(I Need You Baby)

Composer: Ellas McDaniel   

   Original performer: Bo Diddley (1958)

Recorded in London, Regent Sound Studios, January 1964

Performed onstage: 1963-64, 1981

Mick Jagger: Vocal

Keith Richards & Brian Jones: Electric guitars:
Charlie Watts: Drums
Bill Wyman: Bass
Brian Jones: Tambourine
Mick Jagger: Maracas


I say Hey Mona
Oh Mona
I say Yes, yeah, yeah, yes, Mona
Oh Mona

I tell you, Mona, what I want to do
I'll (I'm going to) build a house next door to you
Can I see you sometime?
We can go kissing through the blinds

Yeah come out, come out on the front
And listen to my heart go bumpety bump
Need you, baby, that's no lie
Without your love I'll surely die