Mick Jagger marries, Bianca Perez Marena De Macia in St Tropez

8. May 1971
Mick flies from Nice to Paris to collect two wedding rings he has had specially designed.

11.May 1971
Mick's parents and some of the wedding guests including Paul McCartney, Linda and children, Ringo and Maureen, fly to Nice in a chartered jet from Gatwick Airport.

12.May 1971
Mick and Bianca are married in St. Tropez; first in a civil ceremony at the wedding chamber of the Town Hall then in a Roman Catholic ceremony. Rolling Stone reports:
'At four in the afternoon, Mick and his bride to be, whose name on the wedding certificate is Bianca Rosa Perez-Mora, 26, daughter of a Nicaraguan businessman, were still entrenched in the Byblos Hotel in the centre of St. Tropez. They'd heard that a hundred photographers were crammed into the wedding chamber of the local town hall, where the mayor was waiting to perform the civil ceremony. He wasn't going through with it unless that lot were cleared out. 'Impossible,’ the mayor told anybody willing to listen. 'The hall is a public place, and as such everyone had a legal right to be there.' Picking up his tri-colour sash, the mayor sashayed out leaving the chief of police to calm down the atmosphere. So 50 minutes late, protesting that he doesn't want to be married in a 'fish bowl', surrounded by flying fists, agitated shrieks and popping flash bulbs, Mick arrived with his lady: Bianca Perez Moreno de Macias. After posing for photographers and facing the glare of television lights for several minutes, the couple went through
a brief civil ceremony in the mayor's office. This was followed by a Roman Catholic ceremony performed by the Rev. Lucien Baud at the 17th century chapel of St. Anne's.' Jagger bad been taking religious instruction from the Bishop of Fréjus and from Father Lucien Baud, who conducted the service.
A selection of tunes from Love Story was played on a harmonium, reportedly requested by Bianca. Roger Vadim and Nathalie Delon were the witnesses.
The reception, which did not end until 4am, is held at the Café des Arts where Steve Stills, Bobby Keys, Nicky Hopkins and Michael Shrieve and David Brown of Santana load the jam session. Mick joins Doris Troy and P.P. Arnold in the chorus for a 25-minute soul-standard session. Mick would have liked the Stones to play but Keith was out of it, flat on his back with his mouth open. Mrs Jagger told a reporter, 'I hope my other son doesn't become a superstar.' Les Perrin, the Stones' PR man describes it as 'the most difficult day in my 21 years in the business.'
The following week Private Eye, the satirical UK magazine, features a picture of the couple at the altar with the words 'Are you taking the Mick? - attributed to the Rev. Lucian Baud.