Good Times

Composer: Sam Cooke   

    Original performer: Sam Cooke (1964)
Recording: RCA, Los Angeles, USA, May 1965
Performed onstage: 1965


Lead vocal: Mick Jagger
Electric guitar: Keith Richards 
Acoustic guitar: Brian Jones
Drums: Charlie Watts
Bass: Bill Wyman
Background vocal: Mick Jagger & Keith Richards
Marimbas: Ian Stewart

Whoa, la la ta ta
Whoa, la la ta ta
La la la, all night long

I want to tell you

Come on, let the good times roll
We're going to stay here 'til we soothe our souls
If it take all night long

The evening sun is sinking low
The clock on the wall says it's time to go
I've got my plans, I don't know about you
I'll tell you exactly what I'm going to do

Get in the groove and let the good times roll...

It might be 1 o'clock and it might be 3
Time don't mean that much to me
Ain't felt this good since I don't know when
I might not feel this good again

So come on and let the good times roll...

All night
And all night
And all night
All night long
Somebody said it might take all night long
All night, all night