1962-65, 1981, 1986



Mick Jagger: Vocal       
Brian Jones: Rhythm electric guitar
Keith Richards: Lead electric guitar
Charlie Watts: Drums
Bill Wyman: Bass
Ian Stewart: Piano


Now if you want to hear some boogie like I'm going to play
It's just an old piano and a knockout bass
The drummer man's a cat they call Charlie McCoy
You all remember that rubber legged boy?
Mama cooking chicken fried in bacon grease
Come on along, boys, it's just down the road apiece

Well there's a place you really get your kicks
It's open every night about 12 to 6
Now if you want to hear some boogie, you can get your fill
And shove and sting it like a old steam grill
Come on along, you can lose your lead
Down the road, down the road, down the road apiece