Around and Around

Composer: Chuck Berry     

   Original performer: Chuck Berry (1958)

Recorded in Chess Studios, Chicago, USA  June-64
EP ‘Five By Five’

 Performed onstage: 1963-66, 1976-77

Mick Jagger: Vocal
Brian Jones: Rhythm electric guitar
Keith Richards: Lead electric guitar 
Charlie Watts: Drums
Bill Wyman: Bass
Ian Stewart: Piano


I said the joint was rocking
Going round and round
Yeah reeling and a-rocking
What a crazy sound
And they never stopped rocking
'Til the moon went down

Well it sounded so sweet
I had to take me a chance
Rose out of my seat
I just had to dance
Started moving my feet
Whoa - to clap my hands

Yeah, at 12 o'clock
Yeah the place was packed
Front doors was locked
Yeah the place was packed
And when the police knocked
Those doors flew back

But (And) they kept on rocking...

And the joint stayed a-rocking..